Anyone deliver at 35 or 36wks-with no or little NICU?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Specky, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Specky

    Specky Well-Known Member


    I'm 35wks 1 day, and starting to develope pre-e. I'm 100% effaced and 2cm dilated...looks likes delivery will happen in the next week or two.

    I was wondering if anyone has delivered at this stage and had no NICCU time??
    I'm also worried I won't be able to breastfeed if they come this early...any success stories out there??

    I have to admit, I'm struggling with the idea I can't keep them in longer...I know I've done all I can, but I had 38wks in my head!!

    Thanks everyone!

  2. rabresch72

    rabresch72 Well-Known Member

    First, congratulations on making is THIS far! That's great...sorry you're so worried. I went to 38 weeks 3 days, so I can't help you out on your specific question, but one of my babies had to go to NICU anyway. It can happen when you least suspect it. Good luck with everything and hope you get some positive responses - SOON!
  3. Dianna

    Dianna Well-Known Member

    35 weeks and 6 days, no NICU, me and the babies were home 2 days later :)

    You are doing great!!

  4. PumpkinPies

    PumpkinPies Well-Known Member

    My girls were delivered at 35.5 weeks. They each weighed 4# 15 oz. They were born on a Tuesday and we ALL went home on Friday! One struggled learned to suck and was slow to re-gain her birthweight, but there were no other problems.

    Good luck!
  5. lianyla

    lianyla Well-Known Member

    Mine were mono-di and my Peri takes them all at 35 weeks if lungs are mature but no later than 36 weeks.

    I had an amnio at 35 and 1 and their lungs were totally mature so we took them at 35 and 2. I was never even close to labor, Peri said I could've gone to 40 weeks LOLOL!

    Anyway, the boys were 6 lbs EACH and never required ANY medical intervention at all.

    Our hospital has a mandatory NICU stay for any baby born before 36 weeks. Basically, they were in cribs in the hospital for 5 days til they reached that day and came home.

    They breastfed 2 hours after birth and we never had any issues w/ that. Generally, suck swallow breathe is learned by 34 weeks.. In males, it CAN take longer. (They're lazy!)

    Anyway, hope that helps you. We were ALL GOOD over here. Even if they are in the NICU, that doesn't mean that they are not okay. It just means they were born early :) I was totally cool w/ it cuz I got to heal!

    Good luck. It will be fine.
  6. kstrub

    kstrub Member

    I had my boys at 36 weeks and 6 days they had to be on oxygen for 2 days. I was only in the hospital for 5 days and they both came home with me. I did bf for 2 weeks if you have the energy and time to pump every three hours. and feed the babys you should be able to bf without and problems. I am proud of the women that can do this because it is alot of hard work. Im not tring to discourage you from bf but if you want it to work you have to be very didicated. Even if they have to be on oxygen its worth it in the end.

    Good luck with everything
  7. bef1210

    bef1210 Active Member

    36 weeks exactly and no NICU time. DS did have to spend a week in the regular nursery being treated for pneumonia, but I don't know if that was due to him being early or to the c-section. DD went home when I did.
  8. djpizzuti

    djpizzuti Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on making it this far!!! I had my twins at 34.5 due to Pre E. They were by no means in any hurry to be born... I probably could have gone longer but my bp was out of control. We spent 4 days in the NICU. My babies received bottles the first 48 hours because I was on Mag. It took a week to wean them off the bottles and then we b/f just fine! You can do it!!!
  9. jennyj

    jennyj Well-Known Member

    I had mine at 36 wks with no problems no NICU and they stayed in the room with me the whole time and went home with me ... so just because they are early doesnt mean they have to be in NICU... we went home 4 days later due to the c section Good Luck... and early congrats.... dont worry things will work out just fine

    birth wghts were 6'2 5'15
  10. Anne-J

    Anne-J Well-Known Member

    35 weeks and a day. No NICU time and we went home five days later due to a c-section.

