Do You Really Need a Belly Band?


We recently asked our community:

“Did anyone get through pregnancy without belly bands? Do you really need one?” 

Here’s what the TwinStuff Community had to say:

I hated mine! My belly hated having anything on it. Felt more uncomfortable with it on.

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- LR

I used one! It definitely helped take some pressure off of my lower back. I was carrying very low throughout most of the pregnancy.

- CM

I bought one for my Singleton but never ended up using it. Planning on using for the twin pregnancy as my belly is already huge at 14 Weeks. Figure I’ll need it down the line.

- AC

My aunt got me one. I say get it! It helps so much walking grocery shopping cleaning
It relieved so much pressure for me. You just can’t sit with them on.

- AS

I never used one with my singleton, currently 37w1d with the twins and haven’t either. When I asked my doctor, he said he wouldn’t recommend it unless I was in excruciating back pain because it smushes your babies and stomach too much.

- CA

I never used one. Never really needed to.

- AR

I didn’t use belly bands.

- RG

Anything touching my belly tight was so uncomfortable. It was squishy enough in there!

- KR

That was my best friend! I have scoliosis so it definitely helped with back pressure!

- KB

I had to start using one around 20 or 24 weeks. I was all belly & it wasn’t perfect, but definitely helped relieve pressure from my lower back (I’m a teacher, so on my feet a lot).

- JS

Yes! I never wore mine even though my 2 twins were near 13lb altogether!

- TC

Belly bands did not help me at all. They put too much pressure on my stomach. Look into taping your stomach instead with kinesiology tape.

- LP

I didn’t use one. I was on bedrest from 27 weeks on but honestly was larger with my first, singleton pregnancy that I was with the twins. I was super swollen with my first pregnancy.

- SH

I tried to use one but it was more uncomfortable for me than anything so I ditched it.

- AB

I used mine a lot during my 2nd trimester and into the 3rd. By the end of my 3rd trimester I was so uncomfortable I didn’t want anything touching my stomach. It did help a lot though.

- AP

Yes I used one and it truly helped with the twins. I’m only 5’2” and being short waisted, my belly was HUGE! I started contracting at 24weeks and then had to be on bed rest in the hospital for the rest of my pregnancy. But before that I used the band and it made a difference for sure!

- CM

I didn’t use one and I regret not using it! My back would hurt especially the last few weeks I felt like I couldn’t stand up straight, I’m 5’1 so my belly would always have me going forward.

- SD

Loved and had to have mine! Helped with my sciatic nerve pain and at the end helped hold them up! Very heavy! I was also on bed rest 22 weeks on until delivery at 35 weeks 5 days

- MD

I delivered at 36w and didn’t use a belly band. I tried it for about a hr and almost passed out because it was too hot. 2 babies keep you pretty warm. As far as support I usually just held my belly.


I only wore mine a couple times, I found it more uncomfortable than my heavy belly lol.

- JA

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