Homeschooling: Early Childhood (Ages 2-5)

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    This list was compiled from several TS Members offering websites with free information and materials to help construct a curriculum for your toddlers and preschool children. Thank you!

    PreK Resources: (Freebies)

    Letter of the Week: Preparatory Curriculum for Reading for ages 2-4.
    Toddlers At Home, Too: Activities for Homeschooling Toddlers ages 2-4.
    Preschool Express: Ideas and Activities for Teachers, Parents
    Homeschooling for Preschool: Tips, Ideas and Advice
    Homescholling on a Shoestring: More Activities
    Successful Homeschooling: Gateway to resources
    Free Online Reading Lessons: 55 words a child will need to learn to read
    KinderSite: free games, stories etc.
    The Ounce Scale: gauge developmental milestones and get some activity ideas
    Early Childhood Growth Chart

    Prepackaged Curricula:

    Mother Goose Time: monthly subscriptions starting at $47 a month
    Handson Homeschooling
    ABC Home Preschool
    Click N read Phonics: Phonics curriculum
    Progressive Phonics: Phonics curriculum
    Well Trained Mind is a great site to purchase used curriculum. Go to message boards, then Sale and Swap

    Craft and Activity Sites:

    Starfall: Beginning reading and phoneme awareness
    Everything Preschool
    DLTK Kids: free printables
    Enchanted Learning: requires a membership
    First School Preschool Activities: free lesson plans and printables
    AAA Math: free online math games
    Fun Brain: free online educational games

    How to make Rebecca's (r-twins) Alphabet Books use the following sites:


    Recommended books:

    Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

    Please add any other online resources that you think are essential in planning a curriculum!
  2. Susanna+3

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    I just had to add that I've heard that the series "Explode the Code" is great to go along with "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons"... I used that book when Emma was 3.5, and she's been reading ever since. I haven't tried out the Explode the Code series, but it looked great for phonics. And there are pre-books in that series for kids who aren't yet reading.
  3. Aurie

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    Oak Meadow seems to have a wonderful preschool package. We are using K and 1 this year for my DD and haven't used their preschool. But if it is anything like K and 1, it seems so sweet and gentle. I am just in love with this curriculum so far.

    Two other good forums for HSing are:

    The Homeschool Spot (general forum)

    The Homeschool Library (general forum/used curriculum for sale)
  4. nikki_0724

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    I cannot believe I have never seen this sub forum or sticky before. I cannot wait to get through all these sites!
  5. CPogon

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    This is great!!! I started one of the programs with my son, and he loves it!!!
  6. Stacy A.

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    I just found this site and am loving it! A-Rhyme-a-Week. It uses nursery rhymes to teach literacy skills like rhyming and word families. It goes well with this visual for teaching word families that we've already been using.
  7. Stacy A.

    Stacy A. Well-Known Member

    Here is a site that has TONS of sing-a-longs for several different subjects. This lady's whole site has a lot of great resources: Mrs. Jones Room. She is a K teacher, but much of this stuff we have covered in preschool.

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