Prince William, Kate Middleton Wedding

Discussion in 'General' started by twin_trip_mommy, Jan 5, 2011.


will you watch? Prince William, Kate Middleton wedding

  1. I will watch it live

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  2. I will record it to watch later

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  3. I will not watch it

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  4. other (please share)

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  1. twin_trip_mommy

    twin_trip_mommy Well-Known Member

    I just heard they will be getting married on a Friday (morning)

    Will you watch or record the wedding to watch later?

    I watched his parents marry on TV live. It was beautiful and know this wedding will be beautiful also.
  2. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    I watched Charles and Diana's wedding as I was a small child and it was cool! (and on one of the 3 channels we got LOL) for Wills and Kate...I won't go out of my way to watch it but if I catch it I catch it...
  3. Juj

    Juj Well-Known Member

    I will definitely record it.
  4. becasquared

    becasquared Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Sorry for all of you Royal watchers (I'm looking at you Kendra!) I just don't care. I will watch what is shown on the news, but won't go out of my way to watch the whole thing.

    I've never even watched my own wedding tape.
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  5. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    I watched Charles & Diana's wedding live. I would like to watch William and Kate's wedding live too but may have to settle for DVR. I also watched all of Diana's funeral coverage live. Something about all the pomp and circumstance that is thrilling to watch in a weird way.
  6. Millie&twins

    Millie&twins Well-Known Member

    I will of course actually go to the event! I mean all brits are required to...

    Of course I watched some of the parents' wedding because... I mean that was all there was on that day... that week... that month! Same for the funeral. Truth is, I don't quite give a medium sized rodent's tiny lower colon, I feel for them that they have to live like that, constantly in the media and not being able to lead a normal life, and I wish them a nice wedding day, but it has nothing to do with me.
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  7. KYsweetheart

    KYsweetheart Well-Known Member

    I probably won't, unless I am scrolling through the channels and it catches my eye... besides, dang it... he's suppose to be marrying me!
  8. Heathermomof5

    Heathermomof5 Well-Known Member

    I was a kid without the attention span to care about Charles and diana's wedding , I watched bits and pieces which is probably what I will do for William and Kate. I hate to say it but with all of the financial problems and people in this world that are starving and homeless, this kind of extravagant event just makes me sick.
  9. a1cbrandy

    a1cbrandy Well-Known Member

    Maybe watch it, I don't know. I really don't care....haha! I watched the parents wedding, I lived in england then so it was all that was on tv.
  10. starmaker

    starmaker Well-Known Member

    I will probably be working so will not watch it live but maybe watch fragments on tv later on. I didn't watch his parents get married as I wasn't born yet when they got married ;)
  11. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    We've known since the announcement that it was a Friday. I have booked the day but at this point, I'm not really into it. Maybe I'll go to a viewing party. I just don't care about William or Catherine (we are supposed to call her Catherine now)

    For me, he hasn't done a whole lot to make him care about him. Military training that he will never truely use and he should be thanking his father, step-mother, grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended cousins for doing the real royal work. His only royal work in the past few years has been soccer related. Then she's been sitting around waiting for him for 8 years. Sure she "works" for her parents but couldn't she have done something with her degree?

    I remember watching a bit of Charles and Diana's wedding (I have an audio cassette of the wedding) and Andrew and Sarah's but not a whole lot. We were camping for both so they were small black and white tvs. I'm no fan of either Diana or Sarah so it's a really whatever for me. The only items I have in my collection are the unusual and fluffery. (the cassette, a garbage can) I did love Edward and Sophie's wedding and Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly's and am looking forward to Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall's.

    That being said, I loved Charles and Camilla's wedding and I've been online watching weddings in Dutch, Spanish, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish because I very much care about the people involved in those weddings.

