Hi everyone! Joining the bedrest group at 25 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by KimmiLynn4, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. KimmiLynn4

    KimmiLynn4 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone!

    Well, I'm 25 weeks, but I've actually been on bedrest since I was 23 weeks. At 23 weeks, my doctor noticed that my cervix was softening, and then it was discovered that I was having contractions that I didn't know about. My cervical length was okay, 3.1cm. Yesterday, they checked my cervix again, and it had dropped to 2.5cm. Plus, I was having more contractions that I didn't know about.

    I made it through the first two weeks of bedrest thinking I'd be up and about by now, but I think I'm in bed for the long haul now. I guess the worst part is that I'm so scared that something is going on and I don't even know it. I don't feel the contractions they say I'm having, and that worries me. The doctors have me on indocin now, but I'm always worried that I won't know that things are progressing until it's too late. The doctors have been so great though, and have been monitoring me very closely (I see both the peri and the OB once a week now).

    Anyways, I'm very glad I found this site. The info and encouragement that I find really help to boost my spirits and let me know that I can do this. If anyone has any tips on how to pass the time (without getting cabin fever), I would love the info. Thanks.
  2. jvanmourik

    jvanmourik Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the bedrest part of our forum and sorry you're stuck in bed with the rest of us. I think the first couple weeks of full bedrest are the toughest. I will admit i spent much of my 1st 2 weeks depressed. Keeping your sanity isnt always easy, but you can do it, just keep thinkin about cookin those lil ones as long as possible. Good luck!
  3. orlandojennifer

    orlandojennifer Well-Known Member

    Welcome to bedrest! I had the exact same measurement as you,and it landed me here @ 26 weeks.I was addmitted to the hospital when they saw me shorten,(I was down to 1.6.),they noted I too was having contractions like you.I was given steriod shots for my boys lungs and sent home with procardia for contractions.I nw have a home uterine monitor where they trace me for 2 hrs each day,and I never have more than 2 an hour(Im allowed six)

    Anywhoo....This is suppossed to be an insperation and I got sidetracked! Im now 30.1 weeks and still holding @ 2.5,which is wonderful because they thought forsure my labor was iminent,and Ive made it another 5 weeks!

    Im allowed in my pool 1 day a week(ask your doc),and this help with the cabin fever,and it take the pressure off cervix plus a little sun does wonders!

    My best advise to you is set a schedule for yourself...seriously it helps. Wake same time each day make sure you dress,because I got depressed the first week l;aying aroud in jammies.

    Also contact SIDELINES.COM they have wonderful advise,and I have a coulselor that call me to check on me ,and this sounds silly,but its nice to vent to a stanger!

    Bedrest turned my life upsidedown I was working (I own a childrens boutique that I had to close for now)40 hrs a week,and have 2 other small children its VERY hard not being able to pick up my daughter(15 month).

    The other option is hospital bedrest and you want to avoid that at all cost,so listen to your doctors orders!

    Ive done so well this past 5 weeks,that Im going to be upgraded to Mod-Bedrest in 2 weeks ,and off alltogether @ 34

    If your cervix stay the same as mine has you wont have to be here untill 37 weeks,I wish someone had told me that when I was first bed ridden,in your case thats only 9 weeks....not so bad The NICU is worse.

    Also ask about home healthcare if the situation get worse,its better than the hospital!

    Good luck Mama...PM me anytime...J
  4. kristenlee5

    kristenlee5 Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome! I've been on modified bedrest the last month. I've had 3 hospital stays. Last week I was given the steriod shots and they were sure I was delivering. But everything calmed down and they stayed in for now. They think I will be on bedrest until I deliver. Doc was very surprised I made it another week. I have been working from home, playing sudoku, cross stitching, reading John Grisham novels and watching a lot of tv. Its funny, today is a holiday so my husband is home whining about how there is nothing to do. I was like uhhh, this is how it is for me everyday!
  5. KimmiLynn4

    KimmiLynn4 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all your words of encouragement and your suggestions. It looks like I'm in bed for the rest of this pregnancy, at least through 35 weeks, which is only 9 more weeks. Everything seems to be stable (my cervix is at 2.4cm, only a .1cm change), which is a very good thing, and my doctor seems to think I'll make it through to the end, which I really like hearing. I am getting into a routine, which is helping, plus I'm celebrating small milestones (the next one is making it to 28 weeks), and that really helps to give me something to look forward to. Anyway, thanks again and I'll keep you posted if things change.
  6. Kyrstyn

    Kyrstyn Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear everything is stabilized!! Keep up the good work Momma!! :hug:
  7. Emily@Home

    [email protected] Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say you're a tough mama and can do this! (I'm convinced no man could do this bedrest stuff.)

    I've done two stints of bedrest in my life. . . 12 weeks with a singleton (who was born 1 DAY before his due date and was threatening to have to be induced) and with my TTTS twins for 13 weeks who made it to 34w1d and did great as "preemies".

    One thing that helped me was to set two week goals. When I made it to 26 weeks, I was ready to make it to 28, then 30, 32, etc. Keep a big calendar in sight, and everyday, have someone X out that day! Celebrate the days. Something that helped me on bedrest both times was to have a "schedule" daily even if it's stuff like: 8 am wake, 9 am read for an hour, 10 am morning movie time, 12 noon lunch, etc. I also would get a DVD set of a favorite TV show, and I'd only allow myself to watch one episode each day until the DVD was completed. It gave me something to look forward to each day, pass the time.

    Admittedly, this last time, I had too much anxiety to concentrate on anything to deep or much even on TV. I was in the hospital part of the time, and that was real tough. Be good, stay in bed, and keep those babies baking! Bedrest can be a real mental endurance test, and you will come out of it realizing you're tougher than most. . .
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