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  1. w101ttd

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    Hello ladies! I'm looking for Lego duplo or my kids. They have mega bloks now. And they totally love it. They can play with bloks for 1-2 hrs and totally ignore me lol. They love to make different shape blocks. So I am going to buy some lego duplo. Mega bloks are not tight enough when you stack them together. They are so easy to fall apart. My kids get upset sometimes when they blocks fell apart. So which one should I get? Do your kids have their favorite? My twins are 18 months now. Thank you so much!
  2. Twin nanny

    Twin nanny Well-Known Member

    I would say it depends on what they're interested in. You will obviously need to get some basic bricks so that they can just have fun building in general and making their different shapes-the different sets are cute but don't come with many general building blocks. On top of that you can pick some of the themed sets that best play to their interests; if they love animals there are farm or zoo sets, if they prefer vehicles there are cars trucks planes and trains, if they like people there are town sets (things like shops/camping/houses) or police/fire sets.
    You can check all of them out on the Lego website here
  3. beanmachine

    beanmachine Active Member

    My girls loved MegaBloks as well, so I thought I would try out some Lego Duplos (found a few sets for ages 1.5 and up) and they LOVE them! They were definitely a little frustrated at first since they are a little harder to put together and take apart than the MegaBloks, but they got the hang of them pretty fast.

    I bought a pretty good starter set off of Amazon that I would recommend -- The only thing about this set is that is just comes in a cardboard box, so once my girls trashed that box I had to buy a plastic container at Target to store them in.

    Also, I would definitely recommend getting them some plates to build on if you get a Duplo set --
  4. E's 3

    E's 3 Well-Known Member

    We got a used Duplo table for free from my ILs neighbor so I bought a starter set to see if the kids would play with it and the all LOVE it. Now there are constant fights over the use of the table :). The good thing about the starter sets I got is that they come in big plastic bins. Between the bins and the storage spaces on the table all the pieces have a home so they know where it goes when it's time to tidy up. I'm thinking of expanding for Christmas and the animal stuff looks like it would be a big hit!
  5. FGMH

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    What we need most are the basic bricks and the plates. We bought several of the starter kits (similar to the one beanmachine recommended) and have them in a big plastic bin and we might get them some more for Christmas. We also have a few animals and cars and special parts (all handed down from their cousins) but they are optional to my kids. They prefer other vehicles and their wooden farm. For them Lego Duplo is all about building process and figuring out what works, what falls down, what comes apart etc.
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