    Good luck, it's normal to worry, but try not to.
  11. Lynner405

    Lynner405 Well-Known Member

    I had mine at 35w 5d. My DS required no NICU time and had no problems sucking or learning to feed (I bottle fed though). My DD was in the NICU for 2 days but only because she inhaled fluid on the way out, it had nothing to do with her lung development. She also had no problems eating. Both came home with me, and we even left a day early!
  12. twinmuffin

    twinmuffin Well-Known Member

    Mine were born at 36 weeks with no NICU time. I also had developed pre-eclampsia. I was able to breastfeed them right away, although they did not start gaining weight, so I supplemented with formula for awhile. Mine were exclusively breastfed from about 2 weeks of age to 5 months of age. Now we do a combination of breastmilk/formula.
  13. dtomecko

    dtomecko Well-Known Member

    Mine came at 36 weeks 2 days due to Pre-e. My son had to go to the NICU for 36 hours, but it wasn't because of his lungs not being developed. He was totally fine. He was the bigger of the two babies too (5 lbs 14 oz) But because of the C-section he wasn't able to completely clear his lungs which I hear naturally happens with a vaginal delivery, and isn't an unusual occurence with c-sections - especially with boys.

    The only issues we had was that they were so sleepy, especially my daughter, that it was hard to get her to finish a bottle. It wasn't at all like I pictured, like insert bottle and go. We had to do everything imaginable to get her to stay awake and drink. From putting her under bright lights, undressing her, forcing her lips to move with our fingers. Not at all what I pictured! I think part of it was they were a little early and still had to learn - though my son ate like a champ from the beginning. And they were super sleepy from the magnesium I was on. It didn't occur to me that I felt so horrible and run down from it, that it would have the same affect on them. But we all went home together, which is what I was praying for from the beginning. We were worried if my daughter didn't eat enough and gain enough weight back that we'd have to keep her there. But in the end she got back up to where she needed to be and we never looked back!

    But you did make it so far. Once I hit 35 weeks I was so relieved. I didn't want to go earlier than 34 weeks, so any day after that was bonus to me.
  14. twoplustwo

    twoplustwo Well-Known Member

    36W 1 D, no NICU time.

    My cousin delivered her twins at 38 weeks and one still needed NICU (unusual) so you never know. Just do the best you can do, that is all anyone can expect.
  15. mommymauro

    mommymauro Well-Known Member

    1st DS 36w weighed 6 pounds 6oz

    2nd and 3rd DS 36w 4 d (5.9 and 6.2)

    No NICU for any, and DS1 had meconium in his lungs...

    DS #2 and #3 are now off the carts in height and weight @ 21 + pounds @ 6 m

    Good luck and congrats
  16. hrichards

    hrichards Well-Known Member

    way 2 go mamma!
    mine came at 35 weeks due to pre-e also. they were 4lbs 7 ounces and 4lbs. 10 ounces. they were in NICU for 7 days as feeders/growers. they shared an open isolette, they didn't need oxygen or anything. they did great. they did get an iv to supplement them. as for breastfeeding, i pumped and pumped and pumped some more, we breast fed with formula supplement for 8 weeks, i could not get enough.
    good luck, can't wait to see pics!
  17. Kate1587

    Kate1587 Well-Known Member

    I recently had my twins at 35 weeks 5 days. They were born in June.
    Absolutely no NICU time. 5+ & 6+ pounds. C-section, in the hospital 3 nights, then home!

