July 2018 Giveaway - Win 1 Twin Z Pillow

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For Moms

  • Breastfeeding and Bottle-feeding - Relieve pressure on your stomach and pelvis while breastfeeding. This feature allows moms that had C-sections to prevent any unnecessary force on their stitches.
  • Hands-free Breastfeeding - You can focus on keeping them latched on while feeding and prevent them from rolling out of the pillows.
  • Back Support - Use the middle as a backrest while breast feeding or bottle feeding for posture support.
twins z pillow

For The Twins

baby twins in twin z pillow
  • Prevents Acid Reflux - Place the babies on their backs in a semi-upright position or let them rest their chests on the pillow while they play. This prevents any acid from regurgitating back into their oesophagus.
  • Sibling Bonding - Promotes twin baby bonding time while they are still infants.
  • Tummy Time – Placing the babies on their tummies on the curved insides of the pillow will stimulate central nervous system stimulation that lets the baby grow up with the proper reflexes intact.
  • Safe for Small Babies – Moms can use the buckles to keep smaller infants in place inside the curves of the Twin Z Pillow.
toddlers in twin z pillow

How to Enter

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