Did You Have Enough Milk for Both Babies or Did You Use Formula to Supplement?


We recently asked our community:

Did you have enough milk for both babies? Or did you use formula to supplement?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

I supplemented with formula at the beginning then I pumped breast milk for 15 months. I was told repeatedly it wasn’t possible to pump exclusively but I did it. That being said, my twins were kids #4 & 5. The other 3 were bf for 8 weeks then formula fed. I give zero cares about what anyone thinks I did what was best for my kids at the time.

- RG

I didn’t I had to either pick one or split it between them. But mainly my daughter got the most breast milk unless my son was sick.

- BR

I had enough…pumped a lot in the beginning. I’m a core. Haha…but everyone one is different. You do what works for you, your body, and those babies.

- ML

I had to supplement at the beginning (first month), but I worked hard to drop the supplement and was able to go on and nurse them for 17 months.

- MG

I nursed both for 2years. They were exclusively breastfed until they were one.

I was told by everyone that it wouldn’t be possible, that I should save some time and go right to formula. We watched weight like a hawk due to my daughter’s heart condition.

- TB

I had enough for both. I was very lucky – they latched immediately and I didn’t have issues producing milk. I nursed them for a year.

- KL

I breastfed for six months and supplemented with formula. I wanted to breastfeed longer, but I had a bad Crohn’s flare. I was hard on myself for having to supplement with formula when I was breastfeeding. Once we went to formula only, I realized that they were getting a big portion of their feeding from breastmilk.

- AM

I tried to breastfeed but my boys wouldn’t latch. So I did both until I couldn’t produce anymore and continued giving them formula.

- MB

Had to supplement for the first week only. After that exclusively breastfed for longer than I’d like to admit.

- EM

I supplemented the first week as we had latching issues. But after that, I exclusively breastfed until 18 months. The book “Oh Yes You Can Breastfeed Twins” is the best book ever!!!

- ES

Yes, I had plenty, but because of our cesarian, my milk took an extra couple days coming in. So they had a few bottles of formula. Then we continued until age 3.

- CD

I tried, couldn’t keep up (don’t ever assume everything is going to work like the textbooks & mother nature say or expected to). Had to supplement. Also due to extreme gerd/ acid reflux issues with both babes, they couldn’t handle breast milk. They saw a gastro specialist who put them on a special formula & meds to help decrease colic for 1, projectile vomit (for 14 months) for the other.

- BH

I had more milk than I needed, but we also had to supplement because they were small and needed to gain weight.

- TH

Also I should note, that should you choose to formula feed for any reason that choice is yours to make, no shaming intended. I just wanted some support with mine and received none.

- TB

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