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Discussion in 'The First Year' started by abw0827, Nov 23, 2013.

  1. abw0827

    abw0827 Member

    Not sure which forum to post this, but what is the going rate for nannies / babysitters? We are interviewing one tomorrow for our girls who will be 4 months (2 months corrected) when the nanny starts. She will be in our home 2 full days per week.
  2. ECUBitzy

    ECUBitzy Well-Known Member

    We did 140-180 for two days a week. It was 7:30-4:30.
  3. abw0827

    abw0827 Member

    Did you do a contract? What about how you paid - cash or not?
  4. eagleswings216

    eagleswings216 Well-Known Member

    We paid $60/day for 3 days a week, in cash.  We live in a place where the cost of living is pretty moderate, so I imagine it would have been much higher if we lived somewhere more expensive.  Plus that was 3 years ago, and the person we had was a friend of my SIL, so she charged us a bit less than she would have for others.
  5. Rollergiraffe

    Rollergiraffe Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    It's quite variable depending on what area you live in. I would start by checking out a babysitting website and see what the local rates are and go from there. Around here, a full time nanny will set you back about $30K/ year. Two days a week would obviously be a little less than half that, about $200-250/week.
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