    I, too, thought I would make it to 38, or at least 37. Nope, water broke one night, totally
    surprised me. Everything was GREAT!
  18. Andi German

    Andi German Well-Known Member

    You sound soooo excited its wonderful - congratulations! I had my boys at 37 weeks 1 day. Max was 4 lb 12 oz and Elliot was 5 lb 9 oz. Max went into nicu because his blood sugars were low but he was only there a couple of hours. I breastfed straight away. I only ever pumped at 10 pm when they got a bottle. Max was never a great 'latcher-on' but he made it to 5 half months bfing. Don't worry - your babies will be fine - mums can go till 40 weeks and still have nicu time. You will do great. Good luck!
  19. karingillin

    karingillin Active Member

    36 weeks 1 day and I was induced due to pre-e. Absolutely no NICCU time - both babies healthy just under and just over 6 lbs and they both took to BFing w/absolutely no problem. We went home 3 days after they were born - due to my issues w/pre -e. You are doing just fine and 35-36 weeks is very normal w/twins! Good Luck - such an exciting time!!!!!
  20. kellytwinmom

    kellytwinmom Well-Known Member

    35 weeks 2 days here...

    and No NICU! They were born at 9 pm and at 3 am they were in my room....yes...3 am, after my husband had left to go get some sleep :) We were all home 3 days later.

    Ours were mono/di and possible IUGR 4.3 and 5.11. My 5.11 did wonderful but my 4.3er should have stayed to learn to suck, swallow breath. She also was slow to gain weight but she was home with me.

    Yours will be just fine!
  21. Sarah74

    Sarah74 Well-Known Member

    Mine were born at 35 weeks + 6 days. One did not have issues and was released after 3 days and the other was in the regular nursery for a week on oxygen for several days and then issues with jaundice and weight gain. I exclusively pumped for 4 months.
  22. mrsdee11234plustwo

    mrsdee11234plustwo Active Member

    Sounds like you are doing great so far. Well to answer your question, I had the boys at 36 weeks, c-section, stayed for 5 days, the boys came home with me, no NICU time at all.

    Both healthy babies, born 4pds 15oz & 4pds 13oz.
  23. lharrison1

    lharrison1 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Mine were born at 36 weeks exactly-no problems at all-went straight to my room with me and home with me two days later.
    I know it is best the longer they stay in but sometimes there is nothing you can do-so dont beat yourself up if you dont make it to 38 weeks-your babies will do great!
    As for bfing-I was good to go right away-the babies did fine we just had bad reflux issues and some latching issues but I continued to pump and it all worked out.
    Wishing you lots of luck!
  24. erwelch

    erwelch Well-Known Member

    36.1 wks and no nicu time at all, not even any nursery time. the girls came right to our room and never left. i also bf from day 1 and had no problems, they were champs at it. they both weighed the same 4.14lbs so we were in both preemie clothes and diapers but other than that no problems what so ever. i also had a vaginal delivery if that makes any difference.

    good luck
  25. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    As you've seen, there are tons of babies born at 35+ weeks without NICU time. :) NICU for twins at that age actually seems to be more of the exception than the rule.

    Our girls were born at 35.3 weeks and the larger one spent 9 days in the NICU for breathing issues while the smaller one just spent 7 days in the Special Care Nursery proving that she could eat and grow. Our girls didn't learn to breastfeed but that was more an issue of them inheriting their parents' small mouths and that made it really hard for them to latch on. I ended up pumping for 8 months.

    Personally, I was fine with the NICU time because I knew my babies were safer outside than in. It also gave me a few days to heal because I found the c-section uncomfortable and exhausting. The hospital was right near our house so we could go in anytime we wanted.

    I hope you have a wonderful birth!
  26. betha

    betha Well-Known Member

    Hi there, you've done a great job to make it this far! congrats....
    I just wanted you to know I delivered at 36 weeks due to Pre-E, plus I had GD. My b/g had to be in the NICU for 2.5 weeks, but they are doing great now. They are both beyond double their size (DD from 5.1 to 11 pounds, DS from 5.5 to 13.5 at 12 weeks). They were in the NICU to feed and grow, but they are growing like weeds now at home! The pediatrician says they are doing great and they haven't been sick at all.
    Just wanted you to know if they happen to need NICU time, you are far enough along it should be just fine. GL!!
  27. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    36W here - peanuts were 3.5 and 4.5 lbs and discharged with me!
  28. kenneymich

