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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by melissak, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. melissak

    melissak Well-Known Member

    So for the last few nights, Ryan takes an 8oz bottle and then we put him down, well then, usually about 15 mintues later he crys wanting more. So we usually feed him 3 more oz. Well, tonight, 20 minutes after that 3oz bottle, he cried and wanted more so he took an additional 3oz. So that's 14oz within an hour. Doesn't that seem excessive? Not only that but he's also been waking the past few nnights to eat anywhere from 3-6oz between 10:30pm and 2am.
  2. 2betterthan1

    2betterthan1 Well-Known Member

    You may just have a big eater!! My Peyton has been like this, not always, but occasionally. It depended on his mood. I would just see how it goes. See how often he wants to eat that much, if you think it could be something else, maybe teething or just general fussiness and just wants to suck. I would however use the bottle as a last resort because you dont want him overeating and getting a stomache. Even talking to your pedi the next time you go couldn't hurt. Just get his/her imput!!

  3. Lynner405

    Lynner405 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you are doing cereal yet....but if you aren't maybe he is ready for it and you could try giving it to him before bed so that it helps fill him up a little more. My older and younger DS are both big eaters, and I could tell they were ready for cereal because they started drink a TON of formula in a short period of time. The cereal helped satify them. It's just a thought!

    MARYLANE Well-Known Member

    A few ideas:
    - teething
    - some sort of growth spurt - feeding him more during the day could solve the problem
    - something else making him uncomfortable, for which he would soothe himself with the feeding or sucking
    - have you tried rocking him or using any other technique to put him back to bed without feeding when he wakes up in the middle of the night? because he may have had a good reason at first, and now just wakes up out of habit knowing he will get a feeding.
  5. lianyla

    lianyla Well-Known Member

    It seems excessive to me. I have been told not to give any more than 8 oz of formula. Can you give solids during the day??
  6. melissak

    melissak Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the responses.
    I think I am going to start them on rice cereal this weekend. I wasn't ready a month ago but I think now that they seem really ready it will be easier.
    It could also be that he is indeed teething. I have tried the whole soothing thing at night but he just screams louder so I always assume that he just really wants to eat.
  7. Cynthia3200

    Cynthia3200 Well-Known Member

    My Samantha does the same thing. She doesn't eat that much but we aren't up to 8oz for a feeding yet. She barely finishes off her 5 oz bottles during the day but at night/evening, she will finish it off and then eats another 3-4 oz shortly after and then we try and put her down and she'll wake up 30-45 mins later and down another few ounces. I don't get it. Barely anything during the day and them makes up for it at night.
  8. fuchsiagroan

    fuchsiagroan Well-Known Member

    I'd just give him as much as he wants. Some babies are big eaters, and it's pretty common for them to eat a ton right before bedtime. Tanking up for the night, as it were. And there's one sure way to know if he's getting too much - it will come right back out at you!
  9. Jillianstwins

    Jillianstwins Well-Known Member

    Hey Melissa! William has been doing the same thing.....he took an 8 oz bottle then fussed so much I figured he was still hungry and thought maybe an ounce or two wouldnt hurt as he is so big! Well he took 6 oz out of that second bottle and has done that a few times since. Maeve on the other hand does her typical 8oz bottle and sucks it down no problem.

    So we graduated onto the Playtex Expandable Drop Ins that hold 10oz of formula and we see how they both do with the initial 10 oz bottle and if they want more, we let them. (It is usually Will who wants more, Maeve takes what she needs from that 10 oz bottle and that is it)

    Our pediatrician gave us some great advice in the early days with the twins. Always put an ounce or two more in your bottles than what the babies are usually consuming. Babies always self if you are only doing say, 8oz bottles and they suck those down consistently, then up the amount to 10oz and let them take what they need. There are some feedings where Maeve just takes 6oz.....and (rarely) with Will he takes 9 or 10oz.

    So see how you do with that.....that way they are always getting what their body needs and if there is a little bit of formula left in the bottle, it is no big deal to pour it out. (usually only an ounce or two)

    PM me if you have any questions....We have our 4 month appt next week and I am SURE our pediatrician is going to have us start cereal, given the amount of formula they are taking at each feeding. They are still eating every 4 hours on demand during the day and going from 6pm until around 3:30am when they fuss but not cry to eat. We have been replugging pacifiers on occasion but trying to let them CIO a little bit. Bruce got up with them at 5:30am as they couldnt hold out any longer for their bottles. Not bad!!! (have been meaning to PM you an update on the STTN situation this I thought I would fill you in here) :)

    Okay, have a great day! xojillian
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