How are those kids of yours?

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    You know, because I felt bad after yelling at my sweet boy, and I'm proud of my boys in other ways, I thought-hey-let's share how our kids are doing! It's been quite awhile, and this forum is quite…quiet…let's liven it up a bit! I'll go first… And if you know how to share pictures-share! I know some of us aren't on Facebook and i'm sure would love to see! :) 

    Nicholas and Anthony will be 8(!!!!!) next month. GAH!!!! Not entirely sure how that's possible, but apparently it is. They both started second grade this year, at a new school(we change every two years until middle school). And it's actually .1 miles from our house and they can walk there(next year when their sister goes there too, we will walk). This is the FIRST year we split the boys. We asked them and they both opted to split. I was sad about it, but that didn't last long. LOL! They are both happy and both have great teachers, so it's a win all around! And one teacher even said the homework is different, but if it got to be too crazy, she could make it that they are the same. Sweet deal!

    Nicholas: Nicholas is all boy and a rising soccer superstar. He plays soccer six days a week, and that's because we actually don't go to a practice on Wednesday. LOL! CCD is Monday, then we fly him 25 minutes away to his Premier league practice(he arrives 15 minutes late). Tuesday, he practices for the town we live in(in a league two steps up from rec league), Wednesday he is off(but he could do player development training), Thursday he's back with his Premier team, Friday is a special training, and Saturday is his player development training and then games Saturday/Sunday. Every other Sunday we travel 90 minutes for two games with his premier team. He plays in the top league in the Northeast region, which is crazy, because he's only 7(started at age 6) and the youngest age group is U9! Kid loves it. He's passionate about it. It's amazing to see. Two things of note: 1) He went to the New England Revolution soccer camp this past summer. In his group, of 142 kids, he was the boy to win the Sportsmanship award. Super super proud! And the New England Revolution(the local Major League Soccer team) has an affiliation with his club team. They are doing some trainings locally to us(they are 90 minutes away), and asked the coaches to pick the elite 12 players for the U9 team and U10 team, and Nicholas was one of the ones chosen! Academically, he is doing just as well! He's a wonderful reader, does his work, and as of now, it comes easily for him! :) He's such a sweet kid. But, he also knows, and likes, to push my buttons. I really need to work on taking a deep breath or ignoring it before talking to him. He and I are the ones who butt heads the most. But, he does mean really well! 

    Anthony: Anthony Anthony Anthony. This kid stops traffic wherever we go. Sometimes it bothers me because well, he has a twin, or a sister. But yes-he's small, glasses, cheeks, and he ALWAYS HAS A BOOK with him. ALWAYS. He is the most voracious reader I have ever seen in my life! Anywhere we go, he takes 3-4 books with him. ALL.THE.TIME. No joke. Constantly reading. He is this giant sponge who soaks it all in. Teachers adore him to pieces. He is such a sweet sweet kid. He is the most forgiving, he compromises for his siblings, and will do ANYTHING to make you happy. Anything. And when that kid gets upset(he's the one I yelled at tonight over his homework-stupid-but drives me nuts), you can't help but get upset too! Even his teacher, who has only had him a week and a half made mention of it! He wants to be an author when he grows up. Whatever it may be, this kid is going places! He just started up Rec soccer, which is more his speed, and he is LOVING it. I'm so THRILLED for him, for he is in his brothers shadow in the sports world. Anthony is not athletically inclined. And he's doing amazing on his rec team(scored the teams first goal on sunday). He comes off that field DRENCHED from head to toe from sweat, that's how much he is running around. So happy for him! Lately, he has been losing those listening skills he's known since he was a toddler, so that is something we need to work on. He tends to get a little carried away. Also, we think his mind is on autopilot at warp speed, so think that may be an issue as well. 

    Annabella: the princess! She just started first grade. Every morning she likes to tell me she doesn't want to go to school…It's going to be a long 11 years! LOL! She is doing well as far I know(open house tomorrow). I do feel she isn't where the boys were at this age, especially in the reading skills, and it's hard for me because the boys just took off and never looked back. I really need to make more time, find more time, and read with her. Work in progress I suppose. She too is doing soccer, but just at the development stage(trainings three times a week-she goes twice). She was going to do dancing, but I just can't fit it in. She is a happy go lucky little girl! She is also the sweetest, who will just come up to you with, "I love you mommy" out of the blue. Or while at the grocery store come up and hug you, or kiss you. It's really just the sweetest. She is also a GIRL, so she knows how to work the sulk and the attitude and the WHINE. But, I also see a lot of me in her if I were to snap at her. She goes off and pouts. I don't blame her either. But that was SO ME as a kid. If anyone raised their voice to me, yelled, etc, I was so hurt! So, I've got to watch my tone. She gives the BEST hugs when I wake her up for school. She is still half asleep, but manages to lock her arms around your neck and give you the tightest squeeze. There's nothing ilke it! 

