How do Twins see #TheDress?

Discussion in 'General' started by DannyZ, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. DannyZ

    DannyZ Member

    [SIZE=10.5pt]Hi everyone! [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10.5pt]I am a genetics researcher from UCLA, and we are conducting a study to try and find out the following: Do different people see the famous dress in different colors (White/Gold, Blue/Black) because of genetics? Asking identical and non-identical twins how they see the dress could give us invaluable information on the genetic basis of this fascinating phenomenon. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10.5pt]If you would like to help us find out please go to [/SIZE][SIZE=10.5pt][/SIZE] [SIZE=10.5pt]and fill a short (1 minute) anonymous questionnaire about how you and your twins see the dress. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10.5pt]Your comments, ideas and discussion are welcome here and I'll try my best to answer all your questions. [/SIZE]Thank you! 
  2. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    My ID twins saw it differently :)
  3. DannyZ

    DannyZ Member

    Thanks Jen!
  4. Chrissy Nelson

    Chrissy Nelson Well-Known Member

  5. DannyZ

    DannyZ Member

    Thanks Chrissy!
  6. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    The link won't open on my tablet. I'll do it later on my desktop. We saw it differently but I saw lilac and brown.
  7. Katheros

    Katheros Well-Known Member

    We all see the dress for what it is, blue & black.   
  8. DannyZ

    DannyZ Member

    Thank you so much Kate and Kendra! It is true that the original dress in real life is black and blue, but interestingly, the percentage of people seeing the dress in the picture as white and gold is slightly higher than those who see it as blue and black. Also there are about 5% who see it in different colors, and about 15% that switch from time to time between the colors. Kendra, could you please let me know if it still doesn't work when you try it on your desktop? (I think it should work now on all platforms)
  9. monica77

    monica77 Well-Known Member

    I first saw it white and gold but later that day I saw it black and blue. Then at different times I see it either color. Or I would open the picture - see it white/gold - then I would blink or look away and then I would see it black/blue. My mom is the same - she is able to see it both ways. My father, my husband and my kids see it black and blue. My brother can only see it white/gold. I did the survey also.
  10. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I can see it both ways. It was eerie when it first switched from one to the other.
  11. DannyZ

    DannyZ Member

    Thanks Michelle. Did you fill out the survey?
  12. cheezewhiz24

    cheezewhiz24 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Done. My identical twins and their little sister saw it as blue and black.
  13. snicker1045

    snicker1045 Member

    My 7 year old and 4 year old DS see it as yellow and white. 4 year old DD sees it as black and blue. I see it as changing depending on the angle and lighting. My DH sees it as blue and black. Lol

    I did do the survey.
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