Hi everyone. New here with a concern about different measurements among frat twins

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by rockrat71, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. rockrat71

    rockrat71 Member

    Hi, I'm so happy to have found such a great site! I'm currently 19w3d pg with fraternal twins. They were conceived after our 3rd adn final IVF after 4 years of trying. We are beyond excited and thrilled. I had my level ii today and for the first time during the pg, something seems off. My last u/s was at 15 weeks and they were measuring about the same. This time their measurements were different. Baby B, our boy, was measuring around 18w3d while Baby A, unknown gender at this time, was measuring 19w1d. She said they have an error window of 10 days and that everything looked great and she wasn't worried. Did anyone else's twins measure so differently? I'm 19w3d today so both behind a bit. They both were the same crown rump length though. Both had good heartbeats 146 and 148. All their organs, fluid, placentas, everything looked good. I've made myself sick with worry all day. Dr. said to come back in 3 weeks for another check but doesn't that seem like a long time to wait? Thanks for any advice and I look forward to chatting with everyone!
  2. hansenarmywife

    hansenarmywife Active Member

    Hello and Welcome!! My first couple of ultrasounds my frat. twins measured a week behind, but if the doctor says not to worry, (and I know it's hard) try not to. If everything looks good and they are healthy then everything will be ok.. I worried myself to death when they told me they were measuring a week behind, but now I'm due to deliver next Friday and the last ultrasound I had they were on schedule weighing in at A- 5 lbs 11 oz, B- 5lbs 7 oz..
  3. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and welcome to the TS family!!!

    they may just be different sized babies! I know it is SO hard but try not to worry!! I know my peri did not do growth scans but every 2 weeks - it may not do any good to go back sooner!!
  4. soshea

    soshea Member

    My peri stopped doing (or at least telling me) the growth in terms of anything other than weight about 18 weeks because it can be so off. So try not to worry. I'm sure they'll be very healthy. and they're probably just growing at slightly different rates, which is pretty normal with fraternals. Mine like to switch off between who's going through the growth spurt that month. It never fails to worry me, but it's ended up fine so far.

    Hang in there and try to think of happier things. Like what to name them or decorating the room. :)
  5. MissyEby

    MissyEby Well-Known Member

    It sounds like they are right on track! I am also glad you found us here! keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Good luck!!

  6. madhouse

    madhouse Well-Known Member

    at my 18wk1day appointment (also my levelII) my baby b girl was measuring 17wk3days and my baby a girl was measuring 19wk6days. one way behind and the other way ahead. i have another ultrasound tomorrow so i will know more about their growth. the doctor didnt seem to be concerned either because they are "fraternal" and they just might be different sizes just like an other siblings. but now my new high risk dr is worried they might be identical (hopefully not) but i will take what i get as long as they are healthy. so dont be concerned unless the doc is. also, at 18 weeks i wasnt to go back in til i was 22 and now i dont go back to the dr til oct 2nd. i am 23 weeks tomorrow. so it all depends. if they are healthy in the dr's eyes....no reason to be seen more. maybe you should talk to your dr and express how you are concerned. he hight have a word of advice to ease your mind a little. Good luck and WELCOME!!!!!
  7. Ali M

    Ali M Well-Known Member

    Congratulations and welcome to TS! :Clap:

    You're reaching the point in your pregnancy where the babies will start growing at their own rate. Since you have fraternal twins, that difference may be more pronounced than it would be with identicals. At this point, I would not worry about the difference since it is less than one week. Did they look at the dopplers of the umbilical cords to see if the flow there looked good?

    Ultrasound isn't very reliable at measuring growth differences unless the ultrasounds are at least 2 weeks apart so that is probably why your doctor has you waiting 3 weeks. You can always call and see if you can get in one week earlier though. This is what I did with my 20 weeks u/s and I ended up getting it at 19 weeks.
  8. rockrat71

    rockrat71 Member

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome and your responses! I do feel better reading your replies. It's so hard not to worry after the long road it's been to get here. I'm just constantly worried about them. I don't think she did use the doppler to check the blood flow to the placenta. I'm going to put a call in to ask about that tomorrow. Thanks so much again! :)
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