    All in all, I'm pretty damn lucky. Yes, I've lost some hair due to pulling it out lol. But I've got some great kids. I do really enjoy the quiet at home while they are at school, and realize I am one crazy introvert as soon as they walk in the door, but at the end of the day, they are my everything. Gray hair and all! 
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    Aw nice update Meaghan!  I can't believe Annabella is in 1st grade!!  I feel like you were JUST pregnant with her :)
    My girls are now 8 1/2 years old and started 3rd grade.  Looking back at pictures from last year to this year, they look like such big kids now.  No more chubby faces, all long and angles now, with some pre-teen attitude :)  
    Ana has decided that she will call me mommy in private, but when we are in public I'm now mom (*sniff*).  She is all about what she wears and how her hair looks, but she is also supremely kind and generous (with her sister and all kids around her).  She can't wait to be a big kid and is very mature for her age. Like Anthony Meaghan, she carries books wherever she goes, although they are usually on her Kindle (with the pink leopard print cover because that is her style)!  
    Meara is still my little girl.. she is a child who marches to the beat of her own drum.  She doesn't care what other people think and will proudly call me mommy in front of anyone.  She will also proudly where her camo converse with a dress, pack her specimen collectors in her backpack (in case she finds any cool bug on the playground), and is kind to all (well almost-all, she is sometimes snarky with her sister, and can be quite the drama queen!).  The ledge of my living front window is her "lab" with her microscopes and specimens.  She loves science and is always coming up with some experiment or finding something to look at under the microscope.  I love that her friends sometimes pack bugs to bring over to the house.. its helping me get over my ick about dead bugs.  
    Both girls are starting their second year playing violin and will audition to play with the school orchestra (our school doesn't start instruments until 4th grade, but anyone whose taken private lessons can try out).  They are also involved in their brownie troop and this fall Ana will play lacrosse and Meara flag football (her third year- she LOVES football).  They will probably both do lacrosse over the winter, and then maybe baseball in the spring.  They are busy, but its manageable.  
    Who is next?  [I can't figure out how to post a picture]
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    mine are 9 and started 4th grade this year!  Ian is my brilliant little man - IQ of 145 and all - he's in the gifted program and this year he and his 2 other buddies are building bridges in their will be a year long program.  He is playing soccer again this year and has really found his sports niche.  We only have rec leagues around here but we are looking into a winter indoor league for development.  His friends group is a great group of kids (and all the parents are friends too) so it was a great summer with lots of pool time and parties.
    Abby - she's my beast.  Love her to death - she rocks the pixie hair cut but is getting increasingly annoyed with people that think she's a boy.  She wears pink glasses, skirts and earrings and people STILL call her a boy!  She too is playing soccer this year and is a hell of a defensive player.  She's got a great leg to kick the ball away from the goal - she is one of 3 girls on her team.
    Life's pretty good...I got a new job (dialysis nurse) and love it.  4 10 hour days and then I get to leave it at work.  The agency is coming along slowly.  I knew it would be hard but I never dreamed it would be THIS hard!
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    I can't believe my girls are in their last year of elementary school ( 5th grade).  They went back to school last Tuesday and then were off Monday and Tuesday for the Jewish holiday.  We are starting to get in the regular school rhythm.  They will start piano lessons up again next Monday.  They both play on the same travel soccer team(u11), but the travel is not that far.  Girls had their first game of the season Sunday.  Dani got kicked/ step on and has been complaining about her toe/foot.   Might wind up taking her in somewhere to get it looked out- just need to figure out the best place.  She makes a big deal of out little injuries that most kids just brush off.  So hard to tell if it is anything or not. 
    Sydney will play on a rec basketball league in the winter.  Not sure if she will do the spring bball again.  It was hard with soccer last spring. 
    Both girls are in the school band, not sure if the band rehearsals are before or after school yet. 
    They are still in girl scouts hopefully their troop will do more than last year.  
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    My boys are 10 now and started 5th grade this year.  They started at a new school this year (that's school #4 if anyone is keeping count (ugh)) and it seems to be going well so far.  
    Nicholas wants to play football.  He is outside pretty much every waking second of the day.  He does jiu jitsu which makes me hesitant to get him into other sports after school.  I already spend my day in the car, I don't want to add more.  He's smart and funny and loves to take care of his baby sister.  Usually enjoys playing with baby brother, but he can be ornery.
    Alex is my smart mouth, just-like-me child.  Drives me up a wall.  Argues with everything and everyone.  He's into drawing and making comic books.  He's still doing jiu jitsu, likes to stay inside (because he says his brother and friends are mean to him, but hello you ague with EVERYTHING so...).   He likes playing with their little brother and sister, which helps me out when I'm trying to make dinner anyway.
    Joshua will be 4 in November and is going to preschool.  I'm annoyed he can't go to kindergarten next year.  He's oh-so-adorable and uses it to his advantage as often as possible.  He wants to do everything big brothers are doing, whether he's allowed to or not.  We're still having occasional issues with the "monster" in his room but it's getting less and less. 
    Gabriella is 18 months old--- well, she'll be 19 months old in 2 days actually.  Anyway, she's smart as a whip, does everything her brothers do.  She's just started speech therapy, I guess she remembered big brother Josh going while she was in the womb so she has to go too! She is talking much more than Josh but isn't saying very many words and the words she does say, her pronunciation is incredibly poor.  But she'll get there.   She is the favorite baby sister of all of them and they dote on her. 
    I am super tired and could use a nap.  
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    I'm loving these responses!! I know we "see" each other on fb, but it's good to get the low down! Lots of soccer kids, huh?!?

