One terribly fussy twin?

Discussion in 'The First Year' started by monkeykids, May 11, 2014.

  1. monkeykids

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    Hello :)
    My midgets are now 9 months old and I feel like most of the time they are in control and are content and only cry when they 'need' something that I havent gotten to quick enough (E.g If their teeth hurt and I havent figured it out earlier and given them panadol).
    But sometimes (probably 60% + of the time) my wee girl is a total unconsolable fuss pot!! and its mega frustrating!!!
    She wont be put down on the floor at home without losing it and screaming the house down... I ignore her for as long as I can because i HAVE to get things done or change my boys nappy ect. But she is seriously stubborn and once screamed for a whole 45 minutes on the floor (with all her toys) even after i came and sat with her to play.
    When we are out and about she is usually very good, sitting in the grass for over an hour soemtimes just happy to be there... The screaming is usually just at home which is why im sure its not something I'm missing (e.g sore teeth) because she will have been fine for hours while we were out of the house.
    Sometimes I feel at a loss (like so frustrated i want to close the door and block my ears) with what to do... As a twin she needs to be ok with playing on her own sometimes as there is just no other option... what can i do?! 
  2. FGMH

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    Have you tried babywearing her? I agree that sometimes twins have to wait and bear it that your attention is engaged with the other baby, but you can get a lot done with a baby in a sling or a carrier and she might be more content which would be good for her and for your nerves.
  3. MNTwinSquared

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    :hug:  It can be very challenging when you are faced with a somewhat needy baby.  Trust me when I say that they tend to swap places at times.  I agree with Happy June, wearing her might help.  Good luck!  :) 
    :welcome: to Twinstuff!
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