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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Debbiemichelle, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Debbiemichelle

    Debbiemichelle Well-Known Member

    Silly question, but, what do you do when your babies try to eat grass? Maren tries to shovel it into his mouth by the fistful. We haven't spent much time outside because of the weather and we were outside today and it was completely exhausting. I had him on a big blanket, but they are rolling and starting to crawl and after many, many "grass is not for eating" or something like that I ended up picking him up and we went for a walk around the yard. And when do they start understanding and responding to "no" ?
  2. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    Until they are closer to one, I would focus more on distraction. If he's picking up grass to eat, give him a ball to play with or talk about the clouds in the sky, etc. Even at one obeying when you say no is questionable but they do get better at it.
  3. rayceryin12

    rayceryin12 Well-Known Member

    I agree, we just do a distraction.
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