Anyone Reading Twilight?

Discussion in 'General' started by natmarie, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. natmarie

    natmarie Well-Known Member

    I am reading this book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and I love it! It is a New York Times Bestseller. Anyways, it is about a girl and vampirie. It has a good amount of Romance and is very intense. I haven't finished it yet, but I am very close. I just wanted to recommend it to those who were looking for a good book! :D
  2. natmarie

    natmarie Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to bump this! I really enjoyed the book and would highly recommend it!
  3. natmarie

    natmarie Well-Known Member

    Okay, Okay, I am going to bump this again so I can display a link about this book. You can find it here. Highly recommend it!
  4. JandCsMom

    JandCsMom Well-Known Member

    I just finished all three books in the series and they were great! They are actually marketed as "young adult" books, but don't read that way at all (except no steamy sex scenes, just romance...) Good reads with Halloween coming up and all....
  5. ames4

    ames4 Well-Known Member

    I just started and finished all 3 this week! My poor family...I couldn't stop reading them! They were really good, do you think she will write more?
  6. JandCsMom

    JandCsMom Well-Known Member

    Supposedly book 4 will be out next year and then she's going to do a rewrite of the first book from Edward's perspective....
  7. twoin2005

    twoin2005 Well-Known Member

    Just finished this one! My book club read it and I was lagging behind and finally picked it up and finished it right away. Was a fun, light read. All the gals in my club devoured it and went on to read the rest of the series.

    So since this thread is old and I have just dredged it up again, has anyone here read Twilight recently?
  8. twindependent

    twindependent Well-Known Member

    Thanks for bringing this up again! I keep seeing it on bestseller and recommended lists and was thinking I could pick it up for an upcoming trip. I just didn't want to read it because it's YA, I thought it might be a little TOO easy to read (that makes me sound like a snob but really I'm not, I'm just overly picky!) but this thread makes me want to read it more...

  9. Amy R.

    Amy R. Well-Known Member

    I'm bringing this somewhat old post back up. My kids are obsessed with these books. Absolutely obsessed. We have a single set of very well loved hardcover books with are constantly being picked back up and opeend randomly to start rereading. Dinner time conversations consist of debates about Edward and Jacob and their faults and why Bella (the main character) should be with one or the other, or neither of them. (One kid like Jacob, one likes Edward, and one doesn't like Bella at all and thinks that Edward and Jacob would make a better couple than Bella with either of them) and other things about the books.

    There is a movie coming on on December 12 based on the first one. It's written in huge letters on the calender... they're going to the midnight showing. And they want to camp out at the book store on August 4th to get the first copies of the 4th book.

    After many times of me asking what the books are about, and getting, "A girl falling in love with a vampire" "But seriously, you can't explain it without it sounding stupid. You just have to read the books."

    So, my curiosity got the best of me, and I read the books. Now I know why they love them so much! I love them too!
  10. JandCsMom

    JandCsMom Well-Known Member

    I just finished "The Host," which is her latest book (not part of the series). It's not marketed as a YA book, but I think it's perfectly fine for the YA audience....
  11. sistaoftwins

    sistaoftwins Member

    I read all three books in the Twilight series, and I'm really excited because the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, is going to come out on August 2. There is also rumor that Meyer is working on another project in the Twilight universe, a book currently under the working title "Midnight Sun" It's apparently a recount of life from Edward Cullen's point of view. Here's the link

    jandcsmom, what did you think of Host? I am planning on buying it to read on an airplane trip in a few weeks. I know it is not part of the Twilight universe, but I was wondering if it was a stand-alone novel, or another start to another series?
  12. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    Twilight is my next book up in my library queue!
  13. Malia

    Malia New Member

    Twilight is one of the best books i've read. The fourth book, Breaking Dawn, is coming out in August. It's the last book in Bella's point of view
  14. JandCsMom

    JandCsMom Well-Known Member

    Kitty-Kate--I really enjoyed "The Host." It is more science fiction than the Twilight series (but still primarily about human interaction). It took me about 1/4 of the book to get into it, but then it was great. I've not read a book quite like it ever and it is one that you will think about long after you've finished it.
  15. sistaoftwins

    sistaoftwins Member

    jandcsmom--thank you for the recommendation! I read it on the plane ride and, like you, it took me a few chapters to get into it. Of course, once I was into it, I finished it, and then went back to read the last quarter again to make sure I hadn't missed anything, and to really engrave the point in my head. You're right, it is a book you think about long after you put it down.
  16. JandCsMom

