CL .5 mm at 27 weeks; Very discouraged

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    Well sorry this may be a long story. Hopefully by me putting all my stats in here, some ladies will be able to offer me some much needed advice.

    At 18w my cervix made a drastic change from 4cm to 2.5cm, at that point my dr advised me to start taking it easy. From that point on I tried to only do the necessities. I have two other small children, so some stuff is hard to put off. Fast Forward- my cervix stayed stable from 18 weeks to 23 weeks when it again took another drastic change and went to 1.2cm. At this point my Dr. had me start coming in twice a week for CL length and contraction monitoring. Again the CL stabilized; it stayed between the 1.2 to 1.6 for 2 weeks. During this 2 weeks I started to have a lot more contractions, none of which had a regular pattern, 2 one hour then none, then 5 an hour then none. Unfortunately though at 24 weeks 5 days I had some unusual pressure and my Dr. referred me to Labor and Delivery for monitoring. When I arrived they said everything was fine, the last thing they wanted to do was get a cervical length before they would let me go. Again it changed to 1cm or 10mm, so they admitted me for the steroid shots and a low dose of mag in case I delivered early. That night shortly after all my shots and med’s I started having regular contractions every 10 to 15 minutes with no end in sight. Fortunately I made it through night one, and after the mag was over they put me on nifedipine and stabilized the contractions. They kept me for monitoring and on day 3 they ordered a new CL it came in at .6mm so they moved me back to Labor and Delivery again. I stayed stable with no contractions, and my next CL was .9mm so they final let me come home on the 8th day taking the nifedipine 10mg every 4 hrs. I am now 27 weeks 1 day, and I went this afternoon for my regular check up with my highrisk Dr. and now my cervix is back at .5, however he checked me and said I am not dilated. I am so confused about all of this after carrying 2 singletons to term, and now being told that they don’t know what to do for me other than monitor me. I am very discouraged and after the hospital stay and missing my other children, I’m truly dreading another hospital stay. I keep reading about bedrest, and even had a hospital bed delivered a few days ago so I could sleep in the Trendelenburg position even though my Dr. has said he isn’t sure it would help and that it really isn’t necessary.
    Does anyone have advice for this type of situation, or any advice on things I might can do to get through this rough time.
  2. cheezewhiz24

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    :hug: Twin pregnancies are so rough sometimes. I advise you to stay in bed as much as you can and eat, eat, eat. Every day your babies are in is important. Yes, bedrest hasn't been proven as effective as nobody would sign up to knowingly endanger their kids' lives.

    My cervix shortened from 4cm to 1.7 at 30 weeks. I did bedrest and was rechecked 3 days later... my cervix then went to 1.9. I stayed in bed until 37w. My water broke 5 days later.

    I hope you'll be able to keep those babies in as long as possible. You've got one thing in your favor that you were able to get the steroid shots for lung development. They really do seem to make a difference.

    :welcome: to TS, btw.
  3. AKilburn

    AKilburn Well-Known Member

    First off :welcome: to TS!! Youll love it here! So many woman wuth many different experiences and knowlege to help!

    You've passed a major milestone getting to 27 weeks and having the steroid shots is a huge advantage!

    I had some cervical length shortening along with cramping and they put me on modified bed rest at 28 weeks. ... I was fully able to do this though as this pregnancy was my first pregnancy and I wasn't working, I know having other children presents quite a challenge, and there are a lot of ladies who have gone through the same thing (check out the bed rest success stories sticky). I can only imagine how discouraging it can get but hopefully you can hold out as long as possible.

    Is there someone who can come help you during the day so you can rest?
  4. mommy4my4

    mommy4my4 Member

    Thank you for your reply's! I do have help during the day, and in the evening getting the kids ready for bed. But I have always been the "do it yourself kind of person". I don't ask for help very well, and really dislike seeing others help my kids, I'm jealous, lol!!! I love to everything for my LO's!!! But then at the same time I have these 2 LO's in my belly that need to stay cooking!!! Not to mention I love the outdoors, and work!!! If only I had a bed outside!!!
  5. Babies4Susan

    Babies4Susan Well-Known Member

    My cervix was gone at 16 weeks (2mm) and I had an emergency cerclage and spent the rest of my pregnancy on bedrest, 4 weeks of it hospital bedrest. Thankfully it was my first (and only) pregnancy. It would be hard with little ones at home! I was on pretty strict bedrest, to the point that right before 24 weeks they would not even let me use the stairs at home. I was in the hospital from 24-28 weeks, but remained stable and they let me go after that. I delivered at 31 weeks after baby A's water broke and she was trying to kick the cord out with her foot.

    I did get a set of steroid shots right at 24 weeks. I had a rescue dose 48 hours before my c-section (the peri said they needed 48 hours optimally to work). Baby A was on room air from the beginning, and baby B spent a day on c-pap, a day on the vent, another day on c-pap, then she was on room air. They spent 5 and 6 weeks in the NICU. So I am a big believer in the steroid shots!

    Hang in there, bedrest completely stinks! But it is way, way, way better than having your babies in the NICU and I'd do twice as much or more bedrest to have avoided that. Accept all the help that you can get! Every day that you can keep them in there, they say, is 2 less days in the NICU. My peri group made 28 weeks my first goal, 30 my second, 32 my third, and 34 was where they really wanted me to get.
  6. summerfun

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    :hug: Carrying twins is hard. I too delivered a singleton full term, actually a week late, and then went on to have my twins born very no knew why they came so early after my full term singleton. I'm a bit confused, are you on bedrest? If not, it sounds like you really should be. I agree with PP, is there someone who can come help with your other two children? You really do need to stay off your feet. 27 weeks is a great milestone and since you got the steroid shots that will help if for some reason your babies are born early. :hug:
  7. mommy4my4

    mommy4my4 Member

    Oh yes I am on bedrest, and I put my self sleeping at night in the Trendelenburg position. I stay off my feet almost all day aside from bathroom breaks and refilling my water. And my family is helping with my older children.
  8. Amycplus

    Amycplus Well-Known Member

    I have no further insights to add but just wanted to add my support. It is so stressful to be trying to keep babies in and participate in the rest of your life. Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    :hug: I know that is not easy. :hug: And trendelenburg is not easy either, BTDT in the hospital. Glad you have family helping. Keep up the good work. :youcandoit:
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