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Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by ECUBitzy, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    The girls have gone to day care two days now (Tues and today) and have done so well. They are excited about it and talk constantly about the "kids" that they've met. It's a huge sigh of relief for me- I was having so much guilt about sending them! I don't know if I told y'all last time, but my boss gave me Wednesdays off this year so that I can be home with them one day a week. I'm incredibly grateful to him!

    Is it insane that I already see a huge explosion in their language after two days?? I think they've had all these words stored up and now that they're interacting with their peers they've started actually speaking some pretty complete and proper sentences! I still have to repeat some words a few times to understand them, but I'm so proud of how quickly they've settled in and begun learning.

    They've not eaten a single thing at day care, though. Last night I had to run to the grocery store in the middle of dinner because they were refusing everything we offered them and they were obviously starving. On the way back I called my mom and just fell apart. I cried about the fact that they won't eat, the fact that their new ped has agreed that they're not growing, that I was sick of fighting through meals, etc etc. I feel like the fighting and threatening surrounding food is going to give them negative food associations. By the time I hung up my mom was probably more worried about my mental health than the girls' physical health. ;)

    This morning I called the early intervention program and explained our issues with feeding and growth. I told them that I feel like we've exhausted our resources (I included that I asked all my online friends for tips, ha!) and that we need help. If nothing else, I'd like professional guidance on what foods are "good enough" when all else fails (they didn't eat, so try to get a tablespoon of peanut butter and a hot dog in them, or something.. Ya know?). The lady was great and moved an appointment on the 19th so that she can come do our initial assessment. I'm so HAPPY that we're going to get some help! Ugh, a million pounds off my shoulders.

    So, I think that's it! Day care, woo! Food, boo. ;)

    I'd love some updates on your kiddos, too! How's everybody doing?
  2. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Bummer on the food. Hopefully EI can help you out. They are a great resource! And how awesome that daycare is working out! A relief that must be! :) Keep us posted on the food issues. :hug:

    Over here....
    The boys started preschool today!!! Now, I know they went in March, but the year was practically over! I took loads of photos(if you call 94 loads.... Pfft!), had their picture taken in front of the school sign, etc etc. No naps though, so they are tired. We really need to get them in bed a lot sooner....

    Nicholas is doing soccer three days a week(developmental program). He's loving it. If it gets too much, we will knock down a practice or two.
    Anthony is not one for sports really, so he's trying Tae Kwon Do. He actually has his first class tomorrow! He also said he was interested in Irish Dancing, so we are going to watch a class on Saturday. The woman who owns it, I actually danced with, and it's two minutes away!
    Princess Pea is starting ballet next Thursday. This should be interesting. I can't go in the class with her, so I can see her pitching a fit. I'm going gray a lot faster with this one...

    And, as an aside, this is my boys LAST month in here! :cry: Wahhhhhh!!!! I can't even believe it!
  3. mom2gc

    mom2gc Well-Known Member

    Life has been so hectic that I haven't posted in a while. DH was overseas for work for 2 weeks. I admire all of you that are bring up your kids on your own. :Clap:

    I am glad that it is going well at day care. My twins only really started to talk at 2 and this is encouraging. I am planning on sending them to a Montessori school in January 2013 when they are 2 ½. Does anybody else have kids of this age in a Montessori school?

    You are so lucky to have an early intervention program, we don't have anything like that here. I am sure that you will get good guidance. Hang in there, not so long to go.
  4. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Stephanie, I believe that there is a huge language explosion after age 2. I saw it in my kids. I thought they were talking pretty decent before 2 but after they turned 2, I was proven wrong. I am glad that EI can see the girls sooner and help out with the eating. Keep us posted with how it goes.

    Let's see: My two are coming down to their final 3 months in this forum. I have not cried at any of their birthdays but I think when they turn 5, I will. I'm a little slow on the uptake, so it's just occurring to me that there are no more babies in this house (unless we adopt a kitten or a puppy).