    Come on people, just because I wrote a book doesn't mean you have to! Stop in and say hi!
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    My kids are 11 now and at the middle school in 6th grade.  That whole middle school things seems pretty strange to say and write.  They are doing well in middle school and are keeping up with the juggling multiple classes and teachers pretty well.
    Timothy is my soccer player.  He plays for a club team, but we don't really travel.  If we do tournaments, it's local.  Which is pretty nice.  As fall soccer winds down in a couple off weeks, he's going to start a developmental bowling league.  It's geared for kids that want to bowl at some point for their school teams.  He absolutely has loved bowling since he found out what it was and really wants to do that in high school. He's done some learning leagues, but this one will step it up for him.  Timothy's also obsessed with American Ninja Warrior.  He creates his own courses outside and spends his time moving around up in our trees.  We went to a local place that put in a small ninja course.  Timothy was the only finisher in his age group.  And  his time was 20 secs. faster than the closest adult finisher.  
    Sarah spends her time with horses or art.  She still rides and is jumping horses.  We don't own one, but she just takes lessons.  Her latest art creation is a castle that she designed out of popsicle sticks that she glued together.  She used paper and other things to decorate it and even put in a working draw bridge.  But she could just as happily be playing with yarn or drawing in a sketchbook.  Sarah also loves to read.  She spent her bday money last year on getting a kindle e-reader.  She was tired of hauling her library with her everywhere.
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    Luke and Sophia are 7, just started second grade and overall are doing well.
    Sophia is a very bright girl, she has such an imagination.  Her favorite game is probably making up a restaurant and coming up with different dishes to serve people (broccoli salad, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups decorated like lions).  She does really well in school, soaks in facts like a sponge.  I think she still has a little girl crush on one of her classmates as she talks about all the time and says his name in this sing-song voice.  She was not really a very hug me kind of child, but now she's older she loves to give bear hugs and I just love that.  She had been in therapy for social anxiety for 3 years and finished out this summer with a social skills group.  It's always going to be there for her but she is doing better with interacting with people.  She'll never be a social butterfly but she can hold her own.
    Both she and Luke will be in the school choir this year and she is doing dance again for the 4th year.
    Luke, also very bright and with a big imagination as well-the kid can make up the most elaborate stories that I tell him to write down.  He is so fascinated by how things work and why they work the way they do, we say he's our little engineer.  He tells me how much he loves second grade and how much he loves his teacher.  He's not a big sports fan, likes to watch football and is still mad at Chip Kelly for trading Nick Foles.  But he loves walks and he loves to ride his bike. He loves to draw. Like Sophia, he is a bit on the shy side but he's also doing choir this year for the school.  We started therapy for him to help with anxiety he was having over math and that's going well.  He adores his therapist.  He has some trouble keeping focus, so his therapist suggested a hearing test and also having him evaluated for we starting that process.
     I feel very lucky.  I have two very sweet kids that I couldn't be more prouder of.   I always wondered what kind of people they'd be when they were babies and now to see that, I just feel very lucky that they are sweet, kind, compassionate and loving.  Hope they always stay that way!
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    It's nice to read these updates. I like the pictures also. Meg - your kids are so cute. Also I like your narrative style - I think Anthony gets that from you. And I am sure I will write a novel also :p
    Kate - does your one twin still have long hair? I forgot which one he was - but I remember he looked good with longer hair.
    Vanessa and Max turned 5 on September 3rd - and the cut-off date for SC is Sept 1st so they still couldn't start kindergarten. They are growing - they have always been tall for their age - Vanessa is 46 inches and Max - 46.5". They don't allow any exceptions in our school district so they have to wait another year - I think they would have been fine this year. However - I don't think it will be bad for them to enjoy this last year of being carefree. They are still staying home with my parents - and we are planning to put them in a preschool in January for some classroom experience before kindergarten. They have lots of friends on our street and I think (HOPE) they will like school. We go to the library every couple of weeks  - they both like books and the process or picking books. 
    They learned how to swim (sort of) this summer- they took lessons with a lifeguard at our community pool. When we met with their swim teacher at the beginning of the summer she asked how come they don't know how to swim yet at their age. I asked her how old she thought they were. She said maybe 7.
    They got some Razor scooters for their birthday and they love riding those. We are bringing them to a skate park nearby and they love it there. I am a bit scared of all the bumps and ramps but they think it's awesome and they are both very brave.
    Vanessa loves books, dinosaurs, trains, snails,fish, frogs, birds, seahorses and stuffed animals. She still doesn't like dolls of any kind. She is an emotional girl and her feelings get hurt easily - but she realizes now that she needs to stop with the whining - we keep talking about it - and I can tell she is making an effort lately to control her emotions. 
    Max loves anything on wheels - even better if there's a remote control. He is also good with Duplos and likes building stuff. I am not looking forward to him getting into Legos - but I know it's coming. Max loves to sing and (unlike me) he has a good voice. After he hears a song on the radio once or twice he is singing with the radio - at times he asks what some words mean. I am so glad Salt and Pepa's - Let's talk about ... is not a big hit right now :).
    Vanessa seems more advanced academically - she loves reading - she can read small words. Max can do it also - but after 2-3 words he gets bored and he wants to do something else. Max seems more advanced socially - he is more talkative and he is charming by nature.
