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    There are 4 weeks left to go in our school year. All year, we've been battling issues with attention. Today, we had a follow up with our ENT and my son is still showing signs of hearing loss in one ear. The ENT told me that the loss is mild and would only effect DS in noisy situations. It's also due to congestion, not nerve damage so we are going to start him on allergy meds to try and clear him up (he's been battling allergies). Previously, we had a meeting with the school and DS has a "child study" which is like an IEP but does not transfer out of county. Basically it recognizes he has a behavior issue (although not diagnosed by a medical professional or school official) that is impacting his learning (in that the teacher is getting frustrated and work is not being completed but his grades are fine). It basically allows his teacher to use the behavior accountability system she and I have put into place and that system will move with him to second grade. At this point in the year, would you get the hearing loss officially on his record or wait and see if it clears up with medicine and try next year just prior to school starting?
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    Have they mentioned the possibility of needing tubes? DD got them for the first time in K. She went from nearly failing K to passing in the last six weeks of school. The ENT said that with the condition of the nasty stuff he got out, she probably hadn't heard correctly in years. She did not have behavior issues to go along with it though.
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    Actually, you should let them know. One of the "checks" before going through with placing a child is a hearing and vision screening, simply because they can be reasons for a child being behind.
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    My son has been having behavioral issues in pre-K this year similar to what you described. I had been having a nagging mommy feeling that his hearing may be affected and that these things went beyond a normal 4 year old not listening. When he finally had his hearing test we found out he had significantly reduced hearing in one ear (well below normal for all octaves) and low-normal in the other.

    When we told the school is teacher was incredibly happy we were sharing the results with her and asked to have the results of the test put in his school file. She has been incredibly helpful trying to accommodate D is any way she can (has him sit close to her, makes sure he is looking at her when she's giving instructions to the class, speaking to him directly and making sure she has his full attention one-on-one, etc) so I think you should absolutely tell the school and get it in there. The process for getting the hearing resolved can be slow...D just had his 3 month follow-up and while things are improving, hes still not in the "normal" ranges. Chances are there still might be a bit of an issue next year.

    Have you considered getting rid of dairy? That's what we're doing as ours is also a congestion issue (the girls have also been diagnosed with asthma this year so between them and D I've been a regular at the children's hospital and would like that to stop!). Could be worth a try to help speed the healing along.
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    Getting rid of dairy does help.

    My little sister was in speech as a result hearing loss but did need any other help
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    My oldest son and one of my daughters has hearing loss. I wouldn't get it put on his record. I would just make sure the teacher knows. If it is a mild loss, putting him at the front of the class most of the time should help.
    We are trying to figure out what their hearing loss is from as well. Kenna just had her 5th set of tubes put in (the last two have only been in left ear). They think its from prior ruptures and scar tissue but not sure. We are trying daily allergy pills to see if that can help clear it up. They have both had the loss for years now. Not enough for a hearing aid but enough to cause an issue.
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