    Sophia is continuing her therapy for social anxiety disorder. It's been a slow process but there has been definite improvement. She's getting more comfortable saying "hi" to people, saying "goodbye" to people and answering their questions in a clear, louder voice. It's not perfect, she doesn't do it all the time but she's at about 70%. We do some anxiety coping techniques with her that she knows how to do on her own now. It's been tough seeing her struggle but I've been very proud with how far she's come. Sophia even wanted to do dance class and she starts that on 9/15.
    Luke is doing well, he will be doing soccer at the end of the month. He's obsessed with the solar system: planets, rockets, stars, you name it, he wants to know about it.

    Both kids start the 4 year old program at the little preschool they've been going to. The first day is Wednesday. They know the teachers and most of the kids, so it should be a good year for them. It will be a little sad because it will be their last year and then it's kindergarten :cry:
  5. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    What does daycare say about the eating issue? Do they drink a lot of milk or water throughout the day? Hopefully with the guidance of EI and some modeling by their new daycare friends, they're eating issues will improve dramatically :hug: BTW, I was one of those kids who didn't eat and was very small. I'm still a small person, but now I eat ok :)
  6. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Stephanie, my girls are tiny and bad eaters too. Lily only gained something like 1 pound between 6 and 12 months and fell off her growth curve. To this day they are tiny. At almost 5 years old I think they're around 28 lbs each. I have to do a different way of feeding them than I do with Cooper. Whatever they're willing to eat, I let them have it. They are never going to eat too much of any one food, if that makes sense. It's not like me, where if you give me chocolate I might eat until I get a stomach ache. Even with junk food, they only eat a little. So I have found a few items they are usually willing to eat. Scrambled eggs, peanut butter or nutella on toast, and some chicken or beef, as long as it's prepared plain and we just put like 3 tiny bites on their plates. They just hardly eat anything at all. I have no idea why.

    ETA: Oh I wanted to say that Doug does the same thing about making meal times such a big deal that I'm afraid it's going to cause them long term issues with food. I have accepted that if I make dinner, there's pretty much zero chance the girls will eat it. But he wants them to. When he's not home, if they don't want to eat I don't make them. I have no idea which is the "right" thing to do. But it's hard either way. And it really makes dinner time suck.
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  7. lharrison1

    lharrison1 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    First let me say, all three of my kiddo's are barely on the growth chart but this is a trait they get from both sides.
    I remember one time I was so upset because I felt like Sophia NEVER ate, she didnt like ANYTHING. I was at her WCV and our pedi said 'what will she eat?' and I said ice cream, she loves it...he said 'well, then feed her ice cream' I was like :woah: but I did just that. Actually I would try whatever we were having first which she wouldnt eat but a couple bites, and then I sat a bowl of ice cream in front of her. All this to say that she is really a pretty good eater these days so I didnt damage her, lol. I think the pedi just wanted me to get calories in her any way I could.
    You are doing a great job!! :Clap:
    I am glad they are enjoying daycare so much, that's great!!
  8. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    We got sent to a pediatric GI a year ago for my oldest daughter's weight gain issues, which were (surprise, surprise :rolleyes: ) because she wasn't eating enough calories. All of her 'favorite' foods (meaning she would take a few bites if we fought tooth and nail) were fruits and veggies which are great for nutrition but suck for weight gain. After a while we finally started giving her chocolate, reeses pieces and other calorie-rich, nutrition-lacking foods. When the pediatric GI asked what we were doing, I told him and he said that chocolate in moderation was fine and to keep doing what we were doing. :good: Sure made my life easier.

    I know it isn't for every situation but I say whatever gets the job done!
  9. AimeeThomp

    AimeeThomp Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Yep, after the 12 month appointment the pedi suggested milk shakes for Lily and that really helped us too. I give them a daily vitamin bc I'm worried they don't eat enough.
  10. Danibell

    Danibell Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    :wavey: what a great idea to catch up!!

