I have some confessions - now that I'm in the 2nd year

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by lbrooks, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. MarchI

    MarchI Well-Known Member

    I now lie and tell Henry that every meat I serve is "sausage" because he only eats "sausage".
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  2. ChaoticMum

    ChaoticMum Well-Known Member

    Crap. I forgot to brush the kids teeth.......
  3. fmcquinn

    fmcquinn Well-Known Member

    I stick a piece of vegetable on the spoon with meat so Dani will eat it since she hates meat right now.
  4. ncrawford

    ncrawford Active Member

    I'm new to the 2nd year...my twin daughters are less than a month into being the BIG 1! And I have to say, "THANK YOU" for sharing this...put a smile on my face because I am always wondering if I am the only "crazy" twin mom out that does certain things!

    I do find myself "yelling" a lot because they want to explore areas that are off limits and/or while I am in one room, they are completely destroying another...of course that room I just cleaned up too! Why do I bother sometimes?? LOL

    My girls do eat a lot of the same things...I try to rotate everyday, but sometimes it just doesn't work, so they eat the same things too.

    I have one lousy sleeper...any suggestions? We did the bad thing of giving a bottle to help them sleep and we are paying for it now...would love tips!!

    My floor is "dirty" all the time with foods that the girls think would look better on the floor than in their mouths...I seriously could sweep/mop/vaccuum every 2-3 hours!

    Well, my bad sleeper is back up...only been an hours this time. :(
  5. jhegedus

    jhegedus Member

    I think this could be fun. Here's my walk of shame.

    1. I've had days where it has been really nice outside (It's rare because I live in Canada) where I skip naps and feed the kids nothing but snacks all day long just so I can be with my friends for more than an hour and enjoy myself. We've had a hot streak the last few weeks so it seems to be happening a lot

    2. I have one picky eater and all she wants to eat is fruit. Sometimes I look at her at mealtime and say, "screw it here's a hot dog and a banana. Enjoy!". I feel a horrible amount of guilt about the lack of variety in the girls diets. I just don't have the imagination to come up with a new meal all the time so we usually eat the same things all the time on a steady rotation.

    3. I was actually shocked and very ashamed to admit I have never even considered washing my hands OR the girls hands before meals. I'm thinking about all the outside play we've been having and I'm laughing that that it never occurred to me to wash off the grime.

    4. When people comment on how hard it must be to have twins I sometimes just agree with them rather than tell them that things for us have actually been great.

    5. I TOTALLY avoid eye contact with people when we are out so I don't have to talk about other peoples twins stories that just steal my precious time out of the house.

    6. My girls (and me too) wore pajamas all day every day for the first 6 months.

    7. I shop way too much buying the girls clothes and spending the precious amount of money my DH works so hard to bring home. I hate myself for it, so I just by another cute outfit and try and forget... awful...

    This list could go on for DAYS :)
  6. daisies

    daisies Well-Known Member

    What a great topic! It has taken me over a week to read through all of these. I have a few of my own although I realize none of them are originals… thank goodness, I am not alone!

    First let me say, reading the comments about washing hands BEFORE eating I was feeling a little smug. I DID know I was supposed to be doing this. Hum.. Then I realized, that is only because about 10 days into finger foods I look down to find that their food trays were covered in dog hair.
    So here is the confession part. I still don’t wash their hands before eating. I do dust them off.. do I get any points for that?
    Yup, eating off the floor. Sometimes I feel a little guilty when I see them crawling around with the dog cleaning up the mess. But I don’t stop them.
    I trained the dog not to clean under their chairs until they are out of them. Sometimes they drop something and I want to give it back to them.. can’t have her grabbing it first.

    My kids (sometimes) brush their teeth after their baths at night. If they drop the tooth brush on the bathroom floor they just pick it up and start again.

    As I write this I realized that a big turning point in my cleanliness expectations happened the first time Hannah rolled off the blanked and began licking the floor. Once you have licked the floor you have pretty much been exposed to everything.. right?
    As relax as i am about somethings i can't stand strangers touching their hands. As soon as they walk away i wipe them off <_< .. oh, and bird poop.. also results in a wipe down.

    sometimes i let them crawl around on the front porch even when it is cold just so i can have a moments peace.

    My kids get a bath every night. Sounds like I am boosting until you learn, I have not figured out another way to curb the night time craziness. It is the only way I have found to get them in their pjs without chasing them around the house.

    I am secretly terrified that a switch is going to be turned and I am not going to be able to handle two kids. I mean, so far it really has been ok, mostly great. But, part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I am in awe of single moms.

