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    Well, I haven't visited this forum in such a long time. How's everyone doing? :)

    We've run into another issue with David's schooling, but we think we found the solution. David is 6 but in 2nd grade. He quickly finished his math and was starting to answer his brothers 4th grade work. I had a feeling he was above grade level and asked for some advice on a gifted board I lurk around sometimes. Well, someone suggested this Online program. It's called ALEKS. It starts at 3rd grade. Well, they offer a free month to try it out. I signed both kids up. Ben was about done with the math portion of his book also. They make them take a placement test. I was shocked to find out that David is over half way through 3rd grade, almost 3/4 of the way through. And Ben is right where he should be for the year.

    They love being able to do their work on my computer and they can move as quickly through the material as they need. That's been the biggest issue with Abeka's math. We since decided to not use Abeka this year. Although I will probably go back to their grammar and spelling soon. They don't need the repetition that is a part of the Abeka program. It just frustrates David. Now I see why. He was doing addition of 2 digits when he is doing double digit multiplication and division in his head. (Hind sight)

    Has anyone else used ALEKS? I'm wondering how it stacks up to some of the other programs?
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    We love ALEKS! My oldest DD has almost finished a traditional year of math in a few months. Would it happen to have been the gt-cybersource site? I am a member as well and love all the wonderful advice they have. It is a wonderful site if you haven't visited. Many many of the parents there have used ALEKS with their kids. The only suggestion I have gotten is that with younger kids just starting it is often benificial to use Singapoe math because of the math concepts, in addition to ALEKS. If you look at any of their books they approach math differently and kids who use it are able to go "deeper" with math. They suggest this be done before third or fourth grade. Other use the online version of their books in addition to ALEKS. Keep in mind that the grades in Singapore Math don't add up with US grades. My daughter was older when she started so we didn't try and go back but just added some of their information in. She has very strong math reasoning skills already developed so this wasn't as much of a problem. My DD6's started with Singapore and we are now getting ready to add in ALEKS for them as well. You can go to your state standards on ALEKS and compare your childs progress to those standards. Also keep in mind that depending on where your school district is, a fourth grade in ALEKS might not measure up exactly with your public schools fourth grade. It could be an AP third grade or a fourth grade, even an AP fourth grade depending on the district. Hope that makes sense.
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    I actually thought about Singapore for a while. I down loaded their placement tests at the beginning of the year and started having them test. I don't know why I never followed through. Maybe I'll go back and have them re-do the tests. I know the curriculum is inexpensive so that won't be an issue. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm glad you like ALEKS too.

    So what's this about a gt-cbersource site? I'm interested. I still think we should get both the older boys tested, but DH wants to wait. So we are here just muddling our way through. But it's so much fun seeing them grow. :)
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    The website I was talking about is It will take you to the main home site of the Davidson Institute's cybersource. You just click on Discussion forums. They are a wonderful group of people. How old are your boys again? (There is a window that gives you the best test results because of testing ceilings.) The forum is open to anyone without restriction, you just need to register. They also have some great links to the Hoagies gifted site, another really good one.

    Also wanted to mention to check which version of Singapore Math you have the tests for since the newer version is now out in the states as well. I went with the newer version since I was just starting it with my kids, it covers concepts more in line with the states. In Singapore they sequence things a little differently and don't use our measure or monetary systems.

    My daughter is over the moon because she just moved up a level again in ALEKS and she already has 2/3 of her pie done. What motivation that picture is for her.
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    Ahhhh, got it. I'll go and visit the cybersource pg tonight. It would be nice to have some outside input. I have visited Hoagie's pg. I heard her speak at a homeschooling conference my second year schooling. My boys are 6 and 8. I was aware of the 2 different versions of Singapore. I figured it would be easier using our dollars and standard measurements.

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