    I definitely don't have any weight issues with my two-some! Sometimes I worry that Rylee is too big, but then I remember that Liam is just a scrawny little thing, and she just looks big in comparison ;) Just because she'll happily polish off the rest of the food on his plate doesn't mean anything...... :lol: Naw she's really not over weight at all, Liam is just built like his daddy, a string bean, and Rylee is a little rounder, like mommy ;)

    Well Liam and Rylee are 3.5 now. My two big kids are in school all day so it's just me and the little's at home. I bought a couple work books to start working on them tracing shapes, and recognizing/tracing letter's and numbers. They'll be starting soccer in October for about 6 wks, and then t-ball in the spring for about 6 wks. I'm enjoying the much quieter atmosphere in the house, I'd forgotten how easy it was to deal with just 2 kids, and how much simpler it is getting out with just 2 kids! :lol:
  11. leaudemiel

    leaudemiel Well-Known Member

    Hello mamas!
    It's been forever! At least feels like that! My boys are 2 years, 3 months, and pretty amazing. Tonight when I got home from work they had a "parade" marching and holding on to my earphones. They've been refusing to nap for us (I was home with them alone last week and instead we did daily drives. I know, bad habit, but a mama needs a rest!), but ok for my parents who watch them. Today in the cribs no problem. Hoping it will pass...
    I've been having a hard time carving out me time without guilt. Such is life.
    Not eating great. Lots of apples this week. Last week only bread. Love the milkshakes idea. When they had coxsackie last month we got lots of straws and that had them drinking whatever we gave em!
    Hope you are all well!
  12. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    No eating at daycare: it will last for a while. Then they will start eating. Don't worry. My kids used to not eat anything at school. I was worried so much. But then they started eating their snacks then lunch. Some food they never eat at home. But they do meat a school. Usually I feed them breakfast before I drop them off. Their breakfast is always big meal: cereal/cinnamon rolls/pancake and sausage/bacon and eggs. I also tell their teacher that if they don't eat lunch please give them extra milk. We always prepare snacks when we pick them up. Then dinner later on. Just give them a week or 2. They will come home and eat everything in front of them. Daycare is kind of new for your kids, so maybe they are just confused now. It takes time. I know you are worried. But just give them a little more time

    I felt the same way as you do about the talking. After my kids went to a school just the first week, they came home and talked a storm!!! I thought I was imagining things lol. Now some days, I have to tell them that they need to save quite and do not open their mouth for 5 mins so I can have a break.

    I'm not sure about not growing. Some pedies take it more serious than others. My kids have always been under 25% of weight. But our pedi never worries a bit. She always says their grows are just fine. My kids grow in patterns. Some months, they don't grow even an oz. but they can add up 2 lbs in a week or 2. Some months, they got so skinny and taller. And I have to buy new clothes. But it is just very normal for my kids. Our pedi says as king as they grow weight/height, they do grow. Hope your girls are growing so their mama is less worried :). Good luck!

    My trick to help them put up a little weight fast after being sick is adding a bit of half and half in their mornin milk or cereal. My kids drink ton of water so I think it's ok to do so. Also, when they don't eat their food well for like 2 days, we usually take them out for dinner. Guess what.. They pig out. So we know it's time for new food. we have eating issue here as well. My kids are very picky. They like to snack not to eat big meals. I got so much headache with feeding, what kinds of food,..

    I totally understand your feeling about guilt. I cried on my kids first day at daycare. I felt so bad. I felt that I was a bad mom. Then they got sick and lost weight. I blamed on me for making a wrong decision. My husband kept telling me take ten out of daycare. But I didn't. With all they have learned and improved, I have to tell you that sending them to daycare is one of my best decisions. So hang in there. :)
  13. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    We just had our EI evaluation (the appointment on the 19th was mostly to in-process us, I guess). The big news is that EI will NOT be accepting is for services! I'm actually really relieved. They had a whole team (nutritionists, OT, PT, child development counselor) come out for an hour and a half. They play with toys, talked, had them do physical stuff. The only delay they noted is with their weight. Everything else was at or better than expected for their age. Considering how sick Alexis is, I'm amazed that it went so well.