    JandCsMom Well-Known Member

    Kitty-Kate--glad you enjoyed The Host and hope you had a great vacation. A friend of mine is having minor surgery this week and will be off work, so I loaned her The Host. I"m anxious to hear what she has to say about it. Now, we just need to wait for August....
  17. jasonsmommy

    jasonsmommy Well-Known Member

    Wohooooooo! Loved these books.. Finished book 3 yesterday.. I will be at Barnes and Noble at Midnight on August 2 for book 4... :D Not that I am obsessed or anything... And I know they are YA books, but can a desperate mom get a little vampire sex in book four.. Fingers crossed!
  18. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    Just finished it. I enjoyed it although it does read like a teen novel. But overall, nice story line. Vampires are so fascinating.
  19. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I just bought this book, I've heard so much about it. I usually love vampire stories, so I hope I will like this.
    For those who are interested in the movie, the movie and author are the cover story of Entertainment Weekly this week.
  20. shandy

    shandy Well-Known Member

    a good friend of mine brought me these in the hospital when I delivered my twins -
    I started reading them when they were 2 weeks old and I read all 3 in 4 days! all I did was hold babies and read - all day long!
    loved how it was fast and easy read - I'll be anxious to read the next one here pretty soon :)
  21. naomi02

    naomi02 Well-Known Member

    I just finished book 3 & anxiously waiting for Aug 4!! If we lived closer, I'd be at Barnes & Noble at midnight......but I don't think I can justify the 30 min drive (freeway) and the $35 in gas to get there. ;)
  22. Katiebelle

    Katiebelle Well-Known Member

    Breaking Dawn comes out tonight at midnight! I convinced my sister to go to a release party with me---I feel like a dork because I'm so excited about the book, but I can't help myself. You can order it from for less than $11 if you don't mind waiting for it to ship.
  23. JandCsMom

    JandCsMom Well-Known Member

    I just received an email from Amazon that the one I pre-ordered had shipped. I hope it comes this weekend....
  24. butterfly02

    butterfly02 Well-Known Member

    I really like these books! I am currently reading Eclipse, and hae Breaking Dawn waiting...for the last week, I have been avidly reading...I find it hard to put the books down!!
  25. sistaoftwins

    sistaoftwins Member

    Finished Breaking Dawn yesterday :) What did you all think of it?
  26. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I am way behind all of you, just started Twilight. I like it a lot, I'm at the part where they are at the Italian restaurant and he just saved her from the 4 scuzzballs.
  27. naomi02

    naomi02 Well-Known Member

    I really loved it! I was surprised to see so many anti-Breaking Dawn readers. :( I'm going to wait awhile & re-read them......I went so fast I know I missed stuff.
  28. gina_leigh

    gina_leigh Well-Known Member

    I'm late to the party, but I bought the first book tonight and am already 200+ pages in it. It's such a good story! I love it!
  29. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    I know I am super old on this thread but just wanted to thank you. I was going to ask if anyone knew the title or author of book about vampires that would be liked by people who liked HP and you answered it for me. Someone told me about it and I am going to order the series right now. Thanks. Can't wait to read them.
  30. 2girls2boys

    2girls2boys Well-Known Member

    Two Mom's in my n-hood recommended this to me and I am loving it. Not what I expected, I thought vampires=horror, but there is something about it that "digs into you" so have to keep reading.
  31. ladybutterflyrose

    ladybutterflyrose Well-Known Member

    Just got the series and am beginning twilight tonight!!!
  32. Inlowtwins

    Inlowtwins Well-Known Member

    I just finished reading all four of these books and loved them!! It was such a sweet love story and had some great suspense. I cannot wait to see the movie!!
  33. double-or-nothing

    double-or-nothing Well-Known Member

    I finally ordered a copy from Amazon. I went to my local library and requested them to hold the book for me when it came in and he said "It could be a while." So I asked how many people were ahead of me on the list and he said "About 40." LMAO. So I said, "Never mind, I will buy it" and he says, "Could you do me a favor and donate it to us when you are done?" Insanity!! But I see why. My God, I just started reading the book 2 days ago and when I start reading, I can't put it down! Unfortunately, I only have time to read it at night when I go to bed but I look so forward to not sitting in front of the computer or channel surfing. I actually can't wait to get into bed and continue reading. It makes me feel like I am a teenager again. Is it weird that I am a few years shy of 40 and LOVE and enjoy this book???

    The major motion picture is coming out on Nov. 11th (pretty much right around the time that Harry Potter was SUPPOSE to come out). I didn't want to watch the preview because I didn't want it to ruin the story for me. But for those of you who have finished the story, here is the trailer (probably should be in tv, movies, and music but since it's book related, I guess I could link it here). I can't wait to see it. I did see who some of the cast is and I like them very much.
  34. marcy874

    marcy874 Well-Known Member

    I too LOVED the Twilight series. I'm not a fast reader normally and I read all 4 books in 2 weeks. My friends and I will be at the movie on opening night along with all the teen girls in the area! To me it didn't necessarily read as just a YA novel. Everyone I know that's read it has been extremely addicted and enamoured with their love story and especially with Edward. If that makes me young in heart and mind, I'll take it! ;)
  35. 4lilmonkeys

    4lilmonkeys Well-Known Member

    I read all four of them within two weeks. I *loved* them! When a friend suggested it, I sort of turned my nose up at it. But, I read the first two pages of Twilight and couldn't put it down. I spent the entire next day in bed reading with DH's blessing. :lol: I'll be in line to see the movie opening night too! I'm way excited too, because the actor who's playing Edward is the same actor who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. :wub:
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