First Year Roll Call

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Rollergiraffe, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Hey there!

    It's been a while since we did a roll call and I thought it would be a good idea to get to know everyone who is here a little better.

    So everyone tell us:

    Your name
    Babies' names and ages
    What your favourite thing about multiples is
    The biggest mess they've made so far
  2. ~Christine~

    ~Christine~ Well-Known Member

    Jeffrey and Robert - 2months old
    I love seeing them looking at each other and scooting closer together when they go to sleep
    Pee/poop leaks from diapers...all over the
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  3. Lindala25

    Lindala25 Well-Known Member

    Finn and Grant- 3 mos old
    How quickly our little family became complete with the addition of these two
    They can't cause too much messes other than poop or pee yet ... one time I put Grant back to sleep in his sleep sack with a poorly applied diaper when I was a bit too tired myself and the diaper came off... woke up in the morning with poo smeared all over in the sleep sack :p
  4. sheras2

    sheras2 Well-Known Member

    Jude and Leo will be one on Saturday so we're on our way to the Year Two forum.
    My favorite thing - how happy they are, their smiles and laughter
    Biggest mess - I can't remember just one. They still make a pretty big mess when eating, but it's to be expected. I guess the many unexpected spit-ups when they were younger - on our clothes, their clothes, the furniture, the floor.
  5. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member


    Vanessa and Max are a little over 10.5 months, they will be 11 months on the 3rd.

    My favorite thing about twins is that I got a 2 for 1 deal, how great is that :)? Seriously though, I like it the most because they have a built in best friend, they both seem to love each other very much (even when they pull each other's hair or ears, I choose to believe they do it out of love:))

    Biggest mess - There are a lot of messes but I remember a rookie mistake I made the second or third day I was giving them solids, I put the cereal bowl on the little tray on Vanessa's high chair and she knocked it over right away, spilling it all over herself, the chair and the floor. I was making it really watery at that point, so you can imagine the mess. That tought me a great lesson right there.
  6. JuliaS82

    JuliaS82 Active Member


    Catherine & Charles - 4.5 months

    Favorite thing - I love how they're able to comfort each other; its like they're going through life as a team.

    Biggest mess... when they went through a stage of projectile spit-up, and took turns projecting all over me during a tandem feeding. <_<
  7. ward

    ward Well-Known Member

    Amelia and Teagan a little over a week old.
    So far just watching them watch me lol
    the only mess at this time has been a little spit up which got into Teagans hair
  8. schmack82

    schmack82 Well-Known Member

    I'm Lisa
    Chloe & Tess - 10 months!
    I love watching them become friends, they just sit and laugh at each other, it is so beautiful!
    poop is definitely the biggest mess we've had yet. Chloe recently grabbed her dirty diaper as i was changing it and got poop in her hair, on her forehead, all down her arms, legs.....everywhere! into the bath!~
  9. missnikki19

    missnikki19 New Member

    My name is Nicolette

    Ava & Audrey just turned 1 July 26

    My Favorite thing about them is watching them watch their big sister Aurora 2.5yr sing to them and they laugh and laugh at her. I am also so happy that they are close in age,they will have so much fun growing up together.

    Biggest mess would have to be blow out poop diapers .
  10. MommyCubed

    MommyCubed Well-Known Member

    My name is Shondria

    Ethan & Ainsley are actually my 2nd set of b/g twins. They are 4 months old.

    My favorite thing is watching Set 2 learn from their older 3 siblings. <3

    A diapaer that my hubby and I nicknamed the "river of poop". Had to lay a foundation of wipes before I could throw it away or clean up Ethan. :rolleyes:
  11. KristineB

    KristineB Member


    Brooklyn & Addison (10 months)
    I love when they hold hands and play together in their cribs!
    The first time we had macaroni and cheese! It was EVERYWHERE!
  12. gizmodad

    gizmodad Member

    I hope dad's count too.

    Im jacob wife is carla
    Our girls are Ella and Sydney born September 19th1st so almost 2 weeks old. Still trying to grasp being there parents. I love watching them together.
  13. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Of course Dads count! Welcome and congratulations on Ella and Sydney.
  14. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I am Heather
    My son is Easton Asher he is 2 months old and a singleton! My twins are 4
    My favorite thing about having multiples is watching them together, they have a bond like I have never seen before!!!! And I love to watch my twins with their baby brother!!!!!

