Bedtime Rules and Schedules with Twins


We recently asked our community:

Do you follow a strict bedtime rule or schedule with your twins?

Bedtime Rules and Schedules with Twins

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

We would wake the other, otherwise we would have one or the other up all night. So when one woke to eat, we woke the other to eat, even if she only ate a little.

- ML

YES!! My family thought I was crazy when I wouldn’t “bend a little” but there was no room for that. It would cause sleep disturbances and one or the other to be off sync then NO ONE slept. Not good. We were VERY strict about schedules.

- ML

Our whole day was a schedule. It helped to know ahead of time who was going to need what. It’s easier to be mentally and physically prepared for what you need to do next. It sure helped didn’t change when set number two came along 2 years later!!

- NB

We followed strict bedtime schedules, too. With my husband working second shift, and me working as well, we all had to have our sleep…as much as we could get, anyways. So, bedtime routines were the same every single night. It honestly kept us sane.

- BE

Nope. I followed their lead from day 1. My only rule was if 1 wakes up, I wake the other up. They put themselves on the same schedule and have been sleeping through the night since they were like 5 months old ( they’re 18m now).

- CS

YES!! I started with a strict routine and schedule pretty much as soon as they were born. (For sanity sake!) By 3 months they were eating at the same time and sleeping 13hrs a night. My family used to think I was crazy with my schedule. Now my twins are 7, I still have a schedule and they still sleep 11 hours a night. My extended family that used to give me a hard time now see that having a routine has helped immensely. Their cousins that are around the same age and have had no schedule go to bed around 11pm. Not to be rude or smug but whos laughing now! 😬👍🏻😉Call me strict but it totally worked well for me! 😉

- KA

Yes, for sure! We suffered for days if we didn’t. They are more flexible now at age 9, but we try to still keep fairly close to schedule, especially with school nights.

- KC

I try to, with adjusting as they get older but for the most part their routine for morning and bed has been the same since birth.

- BG

Bed time yes! Nap time is a different story!

- AS

We have always gotten a lot of crap from friends and family because when it comes to naps and bedtime we make sure it happens at the same time every day. These boys live with us we make the rules…until this past week when we put them in bed at normal time and it’s almost three hours later before they fall asleep. 😢

- DI

Yes! We try to keep everything as consistent as possible! It’s been our saving grace. They are great sleepers too.

- KD

Mine are 11 and we still have family members upset because we kept them on a schedule when they were babies, but it is key to keeping everything as calm as possible. I’m happy to read these comments and know that other twin moms understand, when others may not.

- RN

They are 12 yrs old now and are still on a bedtime routine. When they were little it would be their nap time and without telling them they would crawl into their room.

- CN

When they are little, ABSOLUTELY! At 6 we are just starting to allow some flexibility.

- QV

Not really..we jus quieted down from 7pm and automatically they went to bed.

- FD

Yes, but i thought of it more of a routine to keep everyone sane lol

- JC

I did not, but SHOULD HAVE! No one slept in this house for what seemed like years!

- HA

We did. Routines and rested children/family made life easier

- CW

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