At What Age Did You Separate Your Twins?

We recently asked our community:

For twinmoms whose twins co-slept, at what age did you separate your twins, and what was the signal that they were ready?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

13 yrs old. They are just now wanting to sleep separately.

- TJ

They slept in the same crib in our room until around 6 months and then went into their own cribs in a shared room. At about 3 we had to move them out of cribs, they have their own beds, but almost always end up sleeping together, they’re almost 5 now..

- SF

My twins are 9wks and they hate sleeping apart…Im in no rush to separate them but when they are ready, I want to know the signs that they are ready and not just take it upon myself to think I know, If that makes sense, lol.

- LR

My twin girls are 1 month and 3 weeks, they both rather sleep in their swings at night. The hate to sleep still, and flat of their backs. I won’t sleep with them in my bed, but honestly, I don’t think they care fo sleep with each other. Maybe when they get older !? But they do have separate cribs I’ll be putting them in there when they’re a bit older..

- AB

Co-slept with mine until they were about 10 months. I didn’t mean to and had them in rock n plays at first. But I was always falling asleep with them and my husband works out of town a lot. Once they wouldn’t go right to sleep after eating and didn’t just want to snuggle but wanted to play. I put them in pack n plays in my room..

- AB

Mine will not sleep separate from each other at night. During the day they’re fine and if I get one in the middle of the night they’re okay but to fall asleep they have to be beside each other. They’re growing out of it now, they’re almost 3 months old as of the 6th.

- LP

 My twin boys are almost four. They have always slept in my bed and still do. They have their own queen size bed for the two of them, in their own room, that they will fall asleep in occasionally but they have always slept the longest and the best, even as tiny infants, in Mommy’s bed. I have never understood it. Lol. But at the end of the day, I love seeing how beautiful and peaceful they are when sleeping and I have peace of mind knowing they are near and safe. 

- JF

My twins co-slept with hubby and me for about 4 months then to the mini crib together at our bedside till almost 8 months. Once they started rolling on top of each other we moved them to the regular crib in their own room together. That lasted almost a month and then we separated them into 2 cribs cause they were asking each other up the odd time. Now they sleep just fine separate but right across the room from each other, although the room is pretty small. I think they like having their own space and usually sleep through each other’s crying. They are 10 months.

- SS

My twins shared a crib until they were 9 months. They are now 11 months and have cribs next to each other. They sleep better and sleep through the night.

- AS

 My 3 week old twins co sleep with me in their twin bassinet. Is that considered sleeping separately for them? They have a divider between them.

- AL

My girls are 4 months and sleep so much better separated. They each have their own crib. We have tried co-sleeping but they were waking up a lot more frequently.

- NC

Three years later both sets still creep into my bed…we only separated at 2 though.

- FD

 My twins are 7 months old and still co-sleep. They don’t even like to sleep without each other for naps unless they’re with me. 

- AB

We separated our b/g twins at about 3. But they still sleep in the pile with our other kids on the weekends.

- LL

When they got too big for one crib.

- SR

 Mine are 19 months and still sleep in the same crib, idk if they would even sleep alone.

- DW

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  • TC says:

    My twins (who are now 7 months) slept in their swings in our room until they were 6 weeks old and then we moved them into their own room in separate cribs.

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