    It's impressive to notice how much they care about each other. For us this is new - because up until a few months ago - if Max wanted to give V a hug she would just push him. Now she is expressing her feelings for him - they hug at times and it's obvious they love each other. It's interesting to see their personalities and to recognize some of our traits in them. Vanessa reminds me of myself a lot. Max reminds me of my brother as a kid but Adrian says he used to be the same way also - so I guess it's a boy thing :).
    OK let me stop here. Bottom line - wow, they grew so fast!
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    Reese and Ryder are 7, growing and thriving.  They both do well and enjoy school (2nd grade). Ry plays flag football now (taking a break from soccer) and Reese in trying out gymnastics. 
    They are kind of rotten at times-just spoiled and sassy but for the most part they have kind hearts and still love to spend time with us.
    Thanks for the update post Megs, and I'm loving all the responses.
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    Figured I would update on Dani's toe.  Wound up taking her to the pediatric orthopedic  yesterday. X-rayed the toe and examined her foot.  Based on the physical examination, he is called it a bone bruise and is treating it like it a fracture on the growth plate.  Said not fractured, but would not be surprised if when we come back in 1 1/2 -2 weeks to seen a healing fracture on the x-ray.  She is in a walking cam boot that she can only take off to sleep.  No sports for 2 weeks 
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    Aw poor kiddo.  Hope she is handling it well.  
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    Ouch!  Wishing her a speedy recovery!
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    I have not been here for a while, but I loved reading the tread and will chime in with an update too: The twins are 6 and started 1st grade in the beginning of September. Life has been even more busy since then as we are trying to find a new routine. They are in separate classes and activities and coordinating everything is a bit of a struggle.
    Our twin boy is an interesting mix and becoming more like his father every day: One the one hand, he is very athletic (although he is small and light-weighted for his age) and needs to move and play sports and be outside running, climbing, doing anything with a ball, otherwise he will take the house apart and get into really troublesome mischief. So he does judo and swimming once a week and is trying field hockey through his school for the first time this fall. All of this is purely recreational because we don't like competitive sports at this age, one of the reasons he is not playing soccer although he is really good at it - we can't find recreational training for him.
    On the other hand he is can build Legos for hours, diligently following the most complicated instructions or designing his own helicopters, planes, cars, construction machines etc. and working on them until they are pretty perfect. In these phases he is lost to the world. He is also incredibly diligent with his school work and takes great pride in perfect work, but he is a slow worker and often has masses of homework because he has to finish so much classroom work in addition to his homework. He went into 1st grade sounding out words and starting to read on his own but he rarely does read because the books at his reading level bore him and he much prefers reading and discussing science books for 9-10 year-olds with us.
    He is usually easy going and goes along with family and school rules and plans quite happily or at least philosophically. This is a great trait because he does have some health challenges and accepts the testing, additional check-ups and needles involved without any fuss. But on the rare occasion when something is important ror him and he really wants to do or have, or not do as the case may be, something he will fight for it stubbornly. We still have tears and tantrums and resorting to physical means instead of words in these situations.
    Our twin girl is growing out of her "princess and pink" girly phase. She still loves dresses, and arts and crafting, and role play - she can invent stories and act them out, spinning them over several days, anything she hears, experiences, watches gets worked into her stories and that is her way of making sense of the world. This can be a bit trying for the rest of the family because she talks from the moment she opens her eyes well into her sleep (yes, she talks in her sleep - a lot) but at least I know what is on her mind (it is a lot harder to tell with her twin brother). She is also very musical, she plays the recorder and sings in the school choir and she would like to start piano and ballett lessons. She loves to swim and her favourite treat is a trip to the pool. She has been reading and writing for about a year now and was super excited to be starting school (K is part of pre-school here and so not a "proper school").
    She can be everything - 6 going on 2, 6 going on 13 and just 6. Most days she is a joy to be around - sweet, cuddly, and incredibly helpful. She truly likes to help people and to share generously and is very good at reading and leading social situations. She thrives in company and keeping her at home for an afternoon can be hard work - she needs the calm on and off but she would never admit it.
    Our baby boy is 16 months old, no longer a baby but a toddler boy. He is charming, full of sunshine and smiles and laughter and talk and enthusiasm and cuddles. His siblings love him to bits - the two boys are always laughing and giggling together, and his big sister lugs him around like a giant baby doll, hugs and kisses him and needs a reminder on and off that he is a person and not a doll. But the age gap of five years can be hard to bridge at times.
    He is very advanced for his age compared to the twins at this age with skills such as running, walking up and down stairs, eating with fork and spoon, managing a cup, understanding and reacting to pretty complex language even if it is not directed at him, fine motor skills - maybe having two elder siblings to watch and imitate makes such a difference? maybe having me and my undivided attention to himself a couple of hours most days makes such a difference? The only thing he is not good at is sleeping - he goes to sleep well but his naps are short and he still wakes up several times each night.
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    So nice reading updates.

