Graco Quatro Tour Duo

Discussion in 'General' started by rrodman, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. rrodman

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    This was our tandem stroller. It's similar to the Duoglider, but more expensive. I actually had to go back and research why we picked it instead of the Duoglider. I think it folds more compactly, is not as long, seemed comfier for the kids, handled better, and seemed sturdier. I didn't love or hate this stroller. It was good for what it was: a tandem stroller. I liked my SBS better once they were out of the infant car seats.

    -Held two infant car seats.
    -Parent tray and child cup holders/snack holders
    -Handled well
    -Folded and unfolded easily
    -Five point harness
    -Worked fine for my height (5'8", DH 6'1")
    -Came in lots of colors and patterns
    -Easy to find and play with at the store
    -Big storage bin

    -Like pushing a limo
    -The tandem design itself. One kicking the other (Gaaah!)
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    I agree. We only used it though while in their infant seats, after that we used our Sbs jogger all the time.
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