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  1. jenm978

    jenm978 Active Member

    My twins are 10 1/2 months old and have been eating a combination of table food, pureed food, and formula since 9 months. I don't have many ideas for table foods though. They do great eating and have 6 teeth each. So far, this is what I feed them:

    breakfast: pancakes, canned fruit, bananas, baby oatmeal, or pureed food
    lunch/dinner: toast, pureed food, mini raviolis, pasta, soft cooked vegs such as carrots, squash, potatoes

    can anyone help with some fresh ideas?
  2. momof6

    momof6 Well-Known Member

    Our babies are 10 mo old also. I have made their food for the most part. But you can use jar food as well... here are some sample menus for us.

    Breakfast: oatmeal, millet, or barley with 1 tsp brewers yeast and fruit (usually jar fruit but will use frsh when I can)toast, banana cut up (any soft fruit cut up)

    Snack: cut up bananas, cut avocado, cut cooked carrots (mine eat these cold!) toast with ricotta cheese, puffs

    Lunch: vegetable (I cook then freeze in ice cube trays then thaw out) sweet potato with plain yogurt, steamed veggies, steamed zuchcini, egg plant, applesauce, cubed cheese, cut steamed veggies, cut pears (one of their favs)

    Dinner: depending on what we eat I will cut it small or puree it. They have had spaghetti, and other pasta, whole grains and veggies, cottage cheese.

    Any steamed veggie or soft fruit makes a great finger food. There are a few good books.. Into the Mouths of Babes and Super Baby Food.

    Have fun giving them new foods but remember to wait 4 days in between them!
  3. Christel

    Christel Well-Known Member

    By 10 months my kiddos are pretty much eating the same things we eat, except for the obvious choking hazards. They love exploring new tastes and textures!
  4. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    Grilled cheese and waffles were popular at that age...
  5. elhardy26

    elhardy26 Well-Known Member

    Definately, the second+ born children eat more table food at 10 months than the first born children. My girls hardly ate anything more than fruit and bread at 10 months. My my little DS will eat anything!

    Breakfast: pretty consistent at bananas, toast or whole grain waffle, baby hot cereal
    Lunch: pureed veggies, mozz. cheese stick chopped up small, whole grain crackers, tomatoe soup, grilled cheese
    Dinner: any kind of pasta, rice mixed with cheese to help it stick is a favorite, any ravioli, meatballs, small pieces of chicken, peas and corn mix, mac - n - cheese, home made pizza
    snack: yogert, toddler granola bars are a big hit (they are soft)
    dessert: fig newton cookie :)
  6. LHigh

    LHigh Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have been following this thread with interest because we have been very slow to move on from stage 2 foods and I know I need to start giving my 10-month-olds more challenging food. The problem is, I'm not much of a cook AT ALL so just giving them smaller portions of what we're eating isn't really an option, since we do a lot of bad-for-you and convenience type foods (I know, we need to actually start eating like grown ups -- we're working on it). I was alarmed to read about how many people are basically feeding babies just regular food at this point since we've JUST started feeding them Stage 3 foods out of jars. So, motivated by this thread, I steamed some small pieces of carrots for them, which went over pretty well. But I've been changing diapers for the last two days with whole, undigested pieces of carrots in the stool! They're apparently just swallowing them whole, without even gumming them, and then they're not digesting at all. And these are tiny, tiny pieces since I'm so paranoid about choking. Also, steamed to mushiness. Jack has two bottom teeth, Emme has no teeth at it too soon for food this chunky, or should I keep going and hope they learn to mash it in their mouths a little more?
  7. megkc03

    megkc03 Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    By nine months old, all three of my kids were eating regular table food. Anything and everything. The one I probably waited on a bit was pork, only because it tends to be a bit more tough. I watch an 11 month old, and she still gets baby food-but really-I give her table food while she is here(she gets it at home as well) and then the jar of baby food. She eats EVERYTHING as well. Teeth or no teeth-they can eat it. They use the back of their gums to mash the food. Think about it-even if they *do* have teeth-it's mostly the front four. Not the back four. :)

    toast(you can even spread the baby food fruits/veggies on it)
    cereal-Cheerios are a big hit here! If you want-you could even add milk/formula
    french toast
    cereal bars
    apples-I dice them really small-really small-huge hit!

    pasta(ditalini is a great one for them picking up themselves-and no cutting is involved!)
    mashed potatoes
    green beans
    most veggies-just cooked really well and cut small
    deli meat

    Really-anything we ate-they did! Life became much easier! :)
  8. 3under2!

    3under2! Well-Known Member

    I saw this great flashcard type book called 'Boddler Bites' that has lots of good ideas for getting out of the kid food rut. google it to find the website.
  9. Island

    Island Active Member

    I try HARD to avoid bought baby food. gross!

    At 10 months my boys refused to let me feed them, everything had to be made for them to feed themselves... cooking was (and still is) a constant thought going through my head "what will i make for dinner tonight?"
    I try to cook big meals and freeze them as much as possible

    Breakfast -
    pancakes made with fruit in the mix
    weet-bix (or any kinds of cereal)

    lunch -
    they loved wraps with avocado, cheese, Vegemite, peanut butter, cream cheese, tuna ??
    sandwiches with the above fillings
    pieces of tomato, cheese, raisons, cucumber

    I actually came on this forum today to get everyone else's dinner idea. im out of ideas!!!
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