    I'm still GUSHING about the Swedish wedding in June. Starts at 0.19 I adore Victoria and Daniel and I can't picture William and Catherine having that type of "family" wedding because Victoria is like a little sister to all the Princes (and Godmother to 3 future Monarchs who were flowergirls and a page in her wedding) and William is like that distant cousin who doesn't do anything with the gang but they'll all be expected to show at his wedding. (England sends Prince Edward and Sophie to the weddings and they seem to fit in with them all)

    And there is your royal watcher book.
  12. Chrissy Nelson

    Chrissy Nelson Well-Known Member

    My mom was such a huge Diana fan that she woke us up to watch the wedding. It was pretty neat now that I think about it. She is still a huge Diana collector.

    I however am not so I will probably just catch the highlights on tv. If I remember correctly Dianas wedding was super long.
  13. AmynTony

    AmynTony Well-Known Member

    ok this made me crack up much more eloquent than "rats a$$"
  14. twin_trip_mommy

    twin_trip_mommy Well-Known Member

    Kendra what is this about? I could understand the powers that be saying they want her called by her full first name and not a nick name but isn't her given name spelt with "Katherine". I don't understand the need for the spelling change
  15. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    They didn't want to call her Cate?
  16. Snittens

    Snittens Well-Known Member

    To sum up... we can put you down for "Yes, I will be watching."?

    I really don't care about all that ^^^. He's cute, she's pretty, there will be fancy clothes and pomp and circumstance. Sounds like fun! :D Yes, I'm going to Tivo it, but probably won't watch live. I'll want to show it to the girls, so they can see a real-life royal wedding.
  17. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I will be watching but at this point I'm more excited about the celebratory tea on May 1 that I just got a save the date for.
  18. Twin nanny

    Twin nanny Well-Known Member

    I will probably see some of it. I very much doubt there will be anything else on the major TV channels here and, barring some huge disaster occurring the same day, it's bound to be almost all the news will talk about. I have enough interest to want to see how everything looks but not to sit and watch the whole thing, and nowhere near enough to consider going into central London. On the upside we get a day off work (the day of the wedding is going to be an extra bank holiday).

    I didn't watch Charles and Diana's wedding because I wasn't born then.
  19. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Here is an article that explains some of the things that people who don't watch royalty might not know:

    For me, there really wasn't very much surprising in today's announcements.
  20. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the insight from a true Royal Watcher! :good: And I know I am opening an entire can of worms, but why don't a lot of Royal Watchers like Diana? Is it her they didn't like or the way the whole situation was handled with her and Charles from the beginning?

    BTW, I think you might be a teensy weensy little bit obsessed (something I know nothing about)! ;)
  21. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I'm a royal watcher and a Monarchist. Its a whole dichotomy. You don't want to know the smack downs I've had with some people.

    I think there is a half and half on liking/not liking Diana based usually on feel. And neither the twain shall meet. I dislike the way she ran her life telling different stories all over town depending on how she was feeling at the time. She'd call reporters and say things but then do the "but you didn't hear this from me" bit. (the Andrew Morton book? She didn't talk to him, she just sent him tapes of her talking) She spent more time on the "outside" than on the "inside".

    Sure the marriage was probably doomed from the start but not just because of Charles' side, she put her problems into the pot just as much as he did. Its just, he's old and she was pretty with blue eyes.

    I also hate the industry and lore that has grown around her. She wasn't the be all and end all of royalty, she was just the one who was the most accessible and put out during the age of the media. Before her there was a distance. What kills me is how the media now tries to turn every new person into "the next Diana", they aren't. They are their own people and it takes a strong person to hold up under that. (something Catherine does get a tick for from me but I just can't warm up to her)

  22. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    Her given name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton but her nickname is Kate for, I assume, the reason Kendra has given.
  23. Mama_Kim