    So far Easton is not very messy, I am looking forward to a ton of boyish messes- snakes and snails and puppy dog tails!
    The biggest mess Mr Easton has made so far is just very poopy diapers and the night of his 2 month check up and shots,he vomited all over me!
  15. ardetrie

    ardetrie New Member

    My name is Ashley. Im a nanny to a pair of amazing little guys!

    Henry & Harrison - 7 weeks

    So far my favorite thing is watching them snuggle when sleeping next to each other.

    The biggest mess? I was trying to put cornstarch on Henrys neck and he kicked his little leg and knocked over the container all over the changing table! That was
  16. DeeJay

    DeeJay Member

    Your name Deb
    Babies' names and ages 2 girls, Avery and Sydney. 18 weeks but 10 weeks early, so 8 weeks 'adjusted'
    What your favourite thing about multiples is our family is complete with just one pregnancy!
    The biggest mess they've made so far Sydney is a puker, so lots of clean up and laundry!
  17. twinkler

    twinkler Well-Known Member

    I'm Tas, mum of Liara and Sierra 9 weeks today (29th August) and joining the crew with very messy nappy! To be honest I really couldn't answer the multiple question right now, I can't see through the fog of sleeplessness LOL!
  18. KnittinBeachMama

    KnittinBeachMama New Member

    My name is Tiffany, mama to Michael and Isabella, 6 weeks old. I love how they sometimes hold eachother's hands when they sleep. Not a fan of them taking turns crying some nights.
  19. jacook82

    jacook82 Active Member

    My name is Jessica, and I am a mommy to Eben and Elijah, 8 months old. My favorite thing they do is kiss eachother!
  20. yuliav

    yuliav Member

    my name is Yulia
    Alice & Andrew were born Oct 31, 2011

    My favorite part of having twins is seeing how different they are (in character) even though they share same birthday.

    Biggest mess? Pooped... on daddy :)
  21. bsbnclover128

    bsbnclover128 Member

    Hey! Love this roll call topic!

    My name is Patricia.

    My babies' names are Ryan Thomas and Gianna Rose and they are 11 months old (they will be turning 1 in two weeks)!
    There are so many great reasons to love having twins but I would have to say one of my favorite things about multiples is watching them interact with one another. My twins are just starting to really recognize one another and are learning how to play truly is so special to watch!

    It is really difficult to think of one big mess in particular that my twins have made so far since there have been so many! A few memorable messes that come to mind is when Gianna pooped so much that it literally came out of her diaper, down her legs, onto her high chair, and then onto me as I had to be the one to clean her all up! Ryan's biggest mess to date would have to be throwing up all over my bed and himself in the middle of the's safe to say my husband and I didn't get much sleep that night!
  22. danasacks

    danasacks Active Member

    I am Dana, my twins are Milo and Clara. They are 5 weeks old.

    I love how different they are already, and when they do sympathy cries for each other.
    BIggest Mess? Milo pooped in my sisters hand, while she was trying to change his diaper! LOL
    Clara had a diaper so explosive she had poop up to her armpits!
  23. Merski810

    Merski810 New Member

    Identitical girls Luci & Ceci - 6mo but 4mo 'adjusted'
    My favorite thing about multiples is having two amazing baby girls to love!
    Our girls have acid reflux and spit up everywhere, all day long haha so the biggest mess is on going...a new couch and professional carpet cleaning will be a must when it finally passes!
  24. Amycplus

    Amycplus Well-Known Member

    So excited to be joining this forum now that our fellas are here!

    Your name: Amy
    Babies' names and ages: Louis and Felix, 3 weeks today!
    What your favourite thing about multiples is: Cheesy, but true, twice as much to love.
    The biggest mess they've made so far: Both DH and I got peed on during our baby photo shoot today. Having tempted fate during almost four hours without diapers, I think we got off pretty easy.
  25. Bumbleebee82

    Bumbleebee82 Active Member

    I'm Bonnie!
    We have Robyn and Olivia who are 10 weeks, tomorrow.
    It's just so fascinating to see how sometimes they look completely different, but then they sometimes look EXACTLY the same!! And how different they are. Robyn is so sweet, and you can already see her wonder for the world in her eyes, and Olivia is just feisty and you can tell she'd be VERY mischievous if she could just get over there to that big furry dog...
    Since they're just 10 weeks, Olivia has really made a mess of her britches with a few poop explosions and she's the projectile puker, lol. Robyn is pretty neat and tidy.
  26. ftm2bgtwins

    ftm2bgtwins Active Member

    Maverick and Jade, 3months and 2days
    I have my boy and girl I always wanted and I am done! Lol
    Probably the spit up issues Jade has on a regular basis, so much for our fancy microsuede couch!
  27. Jessalt

