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    The twins were finally correctly diagnosed with GERD. I had to change their pediatrician. The moment they saw the new pediatrician she immediately explained to me all their symptoms and why they happen. It all makes sense now.

    They are now on Enfamil AR (hopefully the last formula change). The cereal content helps hold down the reflux.

    Does anyone have any experience with GERD?
  2. rrodman

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    No experience with GERD, but so happy you got a diagnosis. We were lucky to diagnose my single's milk protein allergy quickly and easily and get immediate relief with the new formula, but I still remember the frustration of seeing a different person in the pedi's office who told us it was diaper rash (she was having bloody stools).

    I do think there are people here who have dealt with it, so I'm sure you will get good advice. Just wanted to say I'm happy for you to have a good diagnosis.
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    Yes!!  Alice had it moderately bad when she was a baby, Royce had a minor case, but I treated them the same because who wants to make different formulas if you don't have to?   
    Anyway, the things that helped:  Prevacid, positioning, Dr. Brown's bottles, extra rice cereal in bottles starting at 6 weeks, bouncer seats instead of swings, sleeping on an angle, time.  The things that didn't help?  Zantac, sitting with the waist bent (like in a swing or a car seat), laying down flat.  
    Things you want to have on hand at pretty much all times, bibs, extra clothes, cloth diapers for wiping it up, aquaphor for protecting the face and neck skin from the stomach acid.  Pretty much, you want to have the baby lay at an angle after eating.  Feed more frequently, less in amount, thicken the formula if you have to (I didn't use AR because they were on Gentleease, but just added rice cereal to that.)  Keep the skin protected, the bibs changed (I think we had like 50 bibs and would just change them every two hours or so.)  When they sit up on their own, it gets better, and when they start walking, it gets better again. 
    I will warn you, Alice still has a touch of GERD occasionally, she'll have a flare up with stress and won't sleep because she has heart burn.  But that is the only long term thing I can think of from her reflux.  Like I said, Royce didn't have it as bad, and he doesn't have an issue with it now.  
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    Been there, done that!  My boys were also milk and soy intolerant, so they had to be on Nutramigen, and we added cereal to it, as well as probiotics once a day.  They started off on Zantac, which did nothing, but Prevacid helped some.  Any adult around them and holding them was well advised to have a change of clothes with them as they spit up often and a LOT.  We went through tons of outfits and spit rags, and I bet I changed my own clothes 2-3 times a day.  We kept them upright for 30 min. after each feeding. Bouncy chairs were a life saver.  They also couldn't tolerate any solids until around 7 months, and we had to be careful what we chose.  Once they could sit up, it got noticeably better, and by a year, we were able to take them off meds.
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    OH how nice it is to have a great ped. Yes one of my twins had it, it went away when he was about 6 months old. Our little girl has been having cereal added and meds since she was about 2 weeks old. She didn't sleep in her bed (having to be upright) for a long time. Her mattress is still raised now. She is 7 months old and is still having to have the cereal added. And take meds. She does this coughing where she looses her breath, from the stuff coming back up. :( And of course there is no bouncy or anything like that after she eats, you learn that really quick.

    Also should have said we tried about 10 different bottles and just as many formulas. it was a long road and I hated it for her and I. ha You will get through it though.
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