Clothing and Bottles with Twins: Sharing vs Separate


We recently asked our community:

Do you have separate clothes and bottles for your twins or do they share?

twins sharing clothes

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

Share everything. Even jackets. If I pick one up to go into a car seat, she’s wearing whatever jacket is in said car seat. Lol

- RP

Clothes are separate because they are boy girl except some gender neutral clothes or pajamas. Soothers and bottles are shared. They are now at an age where they steal soothers out of each other’s mouths so trying to keep separate things wouldn’t work anyways lol.

- SS

My twin girls share clothes, but have different colored bottles since they are on different formula. One has blue Dr. Brown and the other has the pink Dr. Brown bottles.

- MH

They share unless their names are on shirts.

- LC

I shared everything but had color-coded the bottles so I could keep track of who ate what.

- JM

My twin boys basically shared the same set of clothes until they got their own rooms at age 9.

- CB

Share everything 😂 but I have to admit I love matching outfits so most clothes we have 2 of.

- LZ

Boy girl twins… shared bottles (they slobber all over each other when they lie next to each other anyway), sometimes shared clothes like PJs when one didn’t have any clean.

- KK

I have 1 week old twin girls, my one daughter who will take to my breast prefers tommie tippy bottles (the nipple is closer to the breast) and my other daughter who doesn’t latch unless I use a shield prefers dr browns bottles… I’m breastfeeding and supplementing with formula. I’m glad I bought two different types. When it comes to clothes I have a bunch of matching outfits they each have their own, but I was given a bunch of sleepers and clothes so when they are sleeping they share those.

- AC

I have boy girl twins. We share things like onesies and gender neutral clothes. They have their own bottles. I have clear nipple covers for our boy and colored nipple covers for our girl so the family doesn’t mix bottles up. They both prefer different types of pacifiers so those are different. They each have their own teethers. It really depends on what it is. Generally, things that go in the mouth are their own.

- LP

My girls share both. I figure they will want plenty of their own stuff as they get older.

- LL

Shared almost everything. There were a few times they each had specific outfits.

- BL

4 weeks old at the moment,  but my boy twins share clothes.

- VM

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