I love the honesty at this age!

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    I ran to Costco today and dh was home with the three kids. I called on my way home inquiring about dinner plans, and then I asked dh what he was doing. His reply was, "Playing the in the playroom with the kids." This is where I got all warm and fuzzy inside thinking this was great--and I didn't have to even tell him too!

    I return home from shopping and we all eat dinner. We are chatting and I say, "So daddy played in the playroom with you today?" I quickly get, "No he didn't!" Dh says, "Anthony, don't you remember when I did x, y, z?" Anthony quickly says no again...

    So then I say, "Well, what did daddy do?" Both boys eagerly said, "He played video games. Four of them."

    BUSTED!!!!! :laughing:

    It drives me absolutely batty that he does that. However, he is putting together their swing set/playscape from Costco by himself, and it's been over a week-and he's still not done. That's what he worked on for five hours today before the rain started. So this time-he gets a pass. ;)
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    :laughing: If you want something secret don't say it or do it around the kids!! Too funny!
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