    Mama_Kim Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the explanation, Kendra. I thought it might be something along those lines. I think Kate has held up well too under media scrutiny (from what we're told) and I am happy they waited until she was a bit older for the whole media circus that a royal wedding will bring. Diana was a mere 20 when she married. That's Sean's age! I cannot imagine too many twenty year olds, royalty or not, who could deal with the pressure she was under from the media. Maybe part of her enjoyed it too, but she still also seems like she was used (granted she got something out of it too). Why didn't Charles just marry old Camilla way back when?
  24. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Charles didn't marry Camilla back in the day because she wasn't seen as suitable back when they first dated and then Charles when off to do his military training and by the time he came back, she was married to Andrew Parker-Bowles. What people fail to realize in the break up of the 2 marriages was there were 4 adulterers involved, just that 2 of them were involved with each other.


    and if you want to know how crazy I am, I'm watching a behind the scenes video of Victoria and Daniel's wedding. In Swedish. (I speak IKEA Swedish only) Someone posted rehearsal pictures of the little Princesses and the full scene is in the video.
  25. kingeomer

    kingeomer Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I was too young to have much of an attention span for the wedding of Charles and Diana. I think I learned more about them in the 80's due to Night Court (Markie Post's character was in love with them) :blush: I probably won't watch William's wedding due to lack of time. I wish them both a happy life together.
  26. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I have a book that Christine holds in one episode. :D The Royal Family Pop-Up Book. (there are pictures in my facebook 365 album)

    And on the age thing, Charles was a full time working royal when he was William's age and the Queen had been the Queen for 2 years at the same age. He is 28.
  27. rrodman

    rrodman Well-Known Member

    I may look at pics on MSNBC, but beyond that I don't care. I don't get it. I think it's weird how people are so obsessed with celebrity. Not just royals but Hollywood stars. They are all just people. Nothing special. Show me a retrospective on someone who actually DID something other than be born.
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  28. Sue1968

    Sue1968 Well-Known Member

    Because a degree in Art History is so very useful :rolleyes:. When I went to college we called that one an "M.R.S. degree" because it usually meant you were in college only to find a husband. She scored the jackpot of boyfriends, though, so I guess she succeeded. She did work as a fashion buyer at one point so I suppose it might be vaguely related. That being said, both Diana and Camilla only attended finishing school and not college.
  29. tinalb

    tinalb Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    I feel exactly the same way!! I just don't get it.
  30. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Some girls go for their M.R.S., she went for her H.R.H.. The current Princesses who've married Princes are a mixed bag including an international investment banker, a speech pathologist (who completed her education and opened a practice after getting married), a real estate agent, a journalist, a single mother and the only guy in the gang owns a chain of gyms. The bride following Catherine in June (?) is a former Olympic/elite swimmer.

    Also, William is second in line. Most people who are second in line right now are children under 10. England is slightly out of age with everyone else.

    As for people doing things vs being born. That is actually one of my dislikes of William. Royalty is my thing. I don't get the celebrity culture when it comes to most people you see on the front pages of the celeb press. And I don't think royalty belongs there. That is one of the bad things Diana brought with her.
  31. twin_trip_mommy

    twin_trip_mommy Well-Known Member

    ohh I thought her given name was spelt with a "K" and they had her change it to be with a "C"

    I am totally NOT obsessed with the Royals I just think the weddings are kind of neat like fairy tail stories. I also do not get the obsessions people have with stars (movie, music) or anyone in the public eye. It's not really the people for me it's the fairy tail. I really have no interest in their personal lives beyond seeing the wedding
  32. Snittens

    Snittens Well-Known Member

    Why rag on Kate Middleton for "not doing enough with her degree"? Sheesh! I didn't even finish college, so she's doing better than me so far. Plenty of young adults end up working for their parents, no shame in that. I don't get what the big deal is, she seems like a lovely girl, they've had a long-term relationship. Sure, it took them eight years to get engaged, but so what? It's not like she's some trollop and she trapped him by getting pregnant. What exactly is the "work of being royal" anyway? Ugh, whatever.

