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    I have b/g twins who were 7 in July. They have their own bedrooms but the girl twin never sleeps in hers, so we put an extra bed in the boy twin's room so she can sleep there. We have a (surprise, miracle) baby on the way and no rooms left! Our 2 year-old DD needs her own room, sharing with either of the twins or a baby would be a catastrophe. Thinking of changing my daughter's room to a baby room for a few years, since she never sleeps there. Am I crazy to do that? What age is too old for sharing? They could each have their own furniture/desks/bureau in my son's room, it is quite large. But what about privacy for opposite sex kids? They don't care AT ALL right soon should I expect them to start?
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    Personally, I think you might be able to get away with them sharing until about 11 maybe. But what they don't care about now, they might care about a year from now. While we were not the same age, I grew up in a small home with 5 brothers (we had 3 bedrooms, one big enough to fit 4 beds) and one brother had to sleep in my room but all of his personal affects and clothes were in the boys room. You could, as they get older, move her personal affects into another room-especially as the 2 year old gets older, but she could still sleep in the same room with her brother.
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    My twins are 8, nearly 9 (b/g) and they still share a bedroom-we have a 3 bedroom house so someone has to share because we also have a 12 year old daughter. I know I shared a room with my younger sister until I was 12. Many people have to make that situation work and I think since she already prefers to sleep with her brother and he doesn't mind that it works out perfectly for you! :) You can always switch it around so that she shares with her younger sisters later. Good luck!!
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