4th grade Twins will be in the same classroom for the first time

Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by tbpmtb, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I'm piggybacking off of another topic about placement of twins. This is the first time ever that we are placing our IDENTICAL TWIN boys in the same class. They will be attending 4th grade. For the most part, they are very similar in personality, and educational aptitude. I feel that they will do well together, and they will probably be placed in separate groups anyway.

    I am just curious as to what challenges I should expect? I know many things will be easier for me, as their mother. But I'm not a twin, let alone an identical one. What challenges should I expect the kids to face? By now, MOST classmates have had enough exposure to them, to be able to tell them apart most of the time. I do expect them to be confused often, nevertheless. Will they be extremely frustrated when people confuse them? How do your identical twins deal with that?

    What about homework assignments? On one hand it will be easier for them to have the same homework, but what challenges will they face as they try to complete their projects? I have a feeling that they will want to write about the same topic.... Will they be really competitive?

    I hope I am making the right decision for them to be together this year. I am doing it for them, so that they get the exposure to being in the same classroom before middle school. I am just curious about what we signed up for!

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!
  2. Fran27

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    As a twin who was with my sister all the way to high school, the challenges were not at all about school, projects and homework. We just did all that our own way, on our own. Being mixed up was never an issue actually. The main issue was friendships (until 10 or so we only had common friends, after that, I'll just say that kids that age can be mean and there can be a lot of peer pressure) and competition (with different teachers who grade things differently, and different projects, you don't have to deal with the possible repercussions of a child always doing better than the other one).

    I know that personally, I'll try and keep my kids separated as much as possible. Quite frankly I think that being together so long ruined my relationship with my sister.
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    We kept ours together all thru elementary school, and we had nothing but positive experiences. I actually had teachers tell me that they never sat together, picked each other or played together at recess. They enjoyed being together, but didn't depend on each other. They are in middle school this year, in 5 th grade, and only have 2 of 8 classes together.....and have done better than I have, I'm the one freaking out! It's so much easier to do homework, projects and everything when they have each other to help remember what the teacher said or what was due, etc. Good luck to you, I hope they do great!
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