Anyone have kids on Singulair? My boys have been off and on (usually in the winter) neb treatment

Discussion in 'General' started by erikam, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. erikam

    erikam Well-Known Member

    My boys have been off and on (usually in the winter) neb treatments, including Albuterol and Pulmicort.
    Usually they have a few episodes of being sick in the winter, it travels to their lungs, they start to wheeze and we start the nebs. This fall has been an unusually difficult time for michael with allergies. Cough, runny nose, eczema, wheezing, etc, etc.
    They've never really been diagnosed with asthma, just bronchospasams when they get sick. Same thing? He's now got him on Singulair and Allegra daily, (Zyrtec makes him a monster) and Albuterol and Pulmicort for the next 10 days.
    How do your kiddos do on these meds? I'm really hesitant to give Singulair b/c it contains aspartame, something I make a point to not give my kids.
  2. bkimberly

    bkimberly Well-Known Member

    My kids were both on Crack (I mean Zyrtec) and I could take it no more! Drew had to come off of it! He is now on Atarax?? and it makes him sleepy, but bearable! Zoe is still on th Zyrtec and I don't notice a change in her. They are both on Singulair and I had no idea it contained aspartame....hmmmm, I will have to ask about this at our next visit....I haven't noticed a difference either, they are both still snotty, coughing and all of the stuff...
  3. Amanda

    Amanda Well-Known Member

    My kids all use Zyrtec as needed w/o any side effects.
    Beau get Pulmicort and xopenex when neeed along w/ Singulair, those 3 have been miracle drugs for us.
    He was on Singulair every night for at least 18 months staright, no issues.

    Albuterol can cause serious hyperactivity.
  4. TwinxesMom

    TwinxesMom Well-Known Member

    We have been on Singular for a year and I myself have been on it since it came out and it really helps. We(all 3) are also on zyrtec with no side effects
  5. i4get

    i4get Well-Known Member

    Jonah has been on Singular and Flovent for his asthma for the past few months. I'm actually going to get Morgan on it at their next ped visit. He has the same allergies as Jonah just without the wheezing. I didn't know it had aspertame in it. Need to check in to that. Thanks for the heads up! Shannon
  6. i4get

    i4get Well-Known Member

    Just did a little checking...

    Only the 4mg and 5mg chewable tablets have asparatame. The granules do not.
  7. TwinMama6

    TwinMama6 Well-Known Member

    Ethan has asthma and allergies and takes claratin and two different inhalers,no nebulizer right now but did have one in KY USA last year!
  8. Fay

    Fay Well-Known Member

    we do zyrtec (we switch to balamine or xirahist dm when it's REALLY bad), singulair, QVar (replaced pulmicort for us) and albuterol. We don't do much in the way of artificial sweeteners like aspartame, but in this case, the benefit of the med outweighs any concerns over the tiny bit of aspartame for us.
  9. mel_michigan

    mel_michigan Well-Known Member

    We use Xopenex instead of Albuterol, it cuts down on the cardiac effects and the hyper side of albuterol. We use Singulair and Pulmicort as well. Because of the aspartame I use the granuales with my youngest, he's only two, the others take the chewables. The drug outweights the minute amount for us as well. We only use Zyrtec when we have to and only give it at bedtime. Allegra oral solution is the only one that contains sucrose and arftificial flavoring, the pills all contain aspartame.
  10. erikam

    erikam Well-Known Member

    Mel- Thanks so much for your detailed post! What do you mix it with?
    And thanks to everyone who replied!
  11. Annen

    Annen Well-Known Member

    Noam had two inhailers for his asthma... since he was one year old.

    We tried Singulair and I noticed that it caused Noam to get some strange spots on his face. We stopped it and then tried it again. He got extremely agressive and wild... so we took him off it for good.

    Luckily... poo poo poo... Noam hasn't needed his inhailer for almost 6 months. I'm hoping that we're reaching that stage (around 5 years old) when some kids "grow out" of their asthma and get sick less often.

    Good luck to all of you... it's not easy when our kids get sick... but breathing issues are real scary!
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