Gassy! Poop! Oh, and a funny story...

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by hsuter, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. hsuter

    hsuter Well-Known Member

    So, my babies are soo gassy...sometimes they just yelp/scream in pain, its so hard to hear! What does everyone suggest for this? We are using the simlac advance w/early shield formula, I burp them 2-3 times during feedings (they are eating 3oz each and sometimes they only burp once during my efforts), I've been using the infant mylicon but it doesnt seem to help, tried gripe water. When I put them in their crib-asleep-they often wake up grunting and are pulling their knees when they sleep in their swings they are much better. I dont mind having them in their swings, but I feel like they are in their swings ALL the time and I would like for them to sleep in their crib!

    And now onto the poop issues. Lately they've been struggling with seems they only poop once every 24hrs, if that. Yesterday it had been 72hrs for both of them and they seemed to be hurting so we used the thermometor, but I dont want to do this all the time. Any suggestions?

    Onto the funny I said yesterday we had to use the thermometor on both of them. Well, ds was pooping away and appeared to be done. So, I started to clean him up. I lifted his butt to wipe him and BAM-projectile poop! Some of it made it about 2 feet onto the crib. Most of it of course ended up on my hand :)

    Anyway, any thoughts/opinions would be great! I'm going to call the pedi with these issues too but I would love everyone's feedback as well.
  2. stephie1996

    stephie1996 Well-Known Member

    I wish I had advice for you, but I'm not sure what is safe for babies who are only 5 weeks old. I do have a question: Do your kids have GERD or reflux? That could explain why they sleep better in the swing than in their bed. My girls were born with GERD and have to be held upright at least 30-45 min after eating and they still sleep on a slight incline at 6 months. It also helps with getting their gas out ( from either end lol )
  3. hsuter

    hsuter Well-Known Member

    I dont think they have reflux, but I guess they could? They dont spit up much, they dont really cry with feeding...maybe an occasional whimper. I guess my dd arches her back pretty often, but she doesnt cry in pain or anything. We do hold them upright for 15-20mins after eating and I do have their mattress propped up slightly with receiving blankets just in case.
  4. Kate1587

    Kate1587 Well-Known Member

    Ours did not do well on the Similac Advanced. We had to switch to Similac Sensitive.
    We had very similar problems to what you are describing.

    good luck!
  5. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My babies were really gassy too - changing formula is what helped them. When we switched to the AR formula all of our spitting up and gas issues went away. Mylicon didn't sit well with my babies, it only seemed to make them fussier and I never tried gripe water.
  6. lanasvik

    lanasvik Member

    OMG, you are my new pal - my 5 week old B/G twins are the SAME way. We do the Mylicon drops, pumped boy's legs to help with gas, burp 3-4 times a feeding, use swings/bouncy chair alot too.

    We're using Nestle Good Start Supreme (WIC) and my little girl poops regularly, but my little guy....he'll have a good day and then get backed up for 2-3 days so we resort to the thermometer too...but wow is that constipation miserable for him (and us!).

    I'm right there with you. Hang in there. Posts your woes anytime - I'm always looking for similar concerns. It's nice to know I'm not the only one going through's awful!
  7. cheriek

    cheriek Well-Known Member

    sorry at 6 months we are still battliing this:( i have to use the q-tip and vaseline and it comes out rigth away and i had to :lol: at your DS it happened to us at the NICU muahah!
  8. Rach28

    Rach28 Well-Known Member

    Mine went/are going through the same but have improved a lot. My DS is a baby who poops every 3 days or so. We´ve used the thermometer method on both babies and it works a treat. Our pedi told us that it´s fine and safe to do (we have long, very thin plastic tubes from the hospital that we use plus vaseline) and that they won´t not learn how to go themselves. Once, I remember DD crying and crying then we helped her poop and she slept straightaway afterwards. We also gave them medicine to help them poop and give water between feeds. My DS is currently having problems again but I think its due to the cereal.

    You can always add a little extra water to their bottles, if you FF. Mine drink 210mls (7oz) and I will make 10mls extra so they get the extra fluid. That will help if you FF.

    Both are on AR formula but DS is really gassy still. I give both babies gripe water/gas drops too. I find that giving DS tummy time before feeds helps to empty his stomach of air, and during and after feeds I face him towards me and lay him on me (I lean against the back of the sofa) face down but at a 45º angle (I protect myself with a cloth incase he´s sick!!). He burps a lot that way too plus rubbing his back. I keep both babies sat up for 30 mins after each feed too. Apart from doing this, and putting his mattress at an angle, there´s not much else you can do. Im hoping this disappears by the 6 month mark! DS is much better now than he was. DD has her days still. GL and KUP!
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