My 1st Experience With Neg Feedback From Another Parent

Discussion in 'Childhood and Beyond (4+)' started by cm301263, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. cm301263

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    Today I had my very first experience with another parent not approving of my decision/choice. Not sure really what to think about it. It was not a horrible experience but it still makes me re-think my choice, it also hurt my feelings a bit and kind of P***ed me off.
    My boys really want to be the Shan Yu Character for Halloween. If any of you have watched the Disney Movie "Mulan" you will probably remember that he is the leader of the Hun Army. The "BAD" guy.
    I really never had any reason to watch Disney movies until I had kids & my boys are just now at the age that they enjoy watching them so I started to record some of the Disney Movies that come out on my dish. I have watched several now & to be honest, I am a little bit surprised that some are rather violent, in my opinion anyway. I don't really care for that and told my husband that I didn't think I wanted them to watch them anymore. My DH is a bit more laid back and tries to remind me that we grew up watching Bugs Bunny & Road Runner & we turned out ok. Well yeah maybe but it still worries me.
 boys truly have their hearts set on being this Shan Yu Character but I can't sew so I inquired on a facebook group that I am a part of & a lady was interested until she said she looked the character up & told me that she was not interested in doing it for me any longer because basically he was not a nice guy & didn't approve of it.
    Of course she is entitled to her opinion but what now. AM I wrong????
  2. cheezewhiz24

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    Are vampires or classic witches nice people? Skeletons or ghosts? How about the devil? It's Halloween, not career day. Smh.
  3. eagleswings216

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    I don't think you're wrong.  My boys are both being "bad guys" from Star Wars.  One is being Darth Maul and the other is being Kylo Ren (the villain in the movie that's coming out in December).  I don't see it as a big deal.  It's one night for fun and they know it's not real.
    One of my SIL's family, her kids do nothing for Halloween because they think it's "evil".  The rest of us do it, and she doesn't make a big deal about us doing it because it's our choice as a family.
  4. kingeomer

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    No you are not wrong for allowing your boys to dress up as the bad guy from Mulan.  It's the woman's option as to what she chooses to sew or not sew...but it's her issue, not yours.
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  5. lharrison1

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    I agree-traditionally Halloween is a holiday meant to be on the scary side-I dont know all the history that goes along with it but yeah, arent vampires and zombies 'bad guys'?  How is this any different? 
    Those are her issues, not yours. 
    I get tired of how easily people get offended these days...its a costume not your childs life asperations.  Good grief!
  6. mama_dragon

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    My first thought... someone needs to get off their pedestal.  That is her issue not yours. 
    I hope you can find away to  make the costume.  You might be able to start with a ninja costume and modify it with some fake fur etc. 
    I flat told my two they had to pick something mommy didn't have to sew.  I don't sew.
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  7. cm301263

    cm301263 Well-Known Member

    Thanks ladies I feel much better!!!  :Clap:

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