Anyone go BACK TO CRIBS after trying toddler beds?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by juliannepercy, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. juliannepercy

    juliannepercy Well-Known Member

    We've been trying toddler beds with my boys (28 months) for 2 weeks now and while it started well, it's getting worse....things getting ruined, climbing where they shouldn't etc. Wondering if they just aren't ready and we should go back? Has anyone else done this?????
  2. Danibell

    Danibell Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My twins did good for a couple of weeks, and then they realized they could get out of bed! :lol:

    What we did, was bring back out a pack n play. Everytime they got out of bed, we put them in the pack n play. No toys (stuffies), no paci's, no blankets of pillows. We left them in for 5 minutes or so, then took them back out. We'd increase the time in the pnp every time. When we got to 20-25 minutes, that's the longest we got to.

    It only took my daughter about 2 nights to realize she hated being in the pnp with no paci and no stuffies. She started staying in her bed. It took my more stubborn son about 10 days or so before he finally started staying in his bed consistently.

    This worked, because mine hadn't figured out how to get out of the pnp yet ;)
  3. FGMH

    FGMH Well-Known Member

    I guess it depends why you switched to toddler beds. If the kids were climbing or you had other safety reasons for the transition, there probably is no going back.

    For us, the novelty of the freedom of toddler beds wore off quickly and things were back to normal pretty soon. We did stay with them at bedtime and quietly reminded them to stay in bed or put them back in bed; we gradually decreased the time we stayed in their room, first until at least one was sleeping, then until they were calm and drowsy, now we are there for 5 minutes - only because they like us to stay for bit.
  4. dtomecko

    dtomecko Well-Known Member

    I had to with my son. The first week or so wasn't too bad, but then he realized he could get up. He was keeping my daughter up since they shared a room. We put up with it about three weeks before we went on vacation that summer. I wanted to get them adjusted since we were having them sleep on twin beds in the condo. That was a week of hell we will never forget. My son was a horrendous sleeper as it was, he hardly slept when he was there. The less sleep he got, the worse his behavior, and the more he refused to sleep. By the end of the week we ended up renting bikes just to get him to nap on the back of it. It was the only way he took a nap that week. Didn't sleep in the car either. Worst vacation ever!

    Anyway, when we got back, we put his crib back up. He was furious and started flinging himself out of it. We rushed to get two new bedrooms put together for them to separate them because he was affecting my daughter's sleep too. I hated to spend the money on a crib tent, but in the end that's what I did. It was the best $60 I ever spent. We only used it for about 5 months. Then I tried again with him in his own room, and the transition was so easy. I don't know if it was the age or that he was by himself. But the way things were going, there was no way we could have continued with him in his toddler bed after that first attempt.

    They were just over 2 when we first tried, and over 2.5 when we tried and succeeded.
  5. babyhopes09

    babyhopes09 Well-Known Member

    We did! Our girls started out together in the same room in cribs...started climbing out and then transitioned to it kid beds... Then all hell broke lose. They were pulling each others hair out in clumps. So we have had them in separate rooms each in a packnplay..where they have been for months!

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I went back and forth for months with all of mine. My youngest DD has a crib in her own room and her big kid is the room with the twins, so we'd try the big kid bed for a while and then go back to her crib when they were bugging each other. We kept it low key, not punitive. She eventually figured out how to stay in bed and not disturb her sisters/get disturbed by them.

    With the twins, I bought the inflatable mattresses and put them by their cribs. If they couldn't stay in their beds, they went back in the cribs. Again, low key, and we just tried later, talking about what they had to do to stay in the big kid beds.
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