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    This forum is so quiet, but I hope I can coax out some of the posters who used to be active and have some education experience. I had the girls' conferences yesterday and both are doing very well in 3rd grade.  They are both happy, smart, funny kids (both have their own challenges as well, but work hard and are doing great)!  They are both going through the evaluation process for the enrichment program based on test scores from earlier this year.  This program pulls kids out of class one full day a week to allow them to work on independent, child-led projects, with the help of the enrichment teacher.  But that program doesn't start until spring (and then will continue in 4th and 5th grade).  
    One of my girls loves all things science.  She collects bugs, rocks, leaves to look at under her microscope.  She had a crush on a mars rover at the age of 5... for her I have no issues with finding enriching activities that she can do at home.  We do a lot of on the fly science projects (and I've gotten over the ick factor of having lots of dismembered dead bugs in my living room).
    My other girl is super verbal, total bookworm , reading much above grade level, and if given the choice to do anything in the world, it would be to sit and read.  I love it!  But I would like to find some more interactive enrichment projects for her to do at home that pull in multiple skills.  One issue she is having in school is that she zones out during math and grammar (she can do both, but she is bored so she doesn't listen). I'd love to find something that we can do with her that includes all the things she loves, and some of the things she doesn't love but is still good at.  Any ideas?  
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    Do you get to meet with the enrichment program teacher?  Perhaps they might have a way that they can do something for her that taps into her love of reading while honing those math and grammar skills.  I'd say a good thing for a reader is to engage in some creative writing...which will help her see how important grammar and help her improve those skills while taping into her love of reading.  Or writing book reviews too.
    My elementary school had an enrichment program like this.  Because there were four elementary schools in the district the kids in the program were hosted by each school on different weeks where they got to do something.
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    I would suggest Creative Writing as well. She may need some suggestions or idea assignments to get started.  In 3rd grade our spelling book had creative writing suggestions which my teacher had me complete because I really needed extra work. No gifted program at the time.  I loved it.  I was one of 900 kids selected to go meet an author for a creative writing workshop in 5th grade (Zilpha Snyder).  I also won $500 in high school when my gifted teacher had me submit a story to a contest. 
    Oddly my degree is in Microbiology and I use math not creative writing on a daily basis.  So you never know where she might land later in life. 
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