    kenneymich Member


    I delivered my baby girls at 34 weeks! They spent 2 weeks in the NICU and started breastfeeding right away!
  29. Congratulations on making it this far! I remember thinking "If I can just make it to 35 weeks" a lot! My girls were born at 35 wks, 1 day, vaginal delivery - 4 hrs apart, 4 lbs., 6 oz & 6 lbs., 5 oz., no breathing or health issues or NICU time and we came home 2 days later!
  30. ghanigirl

    ghanigirl Well-Known Member

    I had mine at 35 weeks 5 days via c-section. DS's water broke while in the dr's office (whew!). I was 100% effaced and 3-4 centimeters dilated.

    They were 4 lbs. 1 oz. (DD) and 4 lbs. 13 ozs. (DS). Both spent no time in the NICU and I was able to get them to latch on that night that I had them. We had to place them under the heat lamps to warm up twice and I had to supplement a little while in the hospital. Even though I fought that supplementation in the hospital, I realize now that they needed the calories because I was just not able to produce enough just yet. I gave in, but felt like I was failing them somehow. It was weeks later that I realized it was ok and that it did not mean it was the end of their life as breastfed babies.

    For about 3 weeks after, I BF and pumped. I would BF and then supplement with my own milk through a feeding tube (see pictures).Feeding tube feeding tube 2 It was a pain and I kept thinking "how long is this going to last?", but it was worth it because they really got the milk they needed. DD also had a hard time gaining weight for the first few weeks, so we added formula to my BM and it got her bigger so that she could start to gain weight using just my BM alone.

    Now (at 8 months) I BF with very little formula supplementation at day care. I love the time I get to spend with them and am so glad I endured the time it took to learn myself and teach them how to do it. It was totally worth every minute!

    Good luck and know that you have done great so far! Congrats!!!
  31. SpinDaisy

    SpinDaisy Well-Known Member

    You have done a great job carrying them as long as you have!! I delivered my girls via c-section at 35 weeks on the nose!! K weighed 6lbs and C weighed 5lbs 11 1/2 oz. The only problem we had was K had apnea right after and only for that day, and they were both jaundice. Good luck to you and just will be holding those precious babies before you know it!! :D
  32. kgrewal

    kgrewal Well-Known Member

    Mine were born 35 weeks due to pre eclampsia. Mono/di twins. They came out perfectly healthy and spent no time in the icu and have been doing great since. Just had our 4 month old check up today and they are 15 pounds each. They were born at 5 pounds each.

    It was much harder on me than the babies!
  33. msamoyedny

    msamoyedny Well-Known Member

    I was 36w6d with no NICU time even though my boys were tiny (4lbs 13oz and 5lbs 15oz). They both breastfed in the recover room after my c-section. The only thing we had to do was supplement them both until my milk came in because of Sean's low weight and Owen had some jaundice. Everyone came home with me 4 days later. Good luck!
  34. akameme

    akameme Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    36 weeks, Jake was in the NICU - which we expected. Honestly, he probably could have gone home earlier, but when they are in the NICU or nursery, they are monitors, so any issues (oxygen levels dropping, etc) require 5 days of being clear.

    The 11 days went very fast. Honestly, I didn't have a problem with leaving him there. But everyone is different.
  35. pixiee1432

    pixiee1432 Member

    well I have a success story for you! I delivered at exactly 35w1d ( where you are now)..My water broke at 9 am and I had them via c-section at 4:56 pm..My girls weighed 5lbs and 5lbs9oz.. They made it to my room before I did ( they had no NICU time).. I was able to breastfeed and had absolutely no issues with them besides them losing a lot of weight in the hospital ( both were just under 5lbs when I took them home) and it took them 3 weeks to get back up to their birthweight..I think you will be just fine :)

    best of Luck!

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