Our Sunday boy is here!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Help' started by FGMH, May 26, 2014.

  1. FGMH

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    Our baby boy was born safely in the early hours of last Sunday and we are so thankful to hold him in our arms and are all falling in love more and more each day!
    I managed to have my VBAC and it was a great experience and the recovery is so much easier than after the ceasarean even with an epistomy. It was not an unmedicated birth - we had to induce because my placenta was aging too fast and the baby did not have enough amniotic fluid anymore, I opted for an epidural about half-way through and am very glad that I did because the baby had two very critical episodes in the last phase of the birth and things got pretty dramatic and intense as we needed to get him out fast and I am not sure I could have managed that without pain relief. It turned out that he had the cord wrapped around his neck, but he was absolutely ok immediately afterwards.
    According to the usual model in Germany I had a midwife-lead birth with a doctor present as needed. The midwife was around 55 and very experienced and good at guiding me and making sure noone panicked even as things got critical, I was very lucky that she was assigned to me for the night shift because I am pretty sure I would have ended up with a ceasarean without her wisdom and support.
    I had chosen a hospital certified as baby friendly by the WHO and they were great about supporting bonding and breastfeeding and rest for mom and baby. Our Sunday boy began nursing while they stitched me up and continued to snuggle and nurse until they did his first check-up about 3 hours after the birth. My milk came in two days after the birth and he has nearly regained his birth weight.
  2. jjzollman

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    Congrats!!! How are the big brother and big sister enjoying their new sibling?

    What's his name?
  3. kingeomer

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    Congratulations!  :babyflips:
  4. gina_leigh

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    I'm sure you are all enjoying getting to know your newest love. And I'm so happy to hear you got the vbac you wanted!
  5. weegus

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    Happy days!!!  I am glad everything is going well!  Congratulations :)
  6. miss_bossy18

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    :yahoo: Congrats!
  7. rayceryin12

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  8. FGMH

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    The big siblings are a bit ambivalent - they are very sweet with the baby but they would like to be able to do more with him, just holding him with one if us sitting next to them is not very exciting. DD has discovered that he likes being sung to and as she likes to sing we have music minutes.
    He is named after one of the archangels and a favourite saint, a tradition we started with his big brother. DH and I are a bit wary of internet security so I will not be more explicit, I hope you understand.
  9. cheezewhiz24

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    Congratulations on your new baby boy.  :wub:
  10. monica77

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    Congratulations!  :)
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