I had my first problem with my girls being in seperate classes.

Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by Becky02, May 5, 2009.

  1. Becky02

    Becky02 Well-Known Member

    We almost made it through the whole year without any conflicts with them being in different classes. Mothers Day ruined it. They have a mother's day tea and all the K classes have it at the same time. The girls had to make a choice if they wanted to both sit with me (one wouldn't be able to sit with their class they would have to sit with the other class) or Kira (since I got the note home first for Trina I already said I was going for hers) would have my mother sit with her instead of me. Well after talking it out Kira picked my mother. She is happy with her desicion but I feel so bad for not being with her. Well a field trip is coming up and for Kiras class her teacher lets other parents go on the trip and not just the room mother so I volunteered for that (found out today I get to go) and now I know Trina will be upset because I won't be with her. I will see her on the trip since they are all going the same day I am just not sure if we will be on the same bus or if they are going different times or not. I didn't volunteer to be a room mother for either since I knew I couldn't do both rooms and I knew one would be upset if I got picked for the other one. I feel bad I can't do the same things with them and Trina is already a little upset that I went to a party at Kira's class and didn't go to one at hers. Which I only went the last 5min to Kiras class and was only invited to one party at Trinas and I couldn't go to that one. Kira's teacher likes to have the parents involved and keeps us updated more on what's going on in the class.
  2. sharongl

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    Becky, that stinks for the Mother's Day thing. In the boys' school, they do the program by class, and arranged it so each class that has a twin in it, goes on a different day. We had the same thing about field trips, our whole grade goes together, and each class gets to bring one mom who is not a room mom. They basically pulled names out of a hat, I put in for both classes, and wasn't picked for either. Since the boys were there when the name was picked, they weren't too upset.

    I would just explain that there are lots of mommies who want to go, and the teacher picks. And while you can't be in two places at once, you will see her on the trip.
  3. HopeforFuture

    HopeforFuture Well-Known Member

    The same thing has happened to me! Laura & Andrew are both having their "teas" at the same time. So, Laura said I should go to Andrew's room for the first half and finish up with her. So, that is what I'm doing. Both of their teachers are supportive and will have no problem with me being a "tea party hopper".
  4. momotwinsmom

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    On the rare occasion it happens to me, I split my time. Most of the teachers are aware of the other twins placing, and try to be accommodating in those situations. I have never had a performance at the same time, but I have had parties at the same time. The past 2 years though, their classrooms are right next door to one another, so I just pop in and out of each.
  5. Christel

    Christel Well-Known Member

    It really stinks, doesn't it? Unfortunately it's not only a problem with twins. At least two or three times a year I have to choose which kid(s) will be left out.
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