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Discussion in 'General' started by ECUBitzy, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. ECUBitzy

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    I purchased a Graco Duoglider in the fall of 2009- from what I've seen of the new ones, they've remained unchanged (besides the new fabrics each year) so this review should still be pretty relevant:

    It was awesome for snapping our Graco Snugride car seats onto- no extra parts needed.
    It was narrow and fit through any doorway and in most aisles (including the women's department at Target, which can be a challenge!).
    It had a good-sized basket underneath.
    I was able to "test drive" it at a local BRU- not many double strollers are carried in-store.

    It was heavy as sin, which made me worry about damaging the back of my car every time I pulled it in or out on my own.
    It was cumbersome to steer.
    It began squeaking something terrible within a few months of use, which made me feel all the more self-conscious about driving the "bus" out in public.

    Overall impression-
    It was a great value for the money and served us well until our children outgrew their infant carriers. It was after they were in convertible car seats (at one year) that we started looking at other stroller options. I liked the tandem seat configuration for shopping (because of its narrow profile) but did not like it for going to events (as one daughter had a very limited view). The poor steering, though, and weight were the deal-breakers for me that pushed me to search for another stroller.
  2. AmynTony

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    we had one also...and it did serve its purpose but it was like pushing a city bus!! Once they were able to sit appropriately we wound up taking the wagon most places or later on we did get individual umbrella strollers which worked when there was another person with me....but the Duoglider was nice when they wanted to nap etc...
  3. MrsWright

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    The Duoglider was the only double stroller I ever owned. I agree it's heavy but I never had any trouble pushing it around because it was too heavy. My only complaint is that I found it hard to get things in and out of the basket underneath, although there was plenty of room underneath:) Once they around 2.5 we ditched the stroller because they wanted out and in so many times and it was just too hard to do that we used umbrellas, a wagon, or practiced holding hands:)
  4. Mom2VLS

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    Having seen older models, I agree that the aesthetics haven't changed but I can't help but wonder if they redesigned some of the engineering. My Graco DuoGlider was purchased a year ago and despite having never heard anyone else say this, I have NO problem steering mine. I've even steered it through stores and parking lots one handed while carrying my toddler on my hip. I've also pulled and/or pushed it around Target with one hand while pulling/pushing a loaded cart with the other. It is a bit heavy but I've never had trouble getting it in and out of my van. If I get the right grip on it, it's no problem to carry to and from the house either.

    I agree with Kim though. It was a long time before I could use any of the space underneath because when the car seats are in there, it pretty much blocks off the whole basket. Now that the girls can sit in there without the car seats, the basket space is actually beneficial.

    All of that said, I should point out that I don't use the stroller a whole lot. We used it once a week for grocery shopping (which I do without the family now), for the occasional trip somewhere that we needed somewhere to strap the kids in but didn't want to carry the car seats, and the nanny uses it for walks around the neighborhood. Now that they are more mobile, we'll probably start using it more.
  5. 2 Munchkins

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    I had one in 2002, and LOVED it. Never had any trouble with it, it fit through doorways easily, and have easy to push with one hand while pulling a grocery cart.

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