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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by KaraSheree, Jan 3, 2017.

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    OK moms I need some help. I just started my boys on baby food. They will be 6 months Friday. This is what I am doing. They have been take rice cereal in bottles since 3 months old.

    730/8am 6oz bottle with 3tbsp rice cereal.
    11am a can of baby fruit (4oz) mixed with 2tbsps of oatmeal (shared)
    2pm 6oz bottle with 3tbsp rice cereal
    5pm a can if veggies and a can of fruit each get half.
    8pm 9oz bottle with 4.5tbsp rice cereal

    Should I be feeding them like 2oz of formula with the food at 11 and 5
  2. lharrison1

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    That all seems good to me! You could follow up those two feedings with a bottle for a bit to see if they are still hungry...I think since formula will still be their primary source of nutrition until they turn 1. Also, run that schedule by your pedi at their next well child visit :)
    Good luck!!
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