Did Your Twins Have Almost the Same Weight and Height at Birth?

We wanted to know what the height and weight of twins were during birth.

So we asked our community: Did your twins have the same height and birth weight? What were they?

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

Absolutely!! Identical gals
Hannah: 6lbs 5oz; 19 inches
Caitlyn: 6lbs 5.5oz; 19 inches

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And they Battle at every check-up. They go back and forth a quarter of an inch in height and approximately a pound in weight. They are 9 now.

- JA

Strangely enough our fraternal twin daughters had the exact weight and length at birth…down to the kilograms! They even measured twice to be sure. Both were 4lbs 9oz., 17 inches long.

- BL

Boy twin weight 6.2 & 18 inches. Girl twin 6.9 & 18 inches
Born at 35 wks
My daughter was always bigger they are 22 years old now, he finally grew but she is taller. She takes after her dad, he takes after me.

- JP

Yes! Identical twin boys…7 lbs, 19″ & 7.1 lbs, 19.25″. They’re 11 and continue to always be a quarter inch and ounces apart in size

- SL

My identical twins girls were both 4 lbs 8 oz each, born at 32 weeks.

- ML

Yes! Fraternal – 6 lbs, 1 Oz each, 19″ and 19.5″ …they’re 7 now and one is about 2″ taller than the other. One eats everything, whereas the other is picky and clearly it’s obvious who eats better lol the shorter one still can’t get onto most roller coaster/rides because he’s not tall enough

- KE

B/G twins. Boy was 5lbs 14oz 19in, Girl was 5lbs 18in. Born at 34+2. Now, at 3 1/2, there is a 10lbs weight difference and 3in height difference. My boy is bigger.

- HP

My twins were very different weights. Had them at 39 weeks 4 days. One was 6 lbs 9oz and the other was 3 lbs 15.5oz- she was diagnosed with IUGR.

- CS

Twin boys – A was 5lbs 2oz and 18” and B was 6lbs 4oz and 19”

- AA

My identical girls were 5lb6oz and 5lb7oz, both 17.8” and born at 36weeks 1 day. Now they are 3.5months old and still within an ounce or two of the same weight.

- MH

28 weeks
One 2.6 lbs 14.25 in
And two 2.7lbs 14.75 in
They have always been within an inch in height of each other and still are at 13. Weight has been close but now at 13 and puberty hitting at different times is changing that!

- JA

My fraternal twins a boy and a girl had a 2lb difference since the 20wk ultrasound. Girl, 19in, 4lbs15oz. Born 6:05pm. Boy, 20in, 6lbs10oz. Born 6:20pm. Had them on a Tues., came home on Thurs. Induced at 36 1/2 wks.

- AM

At exactly 35 weeks my boy twin weighed 7lbs 2oz & 19 3/4 inches long. My girl twin weighed 5lbs & 18 3/4 inches long. They are 2 yrs & 4 months old now. They weigh 35 & 32 lbs. Both 36 1/ 2 inches tall.

- JT

Fraternal girls 31+0 (spontaneous labour). 1560g and 1630g, 0.5cm length difference. They are now 13 and have a 6.5cm and 10kg difference! The older twin (who was smaller at birth) is the smaller of the 2 now. People who don’t know them don’t realize they are twins anymore.

- HW

Not even close! One was 4lb 6oz and the other was 6lbs 10oz. I spent the last month on hospital bed rest because we were concerned about the size difference. Turns out, one is like her 6’ 6” daddy and one is like her 5’ 4” Mama!

- TJ

My fraternal girls born at 38+2w were the exact same weight and length
– 6lb8oz 20in. Now, however, one is about 3lbs heavier and 2in longer at 8.5months 💗💗

- JP

Yes, mine did. ID boys. 4lbs 17.2 inches and 4.2lbs and 17 inches. (They were 31 weeks) Now they are 15 years old and one of them is 6.2ft and the other is 6.3ft. The weight is different now due to one playing football and the other volleyball. (My football player is pretty thick, my volleyball player is “softer”)

- CS

Fraternal boys born at 37 weeks. 5lb 12oz and 5lb 2 oz. Stayed closed in size thru the first year. Now at 11 years old one is 103lb and the other is 65. About. 5” difference also. Don’t get asked anymore if they are twins. LOL

- TW

My identical girls were within an ounce or two my entire pregnancy 5 and 5.1 at birth. Just within the last year baby B shot up to a pound heavier. They’re 7 years old now.

- KD

Mine were a quarter inch different in height and 8 oz different in weight. The one is still about a quarter to a half inch shorter.

- KN

Mine were both 5.8lbs and they’re consistent in staying the same weight or very close to it. One was half an inch taller and they are now pretty much neck and neck.

- AA

My twin girls were born 2 weeks ago at exactly the same weight 2535g. Caused a bit of a Rucas with management checking to see if it was true.

- SA

Both sets are fraternal b/g. 1st set was born at 38 weeks and was about a pound and a half apart ( 6 lbs 2 oz, 7 lbs 12 oz) 2nd set were born at 36+6 and were just over a pound apart (6 lbs 7 oz, 7 lbs 8 oz.)

- KR

Twin A was born weighing 5lb8oz and 45.5cm and
Twin B was born weighing 5lb4oz and 48cm
Our Modi twincesses 💗💗 born on the 13th September at 36+2weeks.

- NL

My twins measured ounce for ounce and inch for inch the same. Baby b (my girl) shot up a pound in 2 weeks while baby a (my boy) only measured a few ounces in the same. They decided to have me deliver at 36 wks 5 days. My boy was 5.13 pounds while my girl was 6.12. They were both the same 19.5”. They are 8 and my boy was 42 pounds while my girl is 64 pounds. My girl also has over an inch in height on him.

- JD

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  • Vee says:

    Fraternal girls. Born at 38weeks Both weighed 6lb 11.9 oz, length 19″.even head circumference was the same.

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