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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by astewart0610, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. astewart0610

    astewart0610 Well-Known Member

    How is everyone doing. I have been so busy and without Internet awhile. Boys are good will be 1 on Saturday!!! So excited. Just wish they'd start eating like big boys and stop refusing ALL solid food :(
  2. astewart0610

    astewart0610 Well-Known Member

    Also does anyone have any chronic diaper rash advice !! And my boys also seem to get really upset and cry whenever daddy comes home every day. Normal??
  3. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    Hey, Ashley! Long time, no talk! Are they really turning one already?? Seems like it happened so fast!

    Don't sweat the eating too much, my girls were terrible eaters. They're still a little odd in that department. ;) But it did click eventually.
  4. astewart0610

    astewart0610 Well-Known Member

    Hey hey!!! Yes they turned one on the 21st!!! I finally got some guts and took the bottle away because they wouldn't even try sip cups. So it's been two weeks without a bottle. Every meal in the high chair. They are doing good with cups now. One of them will eat mostly anything. The other refuses anything I give him other than oatmeal or baby food! They also are completely not self feeding. They just slap their food around. It's getting quite frustrating :'(
  5. Lou_1

    Lou_1 Member

    For the rash I highly recommend sudocrem. It is sold on amazon. I had used a&d, butt paste, and desitin. None of those cleared up rashes like sudocrem. It really is amazing! It cleared up the rash quick. As far as eating, one of my girls is a great eater. The other, not so much. Sometimes I can get her to eat but mostly she turns her head side to side at the sight of a spoon coming towards her :/. They both love cheese though! I also bf so she's getting what she needs from me I guess. They have both become disinterested in baby food at 11 months. So I feed them what we eat or sometimes prepare their own meals. I hope things get better for you! Good luck.
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