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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by E&Msmom, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. E&Msmom

    E&Msmom Well-Known Member

    Hey ladies!
    Kennedy is doing great as we approach 7 months of me exclusively pumping for her (she has a cleft palate for those of you wondering why I EP) -- She's thriving, as a chunky 18 pounder :) woo-hoo.
    I on the other hand have started being told by many people that Im looking very thin these days. *sigh*. yes Im thin. I was thin before I got pregnant and now I EP and chase my 6 month old and my 28 month old twins around. Im busy.
    My husband even explained to a friend the other night that I eat more than he does at every meal!

    Anyone else have excessive weight loss? I gained almost 40 pounds with my singleton and Im at least 7 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight!
    I lost a lot when I nursed the twins as well. In fact, i went and had my thyroid checked and even though it was fine. Im wondering if I need to do that again? I never got to see what happened when I weaned the twins as I nursed into my next pregnancy. For those that have lost, does the weight come back when you wean?
  2. christy.fisher

    christy.fisher Well-Known Member

    That is nobody's business but yours! Don't worry about what other people think. Congrats on your weight loss! I wish I had that problem. :) I was 1 lb below my pregnancy weight within two weeks of delivery but I've gained almost 10 lbs since I went back to work because everyone had food on their desks and I like to eat. Sigh.
  3. fuchsiagroan

    fuchsiagroan Well-Known Member

    How often do you eat? Are you doing 3 meals a day or snacks too? You could try grazing a bit more. Have good, easy food ready to grab any time (have a bowl of nuts out, have some bites of hard boiled egg handy in the fridge, whole grain crackers, sliced cheese ready to go, olives, gaucamole, pita and hummus, whole milk yogurt...). If you really want to get some extra calories, you could replace water with milk or smoothie whenever you're thirsty.
  4. E&Msmom

    E&Msmom Well-Known Member

    I should start keeping a food diary and track what I eat. I dont know the actual number of calories but I eat all day, meals/snacks the works. Im even eating in the middle of the night when the baby wakes to eat as if I were pregnant again! I may need to switch to all whole fat foods/milk.
    I Just feel like Im the minority, KWIM?
  5. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I lost a ton of weight while nursing too.. I was 10 lbs below pre-pregnancy weight and I was eating constantly and as much fatty stuff as I could. Went to the dr. and got thoroughly checked out and there was nothing wrong... I guess I just had that kind of metabolism! However, now that we're starting to wean (down to 1 feeding a day), I am plumping up a bit.. probably just below pre-pregnancy weight. And I am definitely not as hungry as I was a few months ago when I was feeding full time.
  6. E&Msmom

    E&Msmom Well-Known Member

    Thats good to know! Thanks for sharing that with me :)
  7. katiereinert@yahoo.com

    [email protected] Active Member

    I have lost a lot of weight nursing too--I'm about 15 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight (and I've always been thin too--good genes). At first it really worried me because I felt so weak, but I think that was partially just recovering from birth and sleep-deprivation. I was also losing a ton of hair, so my doc checked me for thyroid issues, but nothing was wrong. I'm at the point now where I just eat what I want and enjoy it. I try to eat pretty healthy, lots of good fats, plus a milkshake here or there! I ave a feeling all will go back to normal after I stop nursing.

    Now my husband, on the other hand, seems to have kept on the baby weight :rolleyes: . . . We lived on sugar during the first few months to keep us going!
  8. maybell

    maybell Well-Known Member

    good for you!! I got to about 7+ pounds under pre pregnancy weight up until about when the twins were 11 mo. old... then my cycle came back, and it seems within a month or so I gained 5 pounds... now, over a year later (kids are 26 mo old), I have a little belly, and am about 2 pounds over pre pregnancy weight... wish I could say that the belly is just skin! ah well...

    a friend has recently totally weaned and lost the rest of her belly weight, so I'm hoping when we wean I'll do that too...

    anyway, about the thyroid, yes, it might be overactive. I had that issue too, it was at about 6 months that we checked it, we checked in another 2 months I think and thankfully it started heading back in the right direction. and I went and got a thyroid ultrasound. I remember she talked about the possibility of needing a radioactive? test or something... something that I'd need to pump and dump for a week or more to make sure my milk was back to normal... anyway, we didn't need that.

