High respiration rates in newborns

Discussion in 'General' started by twingma, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. twingma

    twingma Well-Known Member

    Blueclouds had her baby(singleton following twins) by c section on July 29th. he was a 41 weeker and weighed 8# 4 oz. He was moved to the NICU within 12 hours of his birth because his respirations were in the 80's. They are suspicious he has fluid on his lungs. Baaby show no obvious signs of distress( chest heaving etc). They have discontinued all his feeds ( he was nursing great up to going to the NICU). He has a feeding tube. His respirations remain in the high 80's and 90's. The doctors said it usually resolves in the first 12 hours. He is 48+ hours old now. Has anyone experienced this and can give her some advice???? I am writing this for her as she is still in the hospital herself. TIA
  2. DATJMom

    DATJMom Well-Known Member

    I am sorry I dont have any experience with high resp rates. Just wanted to send :hug99: to you and your daughter. It sounds very stressful. Has the Neonatologist given any reasons as to why its been going on longer that anticipated?? Have they done an x-ray or ultrasound to check for fluid?

    I hope they figure out what the cause is and that he has a very short NICU stay!! :hug99:
  3. Kyrstyn

    Kyrstyn Well-Known Member

    My girls had very severe tachpynea (rapid resp. rate) in the low 100's for quite a while after they were born. Granted, they were very premature, but it did resolve on its own. Is the baby having any other sypmtoms? I am sorry to hear that her baby had to be moved to the NICU. I hope his NICU stay is short and uneventful. :hug99:
  4. twingma

    twingma Well-Known Member

    They did a chest xray. It was clear. They ran a blood panel. I dont know if they have the results. Baby is pink, doc says lungs sound clear. They wont let her nurse him as they are afraid he will aspirate so he has a feeding tube. Only prognosis or advice doc offers is "Wait and see"
  5. summerfun

    summerfun Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I know it's hard to "wait and see". :hug99:
  6. bebedoc

    bebedoc Well-Known Member

    Normal respirations for a term infant should be less than 60 bpm after 12 hours of age. It sounds as though they have ruled out TTN via x-ray. At this point, they're probably looking for any signs of infection. Was mom GBBS+? Were there prolonged rupture of membranes? They'll search his WBC, segs, and bands and if they are abnormal, they may start antibiotics to be on the safe side. I hope it's nothing!
  7. hgtd05

    hgtd05 New Member

    I have a 7 week old baby who was born on July 28th. She was 4 weeks early and weighed 6 # 12 oz which they said was a great weight for being 4 weeks early. But 5 hours after birth her respiration went to the low 90's. They took her immediatly to the NICU and said that she may have fluid in her lungs. They put a tube feeding in & they told us that they were going to put her on a 48 hour course of anitbiotics and told us that she would be out of the NICU in probably 72 hours. That was not the case. She ended up being in there for 11 days. So from experiencing the same thing just hang in there. The reason our daughter was in there for 11 days is because she was unable to feed from a bottle or breastfeeding. She didn't know how to take the nipple and she would get so tired from trying to suck that she would only take 10cc's of formula and then they would have to put the rest through the tube feeding. She is now doing excellent with all of her feedings. I would recommend talking with the doctors and making them be very honest with you. But it sounds like we went through the same thing.
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