    They did recommend some new foods and are going to send us some nutrition materials with their assessment, so that's good. They basically told us to stay the course and just not sweat it.

    I'm so proud and so happy. Yesterday sucked with Alexis's trip to the doctor and the reactive airway disorder. Last night, after nebulizer treatments, we all slept through the night again. Everything seems to be so much more manageable after a full night's rest! And now to be cleared from EI? Ah, I need a celebratory drink!

    So, how about everybody else? Any more updates?
  14. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member

    Yay Stephanie, I am glad to hear all went well with EI and I hope Alexis feels better soon.

    About Max and Vanessa - they are growing fast. We had their 2 year appointment on Sept 18th and they are each 38 inches tall and 34 pounds for Vanessa and 32 pounds for Max. They are both above the curve with height and Max is in the 95% with weight and Vanessa is above the curve with weight also. Their dr showed me a weight/height ratio curve and on that one Max is at 50% and Vanessa is at 60%. They look like they are 3 and people expect them to have conversations and be more advanced with their brains also when they see them. They are good eaters, we make sure they eat healthy and they eat everything we give them.

    Vanessa is very interested in books and she knows a lot of letters. She knows a lot of colors also. Max knows some letters and some colors but he's not too interested in that. He is more interested to climb and jump and get in trouble. They are both imitating each other. They are not dependent on each other and at best, we think they tolerate each other. At worst, they want the same toy at the same time :) even if there's a similar/identical one right there. They rarely show affection towards each other, but they don't beat each other either. They show affection towards us and their grandparents.

    My parents are at home with them during the day and they are doing a great job with them. They say more than 100 words and they are just starting to speak in short sentences. They understand almost everything. I noticed a lot of progress with them since they turned 2.

    They are getting their 2 years molars these days. We are planning to start potty training after they get these molars. I am dreading potty training, to be honest. Max seems more interested in the subject, and he pees in the potty in the morning and in the evening. I am not stressing them with this now, but he seems to want to do it.

    Not that they are my kids, but I find them quite charming :) when they aren't whiny. As everyone on these forums says, it doesn't get easier, it gets different. Lately I think it's getting more interesting also and I am looking forward to them being able to talk more but at the same time I am trying to enjoy this stage as well.
  15. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    Monica, isn't the language explosion the best? :wub: They're turning into little people (Paul laughs when I say that)!

    Psh, potty training. I'm not looking forward to it, either. Paul tried hard over the summer and it didn't go his way. I'm in the they'll-tell-me-when-they're-ready camp. ;)
  16. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member

    Oh yes, language explosion - and if they take after me, we won't have too much quiet time in our house after they start talking :), but who am I kidding? We stopped having peace and quiet when we had them :).
  17. w101ttd

    w101ttd Well-Known Member

    Believe or not, I often have to ask them "quiet time please. Mommy has a headache." pretty soon u will have headache with their silly agurements. Like "it's squirrel. No, it's big. It's a cat, no, it's a squirrel" or "throw donut out for rabbit. No, rabbit eat meat. No meat, donut." they have nicknames for everything even each other. Appearantly, "applehead" means stupid in my house. They call each other applehead and got so offended. and on and on and on...and they talk behind your back.
    The positive things are they can tell me when they are sick, why they get booboo, who makes the mess (not sure I can believe 100%), tell stories, express their feelings,..

    I realized one thing. Since they talk so much and have conversations, they don't fight/hit/bite/pull hair anymore (90% reduced) they got along way better. But the agurements occur constantly. Some days, I just wanna shot myself.
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