    As far as celebrity vs royal watching goes, at least most celebrities have done *something* to kind of earn their celebrity - movie star, singer, athlete, etc. Sure, there's the Paris Hilton, Kardashians, and reality show Snooki types. But for the most part, a celebrity has to do something besides be born in the right family in a certain order to earn being worth watching. Note - I follow neither celebrities, reality stars, nor royals.
  33. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    Its not that she didn't do anything with her degree, for me its that she sat around waiting for him and didn't say "I'll just be over here having a life and when you are ready we'll get on with it".

    Royal work may seem like fawning around being famous for being famous but they do provide a lot of good will and support for the charities they are involved in. If you don't "get it" its something you wouldn't unless you took the time to learn about it beyond the surface. (general you)

    Also, for people who are in the Commonwealth, the royal family is more than just celebrity, the Queen is our Head of State. Any talk about "skipping Charles" is scary because Charles is incredibly well trained for the job of Monarch. William may be more popular but in terms of my Head of State, I want someone who actually can do the job, not a sentimental favourite.


    Here is a list of the number of events each working member of the royal family did in 2010.

    Queen 444
    Philip 356
    Charles 585
    Camilla 243
    Andrew 539
    Edward 362
    Sophie 188
    Anne 514
    Duke of Gloucester 307 (Queen's cousin)
    Duke of Kent 223 (Queen's cousin)
    Alexandra 82 (Queen's cousin)
  34. Millie&twins

    Millie&twins Well-Known Member

    I am as commonwealth as it goes I guess... and I do not feel that the Queen is anything but the face on the coins and part of a family that lives of the british taxpayer (the news read a few days ago that Charles has a person employed solely to put toothpaste on his toothbrush... that is his only job! And I am sure he pays him good good money, money that we have given them through our taxes...).
    I have worked my behind off, literally, "helping the poor" and I have given up a lot to do so and it angers me beyond words when someone says that members of royalty are so marvellous for posing for pictures in their great acts of charity. I have met people who should really be fawned over, women who gave up their entire life to dedicate it to AIDS sick orphans, men who do not see their own kids for months on end because they spend their entire time travelling through landmines to vaccinate and make sure less people suffer from polio or have clean water or have a voice in their government. Those people are people that should be admired for their charitable work; a queen, a prince, a grand duke of york who takes a freaking pic in public with a leukemia ridden child and then goes back to their palace where their servants make sure s/he is as comfortable as any human being can be... well that is definitely not worth my admiration.

    And I think it is beyond hypocrite to say that that is why you admire them... do you admire the head of UNICEF? He goes to tons of charity events! Do you admire the drs of doctors without borders? Cause they do more than 589 20 minute-long public acts to make this world a better a place? No, you admire them because you like their celebrity status, or you love that they are rich or have (as Cheryl said) "the fairy tale something". My 3 year old baby girl loves princesses too, they are beautiful and mighty and have everything including a magical prince who makes all booboos go away (unlike her own dad who has been so wrapped up with his own work to help the poor in Africa that he is not really a part of the family anymore... I am sure Ella finds comfort in the fact that princes and princesses do not in fact do that much in terms of charity)... that is the reason people fawn over royalty, not their charitable acts.

    ETA: I do not begrudge anybody their love for Brad and Angelina or William and Kate Middleton... I just think that saying that you like them because they are such wonderful giving people instead of because they are pretty and plastered all over the news, is wrong and kind of insulting to the (invisible) people who do work hard every day in ****** circumstances to do the job you falsely admire some celebrity for.
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  35. Kendra

    Kendra Well-Known Member TS Moderator

    ok, where did you read this? Veritably sources please.

    I admire people who work for the poor and others around the world. Who said I didn't? I hate the focus on "princesses" because it doesn't show a real monarchy.

    I can defend all I want and there will always be detractors. You either like it or not. "Get it" or not. But the fact of the matter is, in countries where the Queen is the Head of State, it is more a matter of celebrity with who holds the job and their successors. It is all well and good to complain but come up with something different and implement it then. "Throw out the bums" *poof* they're gone. Now what?
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