Have I lost my chance of ever keeping my girls in the same room?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by babyhopes09, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. babyhopes09

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    Well.. Things have escalated at bedtime to the point that I couldn't take the sleep deprivation any longer. The girls have been running around like banchees throwing a little party then we start taking lovies....well that worked for a little while then they decided to make it more fun and start biting and pulling hair...we introduced the token reward system for a treat which worked for ohhhh about 2 days...I finally have had it and separated them for the first time in their lives... DD2 goes in a pack n play in the other room..where she shows no sigs...yet... Of escaping... Then DD1 stays in their room... They are clearly not old enough to handle a transition to big beds but we had no choice because they were climbing out and hurting themselves. So... Now that I have separated them I plan on still working on getting them to sleep in the same room but every attempt has been a flop. We currently have only mattresses on the floor so I plan on switching them back to the same room closer to 3 with our real beds put together...do you think we can do this? Or have I hurt my chances?
  2. Dielle

    Dielle Well-Known Member

    My girls were in separate rooms from about 4-5 months until well after their 2nd birthday. Up until they were 18 months, it was because their sleep schedules were so different and because we were in a tiny house (7 people in 2 bedrooms). One slept in our room and one slept in the living room. We moved into a house twice as big when they were 18 months old. Sydney went into a room with Sage upstairs, but Sabrina still needed me a lot at night and I was worried I wouldn't hear her upstairs (the master is downstairs, the rest of the bedrooms are upstairs). Plus she was a crazy nightowl (a common occurrence I've since learned in people with her kind of visual condition) and super hard to get to sleep before midnight, so I didn't want her to be disrupting the other kids. So she was in a PnP in what's our library. Sometime between 2 1/2-3, things started to settle down a little for her, we got toddler beds for the girls and they all started sharing a room. They've been together ever since. So no, I don't think you've missed your chance. And I can totally understand separating them for a time.
  3. MichelleL

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    My girls were 2.7 when we transitioned and I took the Super Nanny approach. I used to sit in their room, head down, and either pointed to get back into their bed (without saying a word) or quietly put them back into their bed of they got out. It took us less than 2 weeks of this for them to get it. We usually only had to do in for nap time. In the beggining they started sleeping less, so they passed right out at night. Don't give up hope. It gets easier!!
  4. emp59

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    My girls were separated from 20 months until 28 months. We may actually separate them for awhile again to get DD1 under control again in regards to sleep. When they are older, they enjoy the company and don't fight nearly as much. You haven't lost your chance!
  5. babyhopes09

    babyhopes09 Well-Known Member

    So here is what I am thinking....we alternate both giirls...one sleeps in room on mattress and the other sleeps in the other room in the pack play...then switch daily...so both get used to sleeping in big kid beds..l here is my question.....when would you say they would be ready based on your experience what signs did your lo's have that showed you it was time for the transition? I'm thinking it will at least be a couple of months.in the meantime I am going to show them videos and books about sleeping in big kid beds... Maybe go and visit a friend with a big kid bed( ours aren't set up yet) thanks for all your help!
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