    Jack and Anna are 7 1/2 and in the first grade. They are both very smart, although it manifests a little differently. Jack tested into the gifted program last year. It's funny to me to read people describing that with their kids like it's just a great thing. It is a great thing. He's extraordinarily intelligent, but he lags behind in social skills. It's heartbreaking to watch him try to relate to peers. He just doesn't understand them and they don't understand him. He's very intense in everything he does, so life is about getting him to tone it down without hurting his spirit. He's a great kid though. He's helpful and so sweet with his baby sister. He's incredibly funny and loves jokes. He's in swim and karate. I'm hoping swim becomes a thing for him because I think it would be great for him. We are getting ready to start him in violin because he played one of my grandfather's (my grandfather has played his whole life), and my grandfather has decided he thinks Jack is a prodigy. I doubt it, but he loves it so we will pursue.

    Anna is my "easy" kid. She's adaptable and bright. She makes friends easily and isn't fazed by the dynamics of mean little girls. She's also gifted in reading, and she always has a book. She's plowing through all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books now. She's also in swim, although it's more about not drowning with her. And she's still in dance--ballet, jazz, and tap this year. She loves it, and I will confess that it is my favorite extracurricular. So beautiful. I love watching the older girls on pointe in other classes. My joke is always that you go to a karate tournament, and it's unorganized chaos. You go to a dance recital, and you know where you are supposed to be to the minute, what to wear, how your hair is to be done. It's a precision operation!

