One still not walking...?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by Lrnomder, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Lrnomder

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    So my girls Caitlyn and Abigail are 11 months old as of the 23rd. Miss Caitlyn started walking at 9 months 1 week. Now she practically runs everywhere. Miss Abby has been crawling since about 8 months but still has not started walking or standing on her own. She's alot bigger then her sister by weight and height so I think that plays into the difference and she aslo has very very flat feet. everything else they have been developing simultaneously including their theeth. They both cut their two top teeth in the same week, their bottoms the next week, and now they both have the four next ones coming it at the same time. They started crawling in the same week within days of each other. Walking seems to be the only difference so far. So mamas, I was wondering if anyone has any pointers or tips on how to get miss Abby walking soon. She's so sad and just sits there and watches her sister and you can see her desperstion in her little face to wanna be up walking with her.
  2. paperclippy

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    I am guessing you will just have to wait until she is ready to do it on her own.  9 months is really early to walk, and it's normal to be 11 months and not walking.  My girls are turning 1 and they are both not walking yet.
  3. rayceryin12

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    I agree. The same thing happened with my boys; the later one got it when he was ready. It is sad though.
  4. kingeomer

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    My daughter was walking by 10-11 months and my son around 14 months.  Basically, she will walk when she is ready to.  We did have push to stand toys that my son liked to use, that would be my only suggestion.
  5. FGMH

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    My twins both started walking later - one was walking around their first birthday and the other was walking by 15 months. I would not be concerned at their age - she will walk when she is ready and she will probably progress in some other way while the other one is too busy walking to "work" on ther skills, at least that is what happened with mine.
  6. miss_bossy18

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  7. monkeykids

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    Mine are 9 months and one still doesnt crawl... They are soooo completely different its weird! but I wouldnt be concerned at all about the walking for now :) I think about 17 months is when you might start to worry.
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