Feeling Sexy when you're pregnant-

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by E&Msmom, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. E&Msmom

    E&Msmom Well-Known Member

    I remember when I was pregnant with the twins I felt like a big gross whale. I was worried about stretch marks etc. Of course it was my first pregnancy so I was totally focused on 'me' still because I didnt know what it felt like to have my heart walking around outside my body :wub: I didnt know that nothing about me would matter once they showed up.

    Looking back, I see pictures of myself all through the pregnancy with the twins and I looked great! I was healthy, they were healthy and who cares that I got stretch marks I also got 2 beautiful children -w orth every mark, pound and case of heartburn I ever had.

    This time, I told myself I wasn't going to feel ugly. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I should embrace it because its probably the last baby I'll have. Ive been doing great. But here I am 6 months pregnant and flooded with hormones. I cant help but feeling kinda frumpy. I want to feel sexy and young and so not mom like LOL today I found myself looking through our wedding album reminiscing about the beach, being tan, wearing a bikini and sipping on an alcoholic beverage...the carefree, new marriage type days...

    So my questions are, even if you are very happy to be having a baby (which we are!) How do you keep yourself from feeling down? what do you do to keep yourself feeling young? hip? sexy? when you're growing larger everyday and the hormones are holding the real you hostage?

    Am I making any sense? :gah:
  2. mom23sweetgirlies

    mom23sweetgirlies Well-Known Member

    Makes sense to me. With my first DD I was young, I got married at 18 and pregnant 3 months later. The funny thing is that I wasn't at all worried about my body with her, I was totally focused on her. I was the same way with the twins, but this one has been hard. The first three months I was feeling very fat/ugly I think because of the twin skin and I had 10lbs I wanted to lose so nothing fit right yet it was too early for maternity clothes. Another thing that made this time harder is that our weather has been so much hotter/nicer than usual and I do not feel sexy/confident enough to wear shorts and wouldn't be caught dead in a swim suit. I've always been really hard on myself about my body though. I have been feeling a better about myself since I've started to actually look pregnant and bought some maternity clothes.
  3. E&Msmom

    E&Msmom Well-Known Member

    are we really the only 2 who have felt unsexy at sometime during our pregnancy??
  4. ljmcisaac

    ljmcisaac Well-Known Member

    I'm planning to get a pedicure...one of my friends just got her esthetician certificate and set up her own business, so I can support her and do something frivolous at the same time! (ps. I've never had one)
  5. Dielle

    Dielle Well-Known Member

    Well, being pregnant this time around actually helped, because it filled out the twinskin that I hate so much. It was so nice when I got to about 24 weeks, that it just became part of my round belly, not something hanging (gross). Now I'm back to the twinskin. I don't like it, but I try to do other things to help me feel good about myself, physically. Actually taking the time to do my hair and makeup, putting on clothes that fit right, etc, all help. And those same things helped when I was pregnant. It's hard to feel sexy, when I dress like a blob, LOL.
  6. MNTwinSquared

    MNTwinSquared Well-Known Member

    I love being pregnant so those were the times I felt the best about my body! I finaly had a reason to be 'fat.' I agree.. treat yourself to something you wouldn't normally do.
  7. twinsmommy11007

    twinsmommy11007 Well-Known Member

    I am not one that normally likes my body anyway so being pregnant with the twins I did not mind being HUGE because I was growing two babies that I so desperately wanted and everyone kept saying well your having 2 you look great BUT now....TOTALLY different people make comment even family...especially family like "you sure there is only one in there?" I want to say to them to mind their own business but usually just laugh it off. I totally feel huge and gross especially when I have to go to functions like bridal showers and weddings and I feel like a tent. Everyone makes comments about how big I already am. I just look forward to getting skinny breastfeeding like I did with the twins. I guess you only feel sexy if you have good self esteem in the first place which I don't .
  8. When I was pregnant with my twins, I found the first four months really difficult. I didn't feel I looked pregnant, just FAT! It was a relief when I could finally justify wearing maternity clothes. I made myself feel better about my size by investing in good quality, stylish mat clothes. Yes, I spent alot of money, but the boost to my confidence in my appearance was well worth it. And after my twins were born, I was able to sell most of the wardrobe at various Mom and Tot swap sales to recoup some of my money back. (Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate I'd get pregnant again!)
    I also found that taking the time to put on some of my favourite jewelry and accessories helped, too. And I invested in two pairs of comfy but super-cute shoes. My feet swelled one size during pregnancy, so getting shoes that fit properly (and looked nice) was a priority. My advice is: whatever it takes to make yourself feel good, do it! The money you spend will be worth it in the long run!
  9. BillShiphr

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