    Ellie is my baby. She just turned 2 last month. She's the happiest, most easy going kid I've ever seen. It's so easy to keep her happy, and she loves to laugh and play. She's developing a stubborn streak, and she's very persistent. She's also extremely verbal. She can have whole coherent conversations with us. It's amazing. No extracurriculars for her yet. Some swim classes. She will probably start dance or soccer next year. (Jack and Anna did soccer at 3 and were awful. They would just hold hands and walk away.). She's a coordinated little thing and can throw a ball overhand with amazing accuracy even at 2. Maybe she will be my team sport girl.
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    Monica, Nicholas actually did cut it all off a little over a month ago, right before school started.  He donated it to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths.   :)  See attached photo.   I can't believe you remembered that!  

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    She can't possibly be 2 already!  No.  You mean 2 months old, not years.....   right?  :laughing:
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    :D That was my exact same reaction

    Riley and Danika have just started grade 2. They are doing well and enjoying their teachers. We had their eyes evaluated this summer and found out they both need glasses. Sometimes it's a struggle getting them to keep their glasses on but they're slowly adjusting.

    Riley's currently our "peacekeeper". She's usually the first to jump in with a compromise or solution to try and make a situation work for everyone. She's deeply empathetic and generous (sometimes I worry she gives too much but I know she'll find her way to healthy boundaries as she goes). We watched WallE recently for family movie night. Riley started crying at one point and Emmett dramatically threw his arms in the air and pronounced "Riley ALWAYS cries on movie night!"

    Danika's 7 going on 17. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She's definitely "in charge". She loves art and can spend hours just creating things. We bump heads a lot which simultaneously makes me proud that she knows her own mind and won't take any guff and drives me crazy because sometimes I just need her to do what I tell her!

    Emmett recently decided he was done with diapers and that was that. Apparently, Emmett potty training was all I needed to get over my baby fever! :laughing: We're leaning towards putting him into kindergarten next fall even though he'll only be 4 at the start of the year. He's very keen to go to school. He's super confident and independent and can keep himself entertained for hours with whatever's at hand. He refers to Riley and Danika as "his girls" and it melts my heart.

    All three are doing great and usually get along quite well. I love listening in on their games and hearing the creative stuff they come up with.
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    i love catching up and reading everyone's posts  :wub:
    As i type this ... i realize my "profile picture" is of me and my eldest when he was the age my twins are now...7.  AND now he is a 17 year old man child and a senior in High School  :faint:
    Seth and Nathan are in 2nd grade. Doing good. we call them the Dr and the Drs wife... because that describes them and their relationship PERFECT!!
    No sports for these guys (but coming from my first born who lived and breathed it until 8th grade... i'm not too sad they aren't into it  ;)  ). Nathan is a JUST like his father... let me tell ya... it is odd raising your husband  :huh:  and Seth... is well... freakishly smart... its gonna be interesting to see what happens with that guy.  Our whole family just sits back and watches what hes going to accomplish next  :popcorn: . i take NO credit for his accomplishments... if i do that... i have to take responsibility for the teenagers lack of... and i'm not prepared to do that  :rolleyes:
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    Wonderful updates all around!

    Alexis and Samantha are now attending K at Paul's school, which all three of them love! It's also nice for me to have a break from tuition and commuting with them every day!

    Alexis is such a sweetheart. She's still my emotional child who loves in BIG ways and can also be broken down in BIG ways. Her K teacher just got reassigned to another school (today, actually) because ours is under enrolled. Alexis has cried some, but I'm hopeful that her excitement about being in a class of another familiar teacher will override anxiety. Lexi is a math kid, I think. She will count and divide up her collection of pennies for the fun of announcing sums and differences. It's adorable.

    Samantha is Samantha. That child is all me and it both amuses and pains me. She is so confident in her place in the world! She's been phonetically reading and writing for a year, almost, and is really excelling as her classroom enriches what she has already taught herself. She's also an artist like her dad. There are pens, pencils, crayons, tape, staples, glue, OH MY, all over my house at all times. I think I could toss every toy in the place, as long as I left art supplies, and she wouldn't even notice.

    Both are enrolled in gymnastics now. Yay! I missed the smell of a gym! So far, I don't see any great hidden talent, but they're having a blast. Oddly, Alexis is much more confident in the gym and Samantha wants the coach holding her hand on the beam. I think that's nature's way of reminding me not to place their personalities into fixed parameters.

    I am giving my notice at my current job this week and hope to be much happier where I'm going so that I can give my kids the kind of attention they deserve from me. I feel like I've missed a lot this past year or so. They are pretty awesome, regardless. That's a credit to Paul, but also to the fact that they just rock.
  21. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    Definitely two years! Cannot believe it

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