    good luck to you! and keep up the good work.
  9. andrew/kaitlyn/smom

    andrew/kaitlyn/smom Well-Known Member

    I lost a lot of weight after the twins. I spent a lot of time actively not exercising and eating ice cream and smoothies. Since they have slowed down their nursing, it's all coming back.
  10. Anneke

    Anneke Well-Known Member

    I'm experiencing the same "problem". I guess the weight comes back on during and after weaning, so I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe fit in an Ensure drink every once in a while? I do it too, but it's called Fortimel (or Forti-juice for those on a dairy free diet) over here in Belgium.
  11. Meximeli

    Meximeli Well-Known Member

    With the twins I had excessive weight loss and lots of people made comments on it. And looking back at the photos, there was a time when the adjective guant would have applied to me. Not good. I would strongly suggest you keep a food diary to see what you are eating, I bet it is hard to sit down and eat a full meal with your three kiddoos keeping you busy. In my case the first 7 months of nursing with the twins, I couldn't eat fat due to gall bladder problems. After having it removed, I also was careful not to go quickly back to eating fat in order not to put too much stress on my digestive system. So for you you should stop and look at what you've eaten at the end of each day and decide if that is enough.
  12. swilhite25

    swilhite25 Well-Known Member

    This is funny...I was going to post something today about the weight NOT falling off while breastfeeding. Now I'm starting to wonder what's wrong with me. I gained 42 with my singleton (delivered in Feb.) and I have 8 lbs. to go before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. Another 10 lbs. will get me back to my true pre-preggers weight (the weight I was when I got pregnant with the twins - now 18 months).

    Sullivan is 4 1/2 months old and weighs 17 lbs. I nurse 6-7 times a day and I chase my older lo's around. I'm working out 3-4 times a week, doing cardio for a minimum of 30 min. and a max of 60 min., plus weights. I think the inches are falling off faster than the lb's, but I would like to drop the extra weight.

    My question for those who are losing weight while bf...do you still try to consume the extra 500 calories a day "they" say you need to bf? Or do you have a more restrictive diet now and eat like you did before you got pregnant? At this point that's the only thing I can figure I'm doing "wrong." I'm not that worried about it, but I am curious and wondering what to expect as far as how long this might take me. I talked to another twin mommy and she told me she gained weight while breastfeeding. I guess it really it really does just vary from person to person.
  13. efmolly

    efmolly Well-Known Member

    I know this is OT for the original post, but it's so rare that I find someone else like me I had to reply! I was told (by family, friends, my OB even) that the weight would just "melt" off EBFing two babies. Well that was a crock! I didn't discover until my boys were 9mos old that there are a select unlucky few that actually retain weight until they stop BFing. Now that I have cut back BFing I'm starting to lose a TINY bit of weight.
  14. tootsie roll

    tootsie roll Member

    I was going to post a similar question that the OP has in this thread.

    I have 9 1/2 month old twins, and they are still nursing 5 times a day. I am down to 7 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight. I haven't weighed this little since college. I have always been thin, but am starting to wonder if I am losing too much weight? I am thinking of seeing my regular doctor since I haven't had a check-up with him in over a year. I am not exercising, I do watch what I eat, though I am often hungry since I am still producing milk for the twins. I stay at home with them and a three year old. Maybe they are just keeping me in shape?
  15. E&Msmom

    E&Msmom Well-Known Member

    Just keep eating to hunger and thirst. You may have to make an extra effort to make sure you're taking in enough calories. We just weaned and although I havent seen any weight gain, I also havent lost anymore either. You may be below pre-pregnancy weight but I think you're probably through the thick of it and your weightloss will probably plateau. Never hurts to see the doc for a check-up though :)
  16. maybell

    maybell Well-Known Member

    I was thin before pregnancy and then after BFing for 10-11 months I was down to about 5-7 pounds less... I did have a thyroid issue, which they monitored with bloodwork alone and it came back in line within that year. anyway, at 11 months my cycle came back, and within about 2 months I think I gained a couple of pounds. I'm up now - uhoh - I just realized I'm up almost 7 pounds above pregnancy weight... UGH that's a 15 pound gain? anyway, we're still BFing, but I need to reign in my eating, b/c at 2.5 yrs I don't think that I'm producing enough to warrant the calories I'm consuming!

    anyway, yes a dr. visit isn't a bad place to start, especially to just make sure nothing is wrong that can be fixed.
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