    Jessalt Member

    I'm Jess
    We have a twin girls who are 13 weeks old, Adin and Naomi. My favorite thing is watching them smile at each other and me while we're nursing. Their biggest mess so far is in their pants. Both are good at poops all the way up their backs. Yuck!
  28. tamiandaaron

    tamiandaaron New Member

    Henry Lucas and Zachary James. They are 5 weeks old.
    I enjoy watching them together and seeing them interact.
    The biggest mess they have made so far is in their diapers.
  29. sconterelli

    sconterelli New Member

    Hi there,

    I just joined the group as advised by a friend. My name is Sascha. My husband Charles and I became the proud parents of di/di twin boys (Chase and Caleb) on September 12, 2011. We live in NY and our boys are the first 2 children. My husband and I work outside of the home full-time. It has been nine months of insanity but we are enjoying the ride.

  30. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    Hey, everyone! My name's Jessica. I've been on the boards for a little while now but realized I hadn't done a proper introduction to this group. Livia and Sophia will be 6 weeks on Friday. I love the few quiet moments where I have both babies in my arms and everyone is at peace. And I also love how they sleep better, the closer I put them to each other. They are pretty young so they can't make much of a mess but Livia's been having some stomach trouble lately and every night except last night she has messed up her onesie and swaddling blanket at least once. Not a fun discovery at 3 am.
  31. wvtwinmama

    wvtwinmama Well-Known Member

    I'm Amy. My sweet girl boy twins are 6 weeks old today. I love snuggling with them and watching them begin to interact with the world. I can't wait until they are interracting with each other!! Biggest mess so far has probably been a blowout diaper from my son, but I'm sure it was nothing compared to the messes that are to come!!
  32. jdorourk

    jdorourk Well-Known Member

    Hi i am Jessica and i have 3.5 mo old boy girl twins Bradley and Claire- born mid April. They sure keep me busy. The biggest mess is that Bradley spits up all the time!! We have all our furniture c
  33. jdorourk

    jdorourk Well-Known Member

    Sorry got cut off- all our furniture is covered in towels and sheets to protect it. He is a chubby little boy so it is not affectIng his weight gain, just a laundry problem.
  34. regina_margot

    regina_margot New Member

    greetings, all!

    i'm new to the forum.
    have two ID girls, they are 12 weeks old today, four weeks adjusted (born at 32 weeks).
    Had the World's Easiest Pregnancy, except they shared the placenta, and began to exhibit signs of TTTS around week 30.

    so, went from boring to emergency c-section in a matter of hours. SO barely had time to get to the hospital !

    the girls spent 27 days in NICU, went home as soon as they learnt to suck.
    we've been fattening them up ever since :)

    i return to work on Monday, SO going to do the SAHD thing. at least, until he goes crazy

    these chicitas are totally awesome, but also A LOT of work. but that's well known, in these parts!

  35. AKilburn

    AKilburn Well-Known Member

    Hey y'all! Although most of you know me from expecting and in here and TC figured I'd introduce myself again

    Name: Alexandra ... Although everyone calls me Alex (heck my best friend shortened that down to Al, lol)

    Kids names: Adalynn and Jackson. They are 7 weeks old today! Born August 17, 2012. They were born at 37 weeks, no NICU time :yay: adalynn is my dominate girl, and already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She is amazing me daily with her growth, she looks you straight on the eye and smiles. ... Talk about melting your heart. I swear she wants to get up and go, if I hold her up she'll put her feet down and push up to stand, its incredible! Jackson is my snuggler ans loves to be near his sister. He loves to lay on either my or Marshalls chest and just look around with his big eyes and head up, then he'll put his head down and wrap one arm around our arm and one around our neck. Watching them daily grow is fascinating to me. They have made our family complete and honestly even though we're severely sleep deprived we couldn't be happier!

    The biggest mess so far was made by me when I didnt screw the top of the bottles on completely and was shaking 2 bottles at a time and sprayed formula all over me, the counters, cabinets, floor and a cat, lol!!
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