In purchasing a play yard which is more important?

Discussion in 'The Toddler Years(1-3)' started by Halseyse, Jun 17, 2009.


In purchasing a play yard which is more important?

  1. Taller? 30" as opposed to 26"

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  2. Length? 67" as opposed to 58.5"

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  3. Other [please make a suggestion]

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  1. Halseyse

    Halseyse Well-Known Member

  2. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Suzy, I voted other and here's why.
    We have the Summer Infant play yard. We have never used it as a play yard because our house is small. The play yard is probably the same size as the open space in my living room. However, my children have yet to figure out that they can climb over it and it is a great barrier against our steps, we can totally block off the area that leads to the steps upstairs and the steps to go down and out the door.
    I would highly recommend the Summer Infant one, but when they are more mobile and running around, that play yard is not going to contain them for long in a play yard form. I don't know what brand my parents have, but once the kids could walk, they did not have a lot of area to really play in. So it is really going to depend on what your main use is, if you feel that you will use it as play yard and then to block areas off from the house...the summer one is good. If it's more important to you to have a contained play area, then I would go with the one with more room.
    Good luck in your decision, it's a great question you've asked!
  3. Leighann

    Leighann Well-Known Member

    I have the Summer one with extra panels. We used it for a short time enclosed, but mostly we used it opened up to block off things in our living room. I'm short (5'1") so having the gate was VERY important because its hard for me to hop over the side while holding a baby or toddler. Onestepahead sells the Summer one with extra panels so you could get the best of both worlds (higher and bigger play area). GL!
  4. paulacraft1

    paulacraft1 Well-Known Member

    Longer, you will probably want 2 to have more room for the kids and make a very large area....taller is hard for you to climb over and these kind don't usually come with an opening:(
  5. Halseyse

    Halseyse Well-Known Member

    I guess I should have explained about the intended use ;) Where I live we don't have a yard. We're in an apartment-style duplex and our back[yard-area] contains of maybe 8-10 feet then it slopes off [about 3 ft] then there's a cement walk-way. And in the front [similar amount of space] there's aLWAYS dog poop there. For one. I'd like the girls to be able to play outside w/o having to be strapped in the stroller. A poop-free area to roam about w/o fear of falling down a steep slope or getting into a rocky area.

    Also, we could use it for blocking off the tv, dvd, ps2 and wii area. They Love to get into it. I'm plain Tired of re-directing :rolleyes:

    Inside.. we let them roam free. Pretty much have gotten the entire house baby proofed. Just keep a few doors closed ;)

    Thanks for your opinions ladies. I will most likely go with the Longer one ^_^
  6. eatcelery

    eatcelery Well-Known Member

    Get a taller one so it lasts longer and you don't have babies climbing over! A longer panel one is useless if the kids can climb right over.
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