    Last time I went to the dentist I had to confess that there may have been a few times in the first few months that I forgot to brush… she could tell. eeww.
    I have only had my hair cut once since they have been born. And sometimes we are in the car before I realize I don’t know when I last brushed it. I have a new tube of lipstick I bought 8 months ago. The kids however always look good when we go out.

    When people tell me they are going to ‘swing by the store’ I am filled with envy.. I so miss the days ‘swinging by’ instead of planning, packing, carrying kids out, buckling, unbuckling, entertaining while shopping, buckling, trying to keep them awake in the car, unbuckling, carrying kids in and then back to the car for whatever I purchased. So just don’t tell me you are swinging by the store, I might slap you.

    Oh, and my friends often hear about the discussions on these board as I have no life and not much else to talk about. As much as sometimes miss my previous life and know I will one day enjoy having my own time again I also know this is going too fast. I can’t wait to see who they become but also wish they would be my babies just a little longer.
    I love, love everything about being a mom. I believe I was chosen to be a twin mom and it makes me proud and grateful every day.
  7. Mom2VLS

    Mom2VLS Well-Known Member

    One of these days when I have time ( :rotflmbo: ) I'll come back and do a full confession.  In the meantime, here's an example of the big one, which is that I really don't have it all together yet...
    So the girls have been teething a lot lately and nights are hit or miss as to whether they will sleep well or not.  Last night had the added benefit of the girls being overtired from a family event.  Everything was fine until 10:45 pm when Livie woke up (which is very unusual for her).  After that, someone was up crying at least every hour.  The only 2 hour stretch I got I was sleeping sitting up while cradling Livie.  By the time I had to get up for work *I* wanted to cry.
    Fast forward to this evening.  I got home from work and couldn't find my Nook in my bag.  Figuring I had left it at work, I got everybody dressed and into the van (Carl was still at work so I was on my own for this).  Drove all the way to work, got the twins in the stroller, got up to my office - no Nook.  Drove all the way back home, got everyone inside.  The Nook was in my work bag...in the zippered part...that I didn't even think to open before I made this whole excursion.  :headbang:
    Oh, and my manager and a coworker were still in the office so I will never live this down.
  8. rinaownsu

    rinaownsu Active Member

    This thread is amazing. I love reading everyones confessions. Here are mine: (the ones I can actually think of at the moment and type while the girls are napping).

    1. I am jealous of any adult that gets a full night of sleep and can take naps during the day.

    2. Don't tell me how difficult your life is. Just shut it!

    3. Don't complain you never have time to do anything. Try having twins and tell me how much time you really have.

    4. YES they are twins! This is the most annoying stupid question ever.

    5. Although they look identical they are fraternal. I'm not going to sit here with the little time I have to explain why. Just let me keep shopping, move out of my way!

    6. My breakfast, lunch and dinner are their crumbs. Why pay a gym or hundreds of dollars on a weight loss program?

    7. I count down to nap and bed time! Sometimes I even put them to sleep before the time because I just can't deal anymore!

    8. Going to a store alone is what I conaider a vacation.

    9. Whatever food they drop on the floor I put it back on their tray.

    10. I do not seperate them when they fight. Who am I to get inbetween their bond? Their twin to twin bond is stronger than the baby to mommy bond!

    Ok, 10 is enough! The girls just made the 12 month mark so I am sure I will have more soon!
  9. igotboys

    igotboys Member

    This is the cutest and funniest post ever.
  10. Cakeandkalelife

    Cakeandkalelife New Member

    Love this post! Thank you for being so honest! My boys are three( just turned yesterday!) here is my list:
    1) I never knew hiw much boys really like to wrestle and how much I really hate it until I had 3 of them.
    2.) I didn't cook a single fresh vegetable for the year and a half after having them.
    3.) I brush my hair only three or four days out of the week and often forget to take a shower.
    4.) I have days I have to ask myself if I remembered to brush my teeth.
    5.) I have days I forgot to brush the kids teeth.
    6.) My hormones are a mess and I cry several times a week some months. I often feel overwhelmed and exausted. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and get resentful of my kids that I can't rest the way I should in order to get healthy sooner.
    7.) I fantasize about escaping to an island sometimes.
    8.) I have little interest in talking about kids with moms of only one child because I feel like they have no idea what the trenches of "real" parenting is like. A single kid is a walk in the park!
    9.) I let my kids eat more processed foods than I would like because I don't have the energy to fight about it.
    10.) My kids where underwear outside in the yard more often than clothes because I don't have the energy to wrangle everyone to get dressed nor to do the extra laundry from all the dirty clothes.
    11.) I am amazed I am still standing!
  11. KamaMoca

    KamaMoca Member

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    Apparently[/url] it is an easy DIY job to fix but I need to be sure I am buying the right thermostat.

    Has anyone else had to do this?

  12. KamaMoca

    KamaMoca Member

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