Navigating air travel with twin infants and toddler?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Jalexbrett, May 25, 2015.

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    We are traveling by air to visit family for the first time with 3 children under 3 (2 yo with her own seat and 3 month old twins-traveling as lap child). Yes, it is way too far to drive :)

    We will need to bring the infant basket car seats (they have a toddler seat).
    We have a dual snap n go stroller available and two ergo baby carriers.

    I'm not sure if is better to:

    1) curbside check the car seats and navigate the airport each carrying a baby in the ergo carrier
    -more mobile
    -each severely hampered in toddler-wrangling
    -toddler will get tired walking and want to be carried, neither can do with an infant in arms

    2) take the car seats and the snap n go to the gate and plane side check the whole contraption
    -how do you break that down and wrap up everything plane side with two infants in arms?
    -can you even navigate this setup through security?

    The babies are too young, otherwise I'd suck it up and buy an umbrella stroller to push through airport.

    Any other ideas most welcome! Thanks!
  2. tarcoulis

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    If you do not want the toddler in a carseat on the airplane, my feeling would be to check in the baby carseats and stroller, carry babies in ergos and get a cheap umbrella stroller for the toddler which can be gate checked.

    Having said that, we have been to an airport that did not allow gate checking of the stroller but did have strollers available to borrow at no charge. Others allowed stroller to be gate checked but it was not available for pick up at the arrival gate and instead came out with oversized baggage at the baggage claim area. Another consideration is if you have layovers. One time our flight was delayed for hours, making us late for the connecting flight and they held the connecting flight for us while we sprinted and squeezed our way through the extremely crowded airport with an airline employee. We each had a baby on the front and back pack on the back. There was no way we could have made the flight with a stroller in tow as well.

    Probably best to check with airlines and airports what the set up is.
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