Correlation Between Body Image and Twins

Discussion in 'General' started by Kate Nicole, Apr 22, 2016.

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    Hi guys!
    I'm a senior in highschool and I'm currently taking a U.S. women's movement class. For a project which is due in a week I wanted to study the correlation between twins and body image. I myself have an identical twin sister and the two of us are really close. Whenever I find myself looking at her (which is a lot of the time) I find myself feeling self-concsious about my body even though she is only a little bit thinner than me. I was wondering if any of you could contribute in any sort of way (even if only a few sentences because everything and anything is helpful!) Please keep in mind I only have a short time to work on this :) But please feel free to post personal experiences you have about your body in relation to your twin, or any articles you may know of.

    Thank you so much! Your help will not go unappreciated.
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    Welcome to the Twinstuff, unfortunately most of our members are twin mothers and not many are twins themselves. Hopefully, someone will come by and chime in to